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  1. Live in the past much? Not dealing with reality is a failure to be an adult. Living a fantasy is something the cruise lines are no longer able to provide at this time and for some time to come.
  2. Read the disclaimer on masks less than an unvented N95. Every single one of them state that they do not stop airborne bacteria and virus. This includes the surgical mask varieties that in reality only designed for Single use in sterile environments. Those masks are more permeable than you think and must be fitted properly. Once you touch the outside of them they are contaminated. If you don’t put them on and take them off the correct way and then dispose of them properly you’ve obliterated the little protection they did offer.
  3. There has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus. It is the nature of the type of virus it is. Additionally with showing significant mutation abilities a vaccine may not be possible or effective for all clades at the same time. Even assuming an effective vaccine it will take years to fully implement. I expect some cruise lines to go bankrupt prior to the end of 2021, at least one of them being a major line. Given current insistence on the use of the inefficient suppression method of virus control, I doubt the EU governing body is going to back off. That is wishful thinking
  4. Have you actually read The 49 page report? They want to segregate everybody that is 65 and older away from everyone else including the people already in their party. They’re going to require 65 and older people to have a fit to travel form signed by a doctor. No more dining with friends. You can only dine with those in your family in the same state room. That means if you have family that are in different state rooms you will not be able to dine together. That’s only some of the restrictions they want to see instituted.
  5. You should look at what the EU is requiring. It is awful.
  6. Given the restrictions the EU wants I will not be cruising again while such restrictions are in place. If you haven’t heard what is in store and outlined in the 49 page document, I suggest you get familiar with it before booking. It is really awful and requiring masks is the least of it. Try the deliberate segregation of anyone 65 and older from everyone else on the ship. It goes downhill from there.
  7. This is what Princess is best at. Their itineraries are some of the best. Hubby and I usually try and have as few sea days as possible and we've found it most often on Princess.
  8. There is no such place. LOL Unless you count your own cabin LOL
  9. I have heard numerous times … kinda hard to miss the loud conversations going on around me as they are meant to be heard by others … that anything remotely religious is offensive and they'll **** it up to prove just how much it offends them. And sorry to say, just because Princess tends to be a little more upscale than some of the other lines, they still have their share of drunks that stay out till the bars close then get a stray hair and do stupid stuff. And then there are those that simply want to make other people aware of how miserable they themselves are, or are out for "rev
  10. I am really surprised they are installing these machines given the frequency of noro-type incidences that are becoming so prevalent. When there is an active noro incident they close down all self-serve drink services. They station people in the buffet and they don't want you even touching the serving utensils. No utensils, salt, sugar, etc. on tables. In the dining rooms they serve you a piece of butter, they'll bring you a package or two of sweetener, etc. These machines may eventually be installed but what do you want to bet they'll be disabled or moved frequently to avoid a
  11. My husband is also a native Floridian - has lived in Tampa his entire life - as were his parents before him. I've been here since '75 when my dad was stationed at MacDill. Tampa Bay area and South really does stay hot and muggy most of the year. While I was a little facetious, not that much. LOL This Thanksgiving, unless the weather changes, will be in the low 80s here in Tampa Bay. To me the 70s for "summer" is what we normally think of as winter my neck of Florida. The weather I'm seeing is actually cooler than most of our "winter". LOL I was just in Tallahassee a couple
  12. We are going in July because that is the best time to be able to take our 16 year old with us. The weather sounds divine to be honest. We live in Florida where we have one season 99% of the year … hot and muggy. If I can handle the crowds here in Florida then I'll be able to handle the crowds in the Baltic. Hypothetically "crowd" can be defined by what you are used to. What I think of as a "crowd" in Tampa is not the same thing as a "crowd" to someone from the middle of Idaho and certainly won't be what someone from a place like NYC or LA consider a "crowd." LOL
  13. If your apps are wifi then they'll work. The person on the other end has to be paying attention however. LOL The only glitch I have found is that when the wifi gets thin, slow, and/or glitchy your apps are only going to be as good as the signal at any given time. However, that is true whether you are onboard or not.
  14. Evening lounge was available PES on the Caribbean Princess in October. It was in Skywalkers which is a popular place to hang out during the day so when the food started they checked to make sure only PES were using the venue at that time. I have no clue how they do it on ships that don't have a Skywalker venue.
  15. The only time we've heard this was one of our New York/Brooklyn sail aways. That is out of nearly ten princess cruises. At least I got to hear what everyone has been talking about once. LOL
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