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  1. Here ya go! I've already sent my husband the "when you get home...." text. lol https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/first-responder-medical-offer/
  2. We are still in! Final payment made on the 20th. It was booked with FCC from a summer cancellation so only port taxes and fees out of pocket.
  3. Any of you hoping to sail on 12/18 or 12/19 had your auto payment drafted yet? We are wishing for sure. Our cruise was also booked with FCC’s from our July cruise so paying it would just be port taxes and fees. I double checked our account and it shows our payment set up today, but it has not actually processed at this point.
  4. We are booked for 12/19 and final payment is due on the 20th. Trying to be 🥃 (or maybe 🍺🍻🤣).
  5. Crown this year booked with FCC (I know...🤷🏼‍♀️), Sky next year booked with FCC. We still have a little FCC left, but our daughter has a lot left. Let’s be honest, we will likely have a lot left soon.
  6. like some others have mentioned, I'd have no problems with boarding a ship today if we could! Also, like others, we aren't "social" cruisers so we don't feel the need to meet new people. We began traveling again in May, and to be honest, I hate we took March and April off. I haven't felt unsafe, and we haven't gotten sick. Sometimes we fly, sometimes we drive but either way we've encountered no problems. Like @Cruise Raider mentioned we take risks every day some of them are so routine that we don't even consider that it is a risk we are taking.
  7. I feel you! Our replacement cruise for this year is set to primary for funds then I’ll worry with what’s left over for December.
  8. We opted for the same for our cancelled July cruise. We haven't seen it yet either. I'm not that worried about it really. I, like you, called to make sure they knew that's what we wanted and to rebook the same trip next summer at the same time. I have a hold on a December cruise with an extended hold (until August) waiting on the FCC's to post.
  9. It's my understanding that it will drop off when they actually cancel it in the system on their end. Mine (Sky July 11) was cancelled on May 6. My personalizer says that we sail in 10 days. oh how I wish.
  10. Just speaking from my personal experience...we put a hold on a late December cruise a couple of weeks ago. We have a huge amount of FCC coming, and I didn’t want to tie up the deposit money. (I’ve already paid one deposit for a replacement of a cancelled cruise.) Princess extended the hold until August. Perhaps your agent called to have them extend it? Then they just assumed you were waiting for the FCC to deposit.
  11. sure, I understand it. But that doesn't actually mean that's what they are doing. Is it possible? sure. Is it possible there are other reasons such as being spread too thin? also sure. I don't work there.
  12. I get it. I'm not defending them when I say this, but I do think we can all agree that back in March when this all happened that none of us realized we'd still be limping along (society as a whole) 3 months later. I certainly didn't think we were going to be put under any sort of shelter in place orders or furloughed from my job more than I've worked or I would've become teacher to my child. I think a lot of crap probably happened to all of us that we didn't see coming. (Personally, 2020 can just go away.) I made it to Phase 3 before I had anything that cancelled -- so Princess
  13. I come from a finance background. I've had stuff on a much, much, much smaller scale cause me weeks of frustration. I've voiced that numerous times, as have others. It's definitely not always as easy as looking at a screen.
  14. Wasn't it $1000 for the bonus $50 on previous gift card offers? I MAY would be tempted if it weren't for our our double your deposit offer ended up. ....and I'm currently waiting on the FCC to show up to book anything else for that reason.
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