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  1. great idea, and even though we usually book a haven suite, ive checked world cruises on other cruise lines, but even an indoor cabin (which i would never consider. i'd rather stay home) is way, way WAY out of my budget, i never presume to tell anyone else how to spend their money, but if you can afford this more power to you
  2. cruised out of barcelona 3 times and always stay at the crowne paza. book a club room if your budget allows. it has a concierge floor with snacks and free alcohol. also, since check in isnt until 2 orso, if you get to the hotel early, they can hold your luggage, and you can go to the club room, relax, and even crash for a little while until your room is ready. staff is super nice, service is good, short distance from airport and the pier. i recommend this hotel for 5 stars.
  3. also love the "waterfront" concept. best part of sea day is sitting out side with a mojito
  4. we took a back 2 back a few years ago and it was out of venice
  5. walking the entire deck of the ship should in no way be a deterrent to booking an aft penthouse. one of the fun things (in my humble estimation) is wandering around the ship. if cabin size is important, then the distance to the haven courtyard should be irrelevant. i booked the aft penthouse with master suite on the getaway for oct 2022. apparently its a huge cabin, and we just love the getaway note: the opinions expressed herein are strictly my own!!!
  6. some people just dont know any better/ or just dont care. they are affectionally called "a**h**es
  7. i dont see why not, anything below a suite has a $250 deposit, and although suites require $1500. you can always cancel and get your money back prior to the last payment being due. i have a cruise booked in oct 2022, and the last payment isnt due until june 2022. i'd personally rather book now, get the cabin i want. the only downside right now, is even with this remarkable 30% discount offer (sarcasm intentional) prices are way to high if we're not sailing by then because covid is still around, the world have much bigger problems
  8. this question came up before.. it takes that long to read the entire spots section
  9. we're booked on the jade for this july. had 2 cruises cancelled tis year already
  10. we usually use them for cagney's, moderno and teppanyaki. i've never been crazy about le bistro, they seem to have an attitude problem and are a little stuffy. i agree with astoria preppy that it's probably not a good idea to waste this at the sushi bar. usually if we have more than 3-4 dinner packages, we will go to cagneys and teppanyaki again, we d oget an extra 2 dinners being platinum +
  11. if the 2 bedroom fits into your budget, go for it. we love them. the extra space is great
  12. it wasnt a bar tab, but since 2010 we have always taken our grandson with us on cruises. about 8 years ago, he was around 13 i think, and he loved the arcade. about half way thru the cruise we checked the bill and he had run up about a $300 tab. we also always signed him up for splash academy. one night the kids all went to the show, and i noticed he signed a tab for kids drinks for the rest of the kids. i went down to ask him who he thought was going to pay for the drinks, and he smiled and just said "you papa"
  13. i dont think that these executives selling shares is really indicative of anything. they probably own a ton of ncl stock or bought low and are making a profit. there are security exchange laws against insider trading so i'm sure what they were doing was all up o snuff. why certainly not anywhere near that level, we had some extra $$$ and the stock was quite low, so we bought 100 shares of ncl at $7.00. i figured the worst i could do was lose the 700. it was over $33.00 per share yesterday. while i realize im not going to get rich with my 100 shares, im holding onto
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