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  1. Y'all are very lucky. I just looked on Cruise Mapper and it showed only .1m/.4m seas all the way to Freeport. We are getting hammered with really brutal t-storms right now in SAV. 😲
  2. Interesting reading these comments. As tallyho8 mentioned above, I have read nothing but great things from the Celebrity cruises so far. And the Royal board is full of excellent live trip reports from the Adventure where people are raving about how great the service, food, entertainment, etc. has been on their cruises. Part of that may be that both of those lines have been running around 30% of capacity and have crew numbers that they normally carry for full ships. Maybe Carnival stretched to higher numbers too quickly?
  3. I know what you mean. I’ve lost 46 pounds since October. Yesterday, I did a bunch of yard work in the heat and my Fitbit said I burned 3,700 calories. I ate what I thought was a big dinner, but only got 1,700 calories in for the day. Not going to sustain my weight that way!
  4. Mmmmmm! Can’t wait for my 11/12 trip and my day at Coco Beach Club. I am going to have to food train a bit before the cruise because I have lost so much weight in the last nine months, I can barely make it through a kids meal at McD’s now! 😂
  5. FYI: I sent you an email as requested many pages ago. Unfortunately work has been very hectic this week. 😩
  6. This entire situation is why you see me posting here and not over on the NCL board as I have done for quite a few years. All of my previous cruise experience was with NCL. I really liked their Freestyle cruising concept and found all of my experiences to be a positive with their line. BUT, since they have been delaying and delaying and delaying, I have already scheduled two Royal cruises as I really want to get back to cruising. This lawsuit is just another case of them putting their political maneuvering ahead of their customers' desires to cruise. Hope they have a good time sitting in
  7. Absolutely agree with you. It is obvious that the OP has a real hard spot for RCCL right now. To think that he may actually still cruise on this line is incredible. If some business pisses me off that much in advance of me utilizing their services, I would never consider using their services. Particularly in this case, as Royal has a well documented policy of offering a 100% refund to anyone not wanting to/able to follow the protocols in place for their specific cruise.
  8. The best thing you could do right now if you really need a vacation and do not want any masks, social distancing, etc., is go to Florida and visit the themeparks. They have gotten rid of all protocols and are back to the original "normal".
  9. I was watching The Weather Channel this morning and they said there is a large dust patch in the atmosphere to the east of the Caribbean that is blocking any storms from Africa from developing in the western Atlantic. So, good news for anyone cruising right now!
  10. The biggest difference right now is that Royal is actually sailing. NCL just keeps moving things back.
  11. Bring those small battery-operated tea lights. Perfect for the bathroom on a ship or in a hotel.
  12. My experience has been all on NCL, dating back to 2002. I love the freestyle concept, and my last NCL trip was in The Haven on the Getaway, which was just amazing. All of the staff in The Haven, from the butler to the restaurant hostess and wait staff to the bartenders, were exceptional. Now that I am a widower, I have decided to give RCCL a try since, 1) they are actually sailing, and, 2) I simply cannot justify the cost of The Haven for just me. I am trying a three-night cruise on the Independence in November in a deck 9 midship balcony. I am going to be very interested to see how it wo
  13. I am fully vaccinated and so is my son. We both wore masks on a five day trip to Universal Orlando and found no problem with it. It did not destroy our good time at all. The only issue was when we both forgot to take them off (which was allowed) on the log flume ride. OMG! 🤣
  14. Haven Prime Rib. The made-at-table clam chowder at Ocean Blue.
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