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  1. I would have my TA get a definitive answer from Oceania on this issue. With out knowing the accuracy of their comments, passengers on our last cruise with multi segments said SM credits would not roll over to other segments. 

    Now, a tidbit that I will pass along not knowing whether it is a onetime ancedotal occurrence or ordinary. On our recent cruise, we had been waitlisted for a ship’s tour for about six months. Oceania had closed the tour and was no longer adding to the waitlist. As I earlier reported, as a part of Boardamania, the line at Destination Services stretched around 1.5 hours shortly after boarding. Near dinner time, 6:45ish, there was no line so I enquired about our waitlist status. The service rep said “ I know nothing about any waitlist for that tour, but there is plenty of capacity. Would you like to book it?” Talking to other passengers, this seemed to be a common occurrence for multiple tours. Pre bookings showed tours full, but once aboard there was plenty of capacity for most of the tours. We primarily book private tours, but that one tour interested us. My advice, from this one experience, don’t sweat it if O wouldn’t let you prebook tours. Check with Destination Services once aboard for actual availability. Of course, my primary advice is to not book O tours at all. Join your Roll Call and participate in some excellent small group private tours.

  2. So according to certain posters here: when the Marina is on her last seasonal run around South America and you and your room attendant are both getting off in Lima , and she’s going home to the Philippines, giving her the last scraps of your Argentinean pesos and Chilean money ( maybe $30) is a good plan? I’d vote it’s not, but rumored to happen regularly.


    Might we welcomed on the ski lift line! 

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  3. Ak1004, we don’t disagree about the air issue. However, don’t forget all those fellow passengers that have Mother Oceania book their flights. They’ll get the same flights booking the cruise 3-4 months out as they would have 1 year out, unless a deviation was possibly paid.

  4. 1 hour ago, ak1004 said:

    I understand why they would not release September 2026 now, but why not full schedule for the first half of 2026?

    We usually book 2 years in advance. We are currently looking at May-June 2026. If they don’t release them till September-October, and other lines like Seabourn, Windstar, Explora etc release a good itinerary at reasonable price in the next 2-3 months, we will book them instead of O.

    And Viking releases their cruises three years in advance. They are truly after the early birds. Spin the bottle, take your chances. I was fairly amazed at the number of passengers on my just completed cruise that had booked the cruise within the previous 3-4 months! Some had caught some interesting, and perhaps unpublished, sales by doing so. Of course, most of them then complained that all of the ship and private tours were mostly booked full! 😂 


    As a general policy , except for the ATW Oceania doesn’t release cruises more than two years in advance . As stated in post #35, Oceania didn’t want to divide up a new season of cruises thus stopping when they did.

  5. 2 hours ago, AMHuntFerry said:

    This is probably the end of the "season" for each ship, and the next itinerary will be a repositioning cruise. I think it's typical that O would not stretch the next season over two brochure releases.

    +1. This is April 2024. With all the current world events I doubt Oceania is willing to commit to much of a schedule in over 2 years from now. Additionally, as a marketing decision, why would they tell you now a certain cruise is going in September 2026 when they want you to book it for 9/25?

  6. 18 hours ago, jonthomas said:

    so when does the rest come out besides the tropics and exotics till june?


    will ask my O rep and post it here , if he knows....

    That question was asked to the FCS ( Past OCA) on Riviera. She responded that July 26 onwards cruises would be released in September or October.

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  7. I don’t believe I said or suggested that jackets are required in the Specialties. I only reported what was being worn on our cruise. 

    My experience is that Carribean cruises, along with other very warm weather cruises, are typically more casual than other cruises. We were definitely not a warm weather cruise! A higher percentage of jackets were worn by the gentlemen on this cruise than other cruises such as to the French Polynesia. Some won’t wear a sports jacket under any conditions and that’s allowed .


    I always take a sports jacket because sometimes it’s freezing cold in the Specialties . Just like my wife always carries a sweater or shawl. Neither are required by code, but we prefer not to be uncomfortable in any venue. Slipping a jacket off is simple if it’s too warm. Bringing a jacket, sweater, or shawl, even on a warm weather cruise, means one has options and can adjust to the surroundings environment. Not bringing them eliminates options. 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, mamaclark said:

    Your trip report was helpful, thank you! Was Kobe/Kyoto on your itinerary? We are in port from 11am one day until 7pm the next, 10/31-11/1. I am trying to figure out how to arrange our tours since the port is a distance away from Kyoto. 

    We had the same schedule as you. Kyoto was a two hour, one way, bus or train ride from the port. That significantly cut into any sight seeing in Kyoto. So we decided to go back to Kyoto post cruise. We spent our time in port, during the cruise, seeing Osaka and Nara both of which were excellent.


    the bullet train from Yokohama to Kyoto was excellent and easy.

  9. I’ll conclude this thread with a couple of points:


    1. Passports were required in every port. You have to keep them with you at all times. Very different from Europe and other destinations.


    2. Lots of walking, lots of steep stairs. Be prepared. 13,000 steps per day is fairly average.


    3. Absolutely fantastic food along the way in the various ports, with most showcasing their regional flairs. The best meals on this cruise was definitely in several of the ports.


    4. Good cruise overall providing a good glimpse of where one needs to return to when not stymied by a cruise ship schedule. We’re off to Kyoto after disembarking.


    5. Lastly when possible, fly into Haneda not Narita airport.


    Enjoy your travels. Wonderful people and beautiful country. 

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  10. In the U.S. , neither the airlines nor most the hotel chains pay commissions to the Travel Agent. If you’re to lazy or incompetent to book your own one typically pays a fee for those services. The OP, Agent was honest and upfront and disclosed what those fees will be.


    If however, one is including those arrangements as part of a total travel /cruise package , the TA may well waive those additional fees. 

    A couple of things are happening at once. The number of experienced TAs is declining, while the 3/1 ratio of booking to actual cruises taken is taking a toll. While some passengers are firing their TA, some TA are likewise firing some of their clients. These additional fees are an intermediary.

  11. I’ve only been aboard two (2) days at lunch time on this cruise so probably not a good source but, witness ice cream/ milk shake/ malt line here on Riveria stretching to 45 minutes. People complain their food is cold before they get back with their shakes/malts, or if they stand in that line so long, it’s finished before they get their Wave meal delivered! 

    1. The product is obviously very good ;

    2. You should see the line!! 😳 No way I’m standing in it for anything! 🙄

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  12. As I understand the issue as explained, the O ships cabins were stick built, meaning built out aboard ship. The new A ships, as well as most recently built ships, have their cabins built modularly, off ship, and then slid into place individually as modules. This process is highly cost efficient, but eliminates most of the sound proffing between the cabins. The only effective fix requires a massive amount of sound proffing material added to each pre constructed cabin module. This equals more construction costs. 

    Pray for quiet neighbors.

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  13. On 4/7/2024 at 10:02 AM, ORV said:

    That's what I was asking Pinot, I don't think he's getting ALL the same benefits. 

    You’re correct. I only get the $100 SBC because the new release is 4 days after we disembark vs $250 if we could book aboard. Everything else is the same. I should have specified that originally.

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  14. I can only report as to what’s happening now aboard. My experience, with well over a decade with Oceania is that policies change regularly based on the dynamics of what’s happening at the time. We have all those folks with 2:30 boarding times showing up at the ship at 10:30 expecting to be accommodated. Perhaps too many with 8:30s were showing up at 6:45 expecting the same! Don’t know, but currently it is what it is. People are being made to wait until their assigned times. Nothing shocking or adverse.

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  15. Currently on the Rivera, those showing up early are being directed to the provided chairs, outside the restaurant, to await their reservation time. 

    I don’t believe the restaurants want to get into the habit of facilitating early arrival. They don’t want to start the avalanche of those with 7:30s showing up at 7:10 or 7:15; nor those with 7:00s showing up at 6:30. 

    The early arrivals are seated with those with no reservation hoping for a cancellation spot.

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  16. Continuing on. We headed too Pusan, SK today. South Korea blocked all our ship board wifi while in their waters. Being without internet for nearly twenty four (24) hours for us isn’t a bid deal. However, for those of you that it is, you need to plan accordingly. According to our butler, this happens most every cruise into their waters. Just plan for it.

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  17. Fwiw, ate in Jacques tonight. No jacket required, but in excess of 90 percent of the gentlemen wore them.


    Cruise Critic posters represent a small percentage of passengers aboard the O ships.

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