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  1. Tbh what anyone else where's does not impact my enjoyment of the cruise at all . I personally like to dress up for the evening as apart from conference dinners and award ceremonies don't get the chance to get out the long frocks. However this time year I cruised solo for the first time ( the occupancy was less than 1/3) and it was actually nice to be a little more relaxed( due to covid I had to dine alone so was less of a social occasion). I did change for dinner but wore slightly less formal attire. Maybe if I hadn't taken the cruise just to relax and recharge I may have dressed up more But those who choose to dress up didn't impact on my experience and likewise those who didn't when I did had no impact on my experience
  2. Depends which ship to a certain extent. Firenze last October people generally wore whatever they wanted. Diademq very few dress up. Delisioza most dressed up. But generally for men suits with or without ties seemed to be ok. Facinosa and favulosa were on the smarter side as was Luminosa and Serna
  3. I am assuming it's a lateral flow and not PCR ( same as P&O last week) I have ordered some to take withe me ( randox) same as for P&o. Do the test scan onto app get certificate back in less than three hours. Will do at the hotel when we arrive in Venice before cruise
  4. Email states test to be done up to 48 hours prior to departure. Is this 48 hours before your embarkation time or all aboard time or ship sailing time? TIA
  5. Was very easy got our results back in less than five minutes. Have ordered again from them for our next cruise in june
  6. Don't need one for Italy now unless you are in Italy for 36 hours. The cruise we are on will be in Trieste much less than this. So we only need the Malta by Air one ( at time of press who knows by tomorrow!!!)
  7. Did ours yesterday for tomorrows flight/cruise used randox and the certificate came through in less than five minutes
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