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  1. Yes I am waiting until closer to the time to book flights for my cruises. Hotels I have booked on free cancellation offers
  2. Yes both luminosa and Deliziosa have similar colour scheme throughout. I don't dislike it. Would say Deliziosa is one of my favourites but also love other costs ships decor. Am looking forwards fingers crossed to sailing on Deliziosa and Firenze later this year
  3. My Pacifica cruise in October has now been changed to Firenze again lol. Hope I turn up and get on the right ship. So many changes. Poor lady on costs phone line took her ages to find the terms and conditions for rebooking as each time it's different
  4. I applied as soon as it opened and haven't heard anything back at all. Disappointed they haven't even emailed to say sorry you didn't win. I deff applied as got the email back from them when I did that said you would hear on or before 30th to let you know if you win or not
  5. Unfortunately I had to change mine as couldn't get leave from work at any other time in September or October ( apart from what is booked for another cruise)
  6. The package is available on my September booking but not my October one. Suspect in process atm. Also not all excursions are on there yet some ports have none as yet. App also back up and working (well for now )
  7. I received this too for my October cruise on Pacifica ports of call in Spain France and Italy Am hoping it changes Currently of you enter Italy from UK then you have to quaretine on arrival for 5 days and have a negative test. That's before even getting on cruise. However assume all thing could/ will change multiple times before then However haven't got one for my cruise in September which is Italy and Greece
  8. Not sure this comes into effects immediately. An item in you tube cruise news said will need to build new terminal at the commercial dock on the main land first. So suppose we wait and see
  9. I was booked on the one starting 3rd September but when the new itenery came through on my Costa planner it said start and finish in Sardinia. This would be difficult to get to so I have changed mine to Deliziosa from Venice same week. Funny thing is I have 2 cruises booked with Costa that I have changed at least three times each and now am back to same ships and roughly same route as originally booked just 18 months later
  10. I keep checking my emails too. However don't expect to win a cabin as never win raffles or lottery lol
  11. I have rebooked but changed ship from Pacifica to Firenze as Naples is on the itinerary
  12. Received an email yesterday cancelling my cruise end of March. Knew it wasn't going to happen but nice to get official email. Offers of refund or OBC if rebook to another cruise
  13. Just received this reply from the cruise consultant at Costa I normally deal with in reply to my email Dear Guest, Thank you for your email . We are currently experiencing IT technical issues that are affecting the functionality of our systems. Consequently, email traffic, phone and access to our systems may result disrupted as our IT teams are working to assess the nature of the problem. For this reason we are not able to check your request. We have limited access to our systems now. Our IT department is doing their best to resolve situation as soon as pos
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