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  1. if possible leave from new orleans. book your stay at harrah's if you can. its across from the "riverfront" and a stones throw away from the port. there is a great sushi restaurant a few blocks from this hotel, and the casino is jut across the street with a numberof restaurants in side also.
  2. without tryingto get into an argument about where the virus originally started, i believe you missed the point of my post entirely. if you read all the responses, they are all way off topic. the original question was when do we think the cruises will reopen. throwing stones at each other by snarky comments and posts i believe are irrelevant. regardlessof where the coronavirus originated, we all need to work together to find a cure. and this is still way off the original topic.
  3. ok,you all can throw rocks at me if you want, but (1) it seems we are way, way off the topic (2) whatever you choose to call this, it doesnt matter where it came from, we're all in this crisis together (3) it's world wide (4) lets not lose sight of the fact that there are over 1,000,000 million cases worldwide, and almost 100,000 u.s. deaths alone. One of those 100,000 could have been one of us or a loved one (5) To quote Rodney King after he was beaten and the los angeles riots began again, "cant we all just get along"? what the virus is called and where it came from is completely and totally irrelevant. Lets all try and work together so we can get back to the original topic, lets go on a cruise. Hopefully, I'll see you on the dawn dec 1st be well, stay safe and in the immortal works of Mr Spock: "live long and prosper"
  4. just a thought! i believe the"different clientele" on regent and oceania refers to people with more money, as if you check their prices, they are way more expensive then a regular ncl vessel.
  5. the rewards come with the sailing. if the ship doesnt sail there arent any rewards.besides, the only rewards offered are the 4 free at sea, or the goodies that come with a suite or a haven cabin. having sailed on the star when ncl 1st offered the southeast asia cruise (dec 2016 through jan 2017) i think anyone sailing on the star deserves a gold medal
  6. i dont want to spoil the party, but it's my understanding if you dont go (for any reason) you dont get the cruise points. my friend and i were booked on the march 14th cruise out of santiago,chile. when ncl cancelled, we both got nada!
  7. i'd like to thank ncl for this kind and generous offer. just my luck my cruise leaves dec 1st so as far as im concerned it's another useless tactic to make themselves look good. why dont they just extend this offer until the end of the year?
  8. keeping my fingers crossed. we're booked on t he dawn departing 18 day rome to rome on dec1st thru 19th. i have hotels booked in civitavecchia from11/28/2020 thru 12/1 and in rome from 12/19 thru 12/22. wish me luck
  9. have you actually read them all if youve taken the time to countthem
  10. well if the price was 3263 when you booked, thats the price you should be paying. i booked a 2 bedroom suite on 12/11//2020 sailing on the awn. the price was $6400 per then went down to $5100 per so they gave me the reduced price
  11. no, im sure i would not. as far as i'm concerned the private islands of cruise lines are a complete waste of time. whenever i'm on a cruise and one of the ports is a private island, i dont even bother to get off the ship. ncl grand stirrup caye ho hum! beentere done that
  12. yeah, should she leave out of port canaveral or new orleans. and your're right, the rest of these post have gone way,way,way off topic. but on the other hand, bigotry is nothing to laugh your ass off about !
  13. sorry honey, the term "poor whit trash" always has had a distinct meaning and i'm sure you knew exactly what you were saying when you used it in that context. they couldnt be too poor since they were on the same cruise ship as you. let it go already, the more you post the less credible you sound.. "methinks thelady doth protest to much"
  14. WOW! my wife, grandson and myself left out of new orleans a few years back on the ncl spirit. we stayed at harrah's hotel for a few days prior to sailing and a day after. we could walk to riverfront, i got up in the morning went over and bought begneits ( im sure that's misspelled) we had a suite onthe ship, my grandson who was about 14 at the time had a great time, and i didnt have any problems at all. we live in l.a. but what problems could you possibly have with people from arkansas? maybe your expectations are a little high, or you should look in a mirror (just saying)
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