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  1. Today John Heald said there will be 3200 passengers on Panorama’s restart cruise…does anyone know what capacity is?
  2. Day 1 Embarkation Day 2 Sea Day Day 2 Sea Day Day 4 Puerta Vallarta Day 5 Mazatlan Day 6 Cabo Day 7 Sea Day Day 8 Los Angeles
  3. I am sorry if this was already asked but I am a little confused…if I cruise on a Saturday, does that mean the earliest I could test is Wednesday?
  4. Just a quick question…you said you got a third dose, how did you do that? I am also interested in getting a booster but it is not available yet. Just wondering if I missed a way to get the 3rd shot?
  5. Thanks for your help! I appreciate you all for taking time out of your day to help me!
  6. I know you can check in up to 14 days early or 16 days early if you are platinum or diamond....but does it open up at midnight Eastern time? I am on the west coast and it would be great if I didn't have to stay up until midnight to get a early check in time. Thanks for your help.
  7. If you go to the gopro website they are 279.99. I just got the new gopro 9 and I love it. Bundle was 349.99
  8. I am booked in the same cabin on the Panorama for April 2022 and 2023. I liked it so much I booked it twice because it is one of two adjoining cabins in the Havana Cabanas. I always travel with my sister and her husband and we prefer adjoining cabins.
  9. Sorry...I am confused. If my husband and I have a 600.00 credit and use 1 credit card for our Sign and Sail account do each of us need to spend 300.00 separately to use all the credit? Or, can I spend 400.00 and him 200.00? (example) Second scenario....3 girls on cruise issued 300.00 credit for a rebooked cruise. I would have to use 1 credit card for the Sign and Sail account to get the complete credit, right? I paid for the entire cruise for my sister and my friend. Did I understand this correctly?
  10. What did you have to do to get your sister to sign over your share...Did you do it onboard?
  11. Thanks...I will give it a try.😉
  12. When you are dining in a specialty restaurant can you order multiple appetizers? I normally would order a soup and salad but on the steakhouse menu I would like to also order the shrimp cocktail. Is that allowed?
  13. Thank you for your time and information…I appreciate you.
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