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  1. Can I ask how much it was for the car to the airport? We do not cruise until next year, but it would be helpful to get an idea of cost. We plan to stay overnight at the Marriott Park Hotel Rome the first night back, then fly out the next day.
  2. Yea! Pier construction!! I hate the tenders. 🤢
  3. It was very interesting to me to see that they held the 80's party and the Glow Party in the Atrium. That must have been a madhouse! I remember how crowded it was at Spice H2O on our cruise for those parties, so I cannot imagine holding them in the Atrium.
  4. I just accessed my cruise reservation for Sept. 2020 and the additional verbiage they had added selling the Haven restaurant and lounge passes has been removed from the "Restaurants" section. It is back to the usual description of "Private Access for Guests of The Haven Only".
  5. I received the email from Ms. Ewart as well! I sent her a very strongly worded, but courteous, email last night. I am very glad they saw the light! So looking forward to my next Haven!!
  6. Currently considering cancelling my 2020 Haven cruise on NCL due to their new “open door” policy with the Haven restaurant and lounge. A few quick questions: - Does MSC include adult beverages and specialty dining in their YC packages? - Do you get priority boarding and disembarkation at all ports, or just at the start and end of the cruise? - Is the Top Sail Lounge/YC restaurant restricted to only YC guests? Or do they include their high-level loyalty members like RCCL? - Any chance you could post some YC menus? My DW and I tend to pretty basic steak/chicken meals with shellfish the only seafood we care for. Any information will be appreciated!
  7. So, I tried to call my PCC to ask some specific questions about this topic, about how to get my CruiseNext certs back if I cancel, etc. When I get an NCL voicemail, I always leave my name, reservation #, the fact we are cruising Haven on the Getaway, and that I have a few questions. I normally get a call back within 15-20 minutes. So far today, it has been an hour and 45 minutes, and no call back. Want to bet they are getting an earful today?? It will be interesting to see if there are any changes/clarifications over the next few days to this policy. As has been stated before, it would take a very large number of these "specialty dinners" sold to make up for each Haven cancellation. i.e., 200 dinner packages for each $10,000 in cancelled Haven cabins.
  8. No, if you read the entire thread, they have added this as a specialty dining option on everyone's upcoming cruises, including insides, ocean views, balconies, etc., etc. It already took effect on the Bliss on the 13th and someone onboard there in the Haven said she wound up having to wait for a table in the Haven restaurant for dinner and the people were lined up two deep at the bar after it took effect.
  9. There was a couple on our Haven Getaway cruise that was constantly fried. The girlfriend fell off her stool at the bar more than once and was escorted by her boyfriend to the cabin "to sleep it off" several times. Once, it was in the mid-afternoon. With this new policy of non-Haven guests allowed in the restaurant/lounge, it will just add numbers to the problem, even if the percentage of drunks is the same. Sad.
  10. Which is exactly why I said before that I will NOT pay $12,500 for my cruise if this is the case. I do not think anyone at NCL is even bothering to survey their premium passenger base before they make decisions like this, so it may cost them dearly. Particularly once the next recession hits and the bulk of their premium passengers have moved on to other lines, such as RCCL and MSC.
  11. If this is offered on my Sept 2020 Med cruise, my wife and I will be canceling our full-price ($12,500) Haven reservation. The only reason we pay this kind of money is for the immediate service we get in the lounge, in the restaurant, on the sundeck, etc. With them bringing in additional non-Haven people to the restaurant and lounge, this will go away. Not worth it any more. Guess they’ll have to sell 250 of these packages to make up for the lost revenue on our cabin.
  12. Same rules apply on an airliner. My college roommate is a left seater for Southwest and has some real interesting stories about people he had to have removed from aircraft. It is truly amazing how entitled some people think they are.
  13. Not sure if this was serious or not, so, sorry if this is repetitive. DO NOT press the snowflake button on the A/C controller. It sets a timer that will shut off the A/C after a period of time (some say 15 minutes, others say 1 hour). Just put the temp controller all the way to the coldest setting and, after a while, you will feel like you are staying in the Ice Bar.
  14. This makes the Haven look like a bargain! https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-47976/savannah.htm
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