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  1. Interesting...should work. They never seem to care where you actually sleep.
  2. As Shelly mentioned, look for areas above you that are carpeted.
  3. What's your cabin number? Totally depends on what is directly above you.
  4. The only times we make specialty restaurant reservations are a night or two when we want to have dinner with friends who are NOT in club class.
  5. Going back to the ABC's would be my choice. Love that itinerary!
  6. Sounds like you have a good "shoe plan" because you need to take at least four pairs.
  7. The times we've cruised on Carnival has totally been because it offers roundtrip cruises out of Charleston, SC ... which is only two hours away from where we live.
  8. Also adding .... The location of the CCMiniSuites makes it an especially good choice.
  9. Club Class Dining makes it worth it to us!
  10. Agree! The port times will almost certainly be different because each ship/cruise line is responsible for the "free food, etc." there.
  11. We have found Grand Turk to be much more crowded than it use to be so we'd rather go to Princess Cay.
  12. Gosh! Labor shortages are a big problem all over!
  13. Yes, ecigs were allowed in our cabin but not on our balcony the last time we cruised.
  14. So True! We never know from day to day!
  15. Have NOT seen those two in a VERY long time.
  16. Totally agree with the above. The soup of the day there is always worth a try. :)
  17. The Club Class Dining Room is very nice.
  18. Per above, they do get to actually know you quickly.
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