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  1. I haven't read all 2900 posts, so forgive me if some of this has been covered. For me, this doesn't look nearly as good as Carnival's Faster to the Fun. For one thing, FTTF is priced per stateroom, not per person, which makes it a great value. Price increases a little bit for longer cruises - for my 5 day Carnival cruise next year it's $70, and it comes with priority boarding, luggage immediately to our room, immediate access to our room without waiting around with our carry-ons in tow, priority tendering when applicable, and a priority line at guest services, which I've used. Convenience and saving precious cruise time on boarding day and when needing to resolve guest service issues are what's "key" for me. Without apologies, I'll pay more to not wait in line. Carnival calls it Faster to the Fun for a reason, and it includes perks that are more valuable to me than FlowRider, reserved seats for shows, or lunch at Chops on boarding day. Boarding day is very casual for us and I always look forward to a Windjammer lunch on Royal. Your mileage may vary.
  2. I was thinking no one would agree with me on this, but I love the corned beef hash on Royal Caribbean. I have it every morning.
  3. No worse than what you're accustomed to in Atlanta, but definitely big city traffic.
  4. Orlando to Tampa always has some degree of traffic backup, but leaving in the morning you'll make the ship. If you want to be there as soon as they will board you (I've boarded in Tampa at 10:30 even with an 11:00 boarding time), then give yourself 2 hours. If you get there early, grab a coffee or breakfast somewhere.
  5. Also recommend to your friend that from their departure port (I'm guessing it's Seward) to Anchorage, take the Alaska Railroad instead of the bus, and get the Gold Star seats with the glass dome top. The views are amazing, and it includes a meal and 2 free drinks.
  6. Serenade is in the Radiance class, and we did Alaska on Radiance last summer. I've traveled on 3 ships in this class and love them. The Windjammer has (should have) an outdoor seating section at the back of the ship, which is so nice and only in Radiance class. We had extended family with us, including kids and my grandmother, and it was fantastic. Nothing of particular concern, except requesting a handicap accessible room if your elderly companions need one.
  7. Glad you enjoyed it overall. I like Enchantment, although she does need a cosmetic upgrade. I love the size of the ship and really feeling on the water. Try a Radiance class ship next, just slightly better - Windjammer is on the back of the ship with an outdoor seating section. Love feeling the wind while dining.
  8. Call the cruise line or your travel agent. The cruise line will usually do their best to accommodate you, even if it requires 2 tables for a large group.
  9. Call and ask for the seating you'd like ahead of time. I wouldn't wait until on the ship, even though you can do it then. The cruise lines will try to give you the dining arrangement you'd like, and they can do it better with more notice. On most cruises I've been on, early dining sells out first, I presume because of people traveling with children and elderly. We always try for early when my grandmother or kids are with us, late dinner when just 20s-40s adults.
  10. Thank you for the fair assessment without being condescending. I've been considering cruising MSC. In fact, I almost booked MSC for our Northern Europe cruise for next summer, but Royal Caribbean had the exact date we needed, to coincide with visiting friends in Denmark first. Living in Florida, I'm considering booking an MSC cruise out of Miami just to try it. I'll definitely hit up their coffee.
  11. We go so close to Hubbard Glacier, I swore I heard Celine Dion start singing in the background. 😂
  12. I'm so sorry that happened. If you paid for the cruise with a credit card, check with that bank to see if they offer lost luggage coverage. Some do.
  13. Moscato or Icewine for "sweet white wine." These are usually dessert wines, but let people have what they want when they want. For a "sweeter but not dessert sweet" white wine, there's Asti as others have mentioned, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer (pronounced "ge-VUR-straminer"). Sometimes Riesling can have a lemony taste and be not as sweet, but it's still not going to be as heavy as a Chardonnay.
  14. I knew someone would go there, and to accomplish what? On the various travel forums I frequent, Americans are always bashing Starbucks, Canadians are always bashing Tim Hortons, yet every time I walk into a Starbucks, or a Tim Hortons the handful of times I've been in Canada, there is always a line. I'm sure some people genuinely think those coffees aren't good, but I think some people just enjoy bashing what's mainstream. When I have gone to local coffee shops, from Orlando to San Francisco, I rarely love it. It's always too strong for me. And no, enjoying Starbucks doesn't mean I'm "fine with most lines sludge." There's a difference.
  15. Fair enough. I choose those lines because on my budget I'd rather cruise more often than more expensive (and I'm paying for 2-4 people each time, depending on who in our family goes), so I'll pay for the surcharge coffee.
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