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  1. i wouldnt go to le bistro, regardless of the portions. they've been on my s*** list for 4 years, ever since they made an issue about changing into a collared shirt. petty, petty, petty, and there were 8 people in our dinner party so it was going to be a substantial bill. to add insult to injury, after i went all the way back to my cabin to change shirts, when i got back, the waitress spilled an entire glass of water over me. S**ew le bistro. while we are not cheap, any place that can have the audacity to charge $35 for a glass of champagne isnt getting my business. (before all the naysayers log on) im fully aware im not obligated to order this, and a lot of people go for it. we also dont drink enough to justify upgrading the drink passage they dont mind taking your money, but they b***h about your shirt. no other specialty restaurant gives a d**n unless youre really sloppily dressed
  2. personally, i would rather not eat at le bistro then take a table in the hall, too noisy, to many people walking by, we tried it once, and didnt bother to stay. very lousy atmosphere. considering le bistro bills itself as a higher echelon restaurant, i believe you wouldnt enjoy the meal actually, i'm not crazy about le bistro at all, so my post reeks of prejudice
  3. we live in los angeles, and are not interested in any of the cruises offered from long beach or san diego. we always fly into the port cities. its so much easier to catch a flight, and so much less exhausting. only times i might drive is from l.a. to las vegas 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hr drive
  4. if they're as slender as you claim, there should be no problem.
  5. we were on the star between 2016-2017 from hong kong to singapore, we were in le bistro, and they made me change into a collared shirt instead of the tee i was wearing. that's the only restriction of which i am aware. usually i wear jeans, and never had a problem after that,i have never gone back to le bistro
  6. why take the chance, if you really want a balcony, just book it. you dont necessarily need the club suite, but a balcony cabin shouldnt be much more than an oceanview. its your vacation, splurge a little more on the cabin, and maybe cut back a little on the frills. check your itinerary, instead of booking a shore excursion through the ship, there are usually boatloads (pun intended) of cabs hovering on the docks, or various shore excursion offers. sometimes, i just take the brochure of an offered excursion, show it to a cabdriver, ask how much it costs (usually you can negotiate) and have him take us around. cheaper, and you arent sharing a bus with 30 of your closest friends. go on, live a little
  7. my wife is also a breast cancer survivor, just finished radiation treatment about 6 weeks ago. she's just psyched out about going into the buffet. but i do appreciate your position. still, have fun!
  8. if you go to the bar in the casino, the bartender will give you a couple of bottles every nigh, no charge. my wife has this down to a science
  9. personally, i like the idea of priority boarding while everyone else is waiting. while that's a minor +, having the concierge get us off the ship and to the luggage within 15-20 minutes is the clincher for me. you're correct, that we hardly ever use the pool, but i disagree about the haven restaurant, the lunch is so-so, but the breakfast is amazing. i do utilize the butler service, i have him bring a pot of coffee and hot water for tea every morning at 7, along with sweet rolls, muffins and croissants. in the afternoon i ask him to bring a tray of cheese, crackers and assorted meats, sometimes, after an arduous day of shore excursions, i just sit back, relax on the balcony and have him bring an ice cold beer. such are the joys of a haven, but i was always happy as a clam when we were in the mini suite. i confess, we got spoiled. again, regardless of cabin choice, have a great time, and hopefully we can meet on a mutual cruise. if so, the 1st drink is on me a few years ago we were on the epic and coming out of the buffet. the floor had just been washed and the sign was hidden. my wife slipped, and did serious damage to her back and shoulders. ruined the rest of the cruise, and the few extra days post cruise we were staying in barcelona. since then, she's a little gun shy about going up to the buffet, so the haven and the butler service is of major importance to us.
  10. my cabin on the getaway went down and i saved $1000. nov 24th cruise from athens
  11. even if you've decided to stick with the mini, im sure you'll have a great time. until that one fateful day when we got the proverbial "offer i couldnt refuse", we always booked a mid ship mini suite, and had a great time. i believe the fun is in the actual cruise itself, regardless of cabin. we've met people staying in the inside cabins, and they had a ball. so in the immortal words of me (complawyer) have a great time and of course BON VOYAGE!
  12. are you asking about making dinner reservations for 12 at any restaurant, or specifically the haven. if youre asking about the haven, please note i've been raked over the coals on this topic. the haven amenities, only apply and are available only to guests staying in haven suites. your friends staying inthe club suites probably wont be allowed into the haven restaurant. club suites are just renamed mini-suites and dont get the same goodie package as the haven guests. this will probably also mean that while the people in the haven suites will get priority boarding, those inthe club will not. whenever we've had a haven, there is a specially designated area where you can sit down, have some snacks and your butler or concierge takes you directly to the haven restaurant. if he's in a good mood, or maybe slip him some $$$ he may let your friends join you (chances however are extremely unlikely) the haven menus, for all meals do not change throughout the course of the sailing. breakfast choices are amazing. i believe haven guests can make dinner reservation 120 prior to sailing. if you want teppanyaki, i suggest you make the reservations as soon as possible as there are only 3-4 seatings a night, and limited space. all that being said, all is not lost. it is my understanding that even though non-haven guests will not be allowed into the haven bar, restaurant or pool area, they are allowed to be brought into your rooms and you can have your dinner party in your room, just arrange it with your butler or concierge. i hope this helped you out
  13. i count myself as one of the lucky ones. i have never had a bad experience with a butler on any of my ncl cruises for the past 6 years not counting 2019, 2020,when i didnt cruise. trhey have always been bright, cheerful and extremely attentive. i always give the butler $100 at the end of the cruise, but i dont think they should be tipped at the beginning. i do give the cabin steward $20 on the very 1st day, $20 in the middle of the cruise and another$20 at the end
  14. im sorry, it was a few years back, so i dont really remember, but im sure the forward penthouse suites decks are limited
  15. just a little warning. a few years back, we booked the forward facing penthouse suite on the getaway while we loved the room and the entire ship, every morning when it docked, we could hear the anchor being lowered. at 6 am this was extremely annoying
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