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  1. It's a fact: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  2. Disney now closing cruises and Disney World: https://www.kpax.com/news/coronavirus/disney-to-close-theme-parks-cruise-lines-amid-coronavirus-spread
  3. Agree. Take the max safe dose of cough syrup before heading to the port, and only show the note if asked.
  4. I usually board as early as they will let me, but when we were in Alaska, departing out of Seward, we spent part of the day walking around the town, having a good seafood lunch, and I think we boarded by 3:00.
  5. Non-alcoholic mojito - sprite, mint leaves, and lime juice
  6. I found some there but not for this itinerary. This is different than Western Caribbean. It may be similar though.
  7. Royal Caribbean has been great when my GF son is cruising with me. There are a number of things you can do, and we do all of them: 1. Email special_needs@rccl.com ahead of time to let them know of the need. 2. First day on board, before dinner, go visit the maitre d' at the main dining room. You'll have the opportunity to review the first night's menu and go ahead and order. In addition to GF labeled meals, to the extent possible they will modify other meals if that's what you really want. 3. Then advise your waiters at dinner. They have GF bread service available, and our waiters have always been very courteous and accommodating. Personal preference, we've never found it to be inconvenient to order the next night's meal for my son each night. At the end of the meal each night, the waiter brings out the next night's menu, and he decides what he wants (and we get a preview!). 4. You can also meet with the manager of the Windjammer for advice on GF safe options there.
  8. I've searched the forum and Google and couldn't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any of the Cruise Compasses from the Brilliance 5-night to Key West/Bahamas? I'm mostly interested in Days 2 and 3. Thanks -
  9. Radiance class for these ^ reasons, and the outdoor seating at the back of the Windjammer, which is only on this class. I like the decor and feel of Jewel and Radiance better than Brilliance, but they're all great. There will be lots of kids regardless, but perhaps less of them on a longer cruise during the school year.
  10. I've cruised mostly RCL and Carnival once, and I can help with a few of these: 1. Yes, in Port Canaveral, I have boarded as early as 10:30 a.m. 2. We are perfectly happy in the main dining room. It's a great dining experience. Chops is okay. Giovanni's is GREAT and I do recommend it, but I don't eat there every cruise. 3. IDK 4. I've never bought a drink package because of how much you have to drink per day to make it pay off. I only drink a little alcohol, and I don't drink sugary non-alc drinks. I generally prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them. 5. Other tips: * There is much better crew involvement in directing everyone to their muster stations for the muster drill on Royal. Royal's muster drills are much better organized, and it's easier to figure out where you're supposed to go. * If you have kids under 12 with you, they will have to wear a wrist band the whole time. If they don't give them to you at check-in, be sure to ask a crew member as soon as you board. Sometimes the bands are issued on the first deck you enter upon boarding, sometimes at check-in. * You should head to your muster station as soon as they start announcing that muster will be soon, and don't wait for the alarm horns at actual muster time. The crew and other passengers weirdly expect everyone to be checked in already at muster by the time the alarm horns go, and I've seen crew members mark people absent if they're not there when the alarm sounds, which is so odd to me because in a real emergency you're not going anywhere until the alarm sounds. * I've only been on one Carnival ship (Liberty), and I hated the layout of it. Traffic flows much better on every RCL ship I've been on, but RCL has somewhat fewer elevators. I remember being blown away at how many elevators were on the Carnival ship. * The Windjammer buffet is SOOOOO much better than Carnival's buffet, except the desserts are not good, IMO. I save my dessert calories for the main dining room, which does have good desserts.
  11. I've only ever booked directly with Royal Caribbean. I want direct control over my reservation and it's not worth a little bit of OBC to me, to have someone else do it.
  12. Water park or not, I've never worn regular clothes on Coco Cay. Always a swimsuit with cover up.
  13. I carry on a backpack with the essentials.
  14. Gross. I actually just messaged Carnival about this through their FB page after reading this, because my favorite vacation drink is Captain Morgan and COKE. Not Pepsi. UPDATE: They responded really quickly, and said guests are allowed to bring 12 unopened cans of soda on board, which is at least something, even if it's more to pack.
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