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  1. Don't head north to Peru. The Peruvian government just shutdown Peru last night. No flights in or out of the country, no internal travel, no restaurants, no, no ,no! Peru closed schools, work etc. and explained the strategy was to try and prevent another Italy, but Peruvians interpreted it to be a vacation and started partying, traveling, beach etc.-exactly what the government told them NOT to do!
  2. Don't bother calling NCL for a while. 47.5 minute call, several different agents, and they said the best answer they have right now, is they don't know why that happened.
  3. Me either! This was the first leg of a b2b. Now if NCL wants to put me up in a hotel for a month in Rome.......
  4. If you get the ultimate drink package and utilize it well, you won't remember much so it will seem new.
  5. mrbucky


    If on medicare and have supplements, what do you do if you are on a cruise for any great length of time? Besides don't get sick. Insurance wise.
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