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  1. Tbh what anyone else where's does not impact my enjoyment of the cruise at all . I personally like to dress up for the evening as apart from conference dinners and award ceremonies don't get the chance to get out the long frocks. However this time year I cruised solo for the first time ( the occupancy was less than 1/3) and it was actually nice to be a little more relaxed( due to covid I had to dine alone so was less of a social occasion). I did change for dinner but wore slightly less formal attire. Maybe if I hadn't taken the cruise just to relax and recharge I may have dressed up more 


    But those who choose to dress up didn't impact on my experience and likewise those who didn't when I did  had no impact on my experience 





  2. Depends which ship to a certain extent. Firenze last October people generally wore whatever they wanted. Diademq very few dress up. Delisioza most dressed up. But generally for men suits with or without ties seemed to be ok. Facinosa and favulosa were on the smarter side as was Luminosa and Serna 

  3. I am assuming it's a lateral flow and not PCR ( same as P&O last week) I have ordered some to take withe me ( randox) same as for P&o. Do the test scan onto app get certificate back in less than three hours. Will do at the hotel when we arrive in Venice before cruise

  4. On 4/26/2022 at 4:33 PM, Sam34jolly said:

    I never thought about docking in Italy. Thanks

    Don't need one for Italy now unless you are in Italy for 36 hours. The cruise we are on will be in Trieste much less than this. So we only need the Malta by Air one ( at time of press who knows by tomorrow!!!)

  5. 4 hours ago, purplesea said:

    I did our tests for our cruise yesterday and the certificates took about 40 minutes to come through. Although the tests were negative it was still an anxious waiting for them!!

    Did ours yesterday for tomorrows flight/cruise used randox and the certificate came through in less than five minutes

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  6. 11 hours ago, Francisdrake said:

    I've read that but it makes no mention of any lateral flow/pcr test required at the Airport or Port before embarkation which i'm quite surprised about, not sure if it's an omission or they've scrapped testing prior to boarding.

    Yes I am surprised too

  7. 5 hours ago, MX-Drew said:

    That link is for Caribbean fly cruises, I don't think (but I may be wrong) a PCR test is required for Malta. 

    Scroll to the tip of the linked page and then find section 1 before you cruise click on med fly cruises

  8. On 3/2/2022 at 11:15 PM, tring said:


    Can I ask what time your Manchester flight leaves from Manchester? 


    I realise there may be more than one flight from there, but we will be flying Manchester to Malta later in the summer and we are getting a bit worried about how early we will need to be at the airport considering I have seen mention of people having to be there way ahead of Caribbean cruises for testing etc.  We will be staying overnight in an airport hotel, but had not anticipated leaving the hotel earlier than about 4.00am. 

    Hi our flight time with Tui is s 06:00hr

  9. 23 hours ago, purplesea said:

    I had an e-mail earlier on in the week saying I would be able to book my flights for Malta from today.

    Our's is a TUI flight out of Bristol on the 28th April. Went on line this evening and have them booked them without any problems.

    On same cruise and managed to booked our seats from Manchester yesterday

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  10. When we flew out to Malta with Tui  from Manchester our luggage went straight to the cabin and on way home we out it outside cabin and next time we saw it was back in Manchester  However my sister flew to same cruise from Bristol and they had to deal with own luggage ( can't remember which airline) so it looks like it depends on which air line ( prob depends on if flight is charter or not) 




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  11. On 10/23/2021 at 10:40 AM, lynyrd skynyrd said:

    Hi dritan 

    Thanks for this very interesting am I correct in thinking your vacation cert can not be older than 6 months of last dose to get on costa ship even though sailing from barcelona please keep reviews coming 


    Hi I emabrked in Barcelona and mine was 6 months and 1 week after 2nd vacc. I delayed my booster until back home and had no problem 

  12. On 10/17/2021 at 10:15 AM, lynyrd skynyrd said:

    We are on Costa Firense 12th November doing 7 night's med cruise 

    I was wondering what the current situation is as there doesn't seem to be a lot of reviews 

    We are British are there many British aboard 

    Will the ship be operating at full capacity 

    Is it true under 12 aren't sailing 

    Can you only go ashore with Costa excursion party 

    Any help or advice much appreciated 

    Hi I am just back from Firenze. I was as far as I am aware of he only English speaker actually living in the UK. The ship was at half capacity. There were some under 12s but not many kids or teens compared to normal . You can only go ashore on a Costa excursions.

    Anything else you want to ask? Will try to do a write up later in the week with some photos







  13. I embark on 8th  Oct in Barcelona. I am from UK and have been given an embarkation time of 10 am. Glad I am flying in the night before  ( not sure if the fact I am pearl diamond has an impact on my given time) 

  14. The being in port 4 hours before ( mine said 5) is to give time for test etc. It's the same for those from many countries ( there is a long list of those who need the test and a longer one of countries that can't even embark so feel safe) All the paperwork you need will be sorted on embarkation ( green pass- basically your proof of vaccination or negative test or immunity from having had covid recently) they are also doing a PCR mid cruise for everyone and if you need one for flying home they can do that too. This is info from speaking to them on the phone last week. 


    Will report back if it isn't cancelled 

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  15. 4 hours ago, gerryuk said:

    What cruise are you on? I had email giving me boarding time for cruise on 24th Sep. A couple of days later, another email telling me that the cruise is cancelled. Hope it goes for you.


    Sorry to hear about your cancellation. Mine has been cancelled three times so far as has the other cruise booked with Costa. The one I with P and O we have moved twice as well 

  16. Firenze Spain France and Italy so fingers crossed all going to be ok. They have been doing this route for a few weeks now. I know things can change in the current climate. Git my PCR booked for travel home as will be flying back from Barcelona and unfortunately it's a PCR that needed rather than lateral flow. However. Don't pay for that until you go and there is a possibility of one on the ship or so they told me when I rang however find somethings get lost in translation when speaking to Costa on the phone so will see once on board ( if we get that far) at least have one booked as a fall back position. 

  17. On 8/24/2021 at 8:37 PM, SpeedySal said:



     We have changed our October cruise on Firenze to Toscana for early spring next year as the departure port will be more convenient for us and perhaps things will have opened up a bit more and passengers will once again be able to leave the ship independently in the ports.


    We are also going to give MSC a try and we have booked an October Med cruise on MSC Grandiosa. 


    Am trying to decide if to cancel and rebook my October cruise on Firenze the issue being that Italian gov require UK citizen to quarantine for 5 days on arrival into Italy . This is up for review on 30th but don't think it will change. If it doesn't I will have to rebook. Am boarding in Barcelona but as the cruise has 4 Italian ports I don't know where I stand.


    Trouble is I really wanted to sail on Firenze this annual leave year but the next cruises in her seem to be April 2022( I already have 2 cruises and a land based holiday pushed back to that annual leave year) oh well first world problems 

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