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  1. Escape seems to be the majority choice as best ship in the fleet. I assume you are talking about Nov. or Dec., 2020, so Escape will be doing seven-day western and eastern Caribbean cruises out of Port Canaveral at that time. There is plenty to do for both young and old on all of the BA and BA+ ships on NCL.
  2. Just saw a price alert for a seven-day western Caribbean out of Miami on the Escape sailing on 12/7/2019. $1699 pp in a H5, H6, H7 or H9 Haven. For the Haven, those prices are reallllly low! Particularly on the Escape!
  3. See if this works. Glow Party on the Getaway at Spice H2O. IMG_1527.MOV
  4. That is today's answer to everything when something does not go exactly as you want. SUE!!!!!!!!
  5. Tybee is a special place. It still has not been overrun by high rise condos and hotels like most of the other east coast beaches. And I love Wet Willie's!!!!
  6. Actually, there is a new punishment for missing the make-up Muster.
  7. That is actually a really good question. I always wondered how the riverboat cruises would handle something like this. Would the tax change as they entered each state? Does it change county to county? City to city? I know our city adds a sales tax on top of the state sales tax.
  8. OP, here are some food pics for you from the Getaway. Some are Haven, but you will get the idea.
  9. Unfortunately I do not. We were in the Haven and ate there or in the specialty restaurants.
  10. It would be awesome if CC could pin a topic to the top of each cruise line thread where people could post the latest dailies from each ship. I know I had mine from my last cruise and tried to upload them in my trip report, but it made them too hard for people to find.
  11. Screeners are virtually the same size as the ones at the airport. If it gets through the aircraft screening, you are fine.
  12. To add to Nita's post above, expectations/results are also dependent on direct comparison. If you normally cruise in a suite on RCL (i.e., Star, Sky, Sea class), but you are going to be in an OV or Balcony on NCL, that is not a fair comparison. Just as it would not be fair for me to compare my NCL Haven experience to a OV or balcony on RCL. Also, if you are really into the mega-ships on RCL, do not book a gem or dawn class (or lower) on NCL. Compare MDR's to MDR's, specialties to specialties, etc.
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