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  1. Thanks! I'll remember to pack my Under Armour leggings. Think 3 pairs maybe enough for a 7-night cruise?
  2. Agreement with policies does not preclude one from voicing concerns on potential areas for improvement. Without critical feedback, how do companies improve? If all feedback to the cruise line were all positive, why would they change anything going forward?
  3. “Risk Free” as long as Viking remains solvent and stays in business. I’m looking at travel insurance policies that provide financial default by suppliers coverage, since the travel insurance provided by my card doesn’t cover that. Also this guarantee only covers cancellation and change up to 24 hours pre-departure. If you are involved in a car accident on the way to airport and missed the flight, it most likely won’t cover that loss.
  4. Not happy about the policy and practice doesn’t mean I didn’t accept it or I have to be quiet about it. While many of you have high opinions of Viking, I think they can do better. Let’s agree to disagree.
  5. I hear you. I just made our first Viking cruise's final payment last month for a March 2022 sailing. Can't help but think Viking is hoarding our cash as 0% loan to fund their operations. Also agreed that if I had that final payment in the market instead of Viking's pocket, I'd done better than just securing a room on a vacation. Viking fans are always saying their ships are normally sold out 1+ years in advance and this is their standard practice of collecting final payments over 1 year away from embarkation. Not sure which planet those people are living on, but on Earth for th
  6. Here lies the rub. I feel in the current environment, more flexibility should be the first priority. Some lines are offering 60-day final payment terms. No, they are not luxury lines but flexibility is the key. Yes, I booked that aft cabin, but doesn't mean I have to like what their standard practice is or their enhanced "risk free" guarantee. The primary reason I'm tolerating it is that we'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary on this cruise and wanted something special. So there. Basically take it or leave it, right?
  7. I'm a sucker for wake view, so I did upgrade to a DV1 cabin. Without the promo code, that wake view price tag is pretty hard to swallow.
  8. Thanks Clay! I used the chat function on Viking's site and they were able to apply the promo to my existing reservation. Just received the confirmation and my final payment date is still Dec 31, 2020. Now it got me thinking. Perhaps I should book in DV category seeing it's only $200pp more and I can get an aft balcony room...
  9. New to Viking. In these COVID-19 days, this practice seems to be a cash grab. Yes, you'll get a "credit" if you don't want to go. But they still have your money. I need to rethink whether if I want to book with Viking for a March 2022 sailing.
  10. Is this promo only for past cruisers? Looking to book Viking for the first time and it's not on their website anywhere.
  11. Yes, MSC has Yacht Club. Princess doesn't. As it stands, Princess's suites just don't have that many extras compared to a standard cabin. If I'm sailing in a non-suite cabin, I'd take Princess over MSC's Bella & Fantastica cabins.
  12. Hijacking the thread... Why use a debit card? Credit card is safer since it's not linked to my checking account.
  13. For US bookings under 14 days in cruise length, deposits in non-YC cabins are refundable up to 90 days prior to departure. YC deposits are refundable up to 120 days prior to departure. Final payment is due 90 days before departure. I had had to cancel my MSC bookings before. Deposits were refunded within a few business days to my original payment cards. If you booked under a promo, then promo's T&C overrides the standard T&C. Some promos have non-refundable deposits.
  14. Agreed and true. However if you are considering sailing in a Princess suite, save your money go with MSC's YC. Free included same-day laundry in Princess suites is a nice perk, but I'd take YC's service & exclusive areas any day at 40% off compared to Princess.
  15. Since you are already in YC deluxe, all you are getting is a much bigger room, bigger balcony, separate sitting area and a whirlpool on the balcony. Is it worth the $$$$? Only you can answer that. Edit - You should also have access to a reserved cabana on the YC sun deck throughout the cruise.
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