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  1. Did they change the safety brief so everyone is not piled up on top of each other? (like they do with winter weather)
  2. I'm sure there will be some changes, it will be interesting to see if I can hit platinum before they change to something higher.
  3. yes, tongue-in-cheek, we love the rooms, those are the times we go 🙂
  4. Vista Suite is terrible, it's smaller then an inside cabin, no room at all, no views, no place to get ready, stay away from them 🙂 especially during June, Sept, Oct, and Jan. The other months the room is good 🙂 Having a separate bedroom, dressing area, walk in closet, tons and tons of storage, dual stinks, full size tub/shower, entry way (excellent area to have a bottle in the room). pictures and descriptions don't due it justice, It's one of the largest setups and really is an amazing layout. Our favorite hands down.
  5. Carnival cards are invalid, they come with no pin 6 days, 10+ Phone calls, multiple emails, still can't get anywhere with AARP or Carnival Having to dispute this charge, which takes a month via paypal and my cruise leaves in less then a week 😞 Please save yourself the trouble and DO NOT purchase them
  6. Carnival eGift Cards Broken - Do Not Purchase Just a heads up, the carnival egiftcards ordered via the new rewards site are not working, they are missing the PIN number on them and can't be redeemed. I spent all evening on the phone with AARP, Carnival, Rewards department going in an endless loop getting nowhere. I wasted hours and hours on hold, talking, being hung up on, transferred. Terrible experience. One of the people finally gave me the direct number to the department where you can request the refund if you got one of these invalid cards. 866-839-0463
  7. It's listed under shore excursions, day 1 of sailing Maybe the list is by port, this was out of Baltimore Maryland
  8. FTTF for Jan 2020 until Sep 2020 is up Looks like it might be specific to the port, this was for Baltimore Maryland
  9. There's a great question for John, if we give the cabin steward 50 bucks, can he keep it and do whatever he likes with it, or is he required by his contract to give this to the cruise line to pay his wages.
  10. Carnival is a massive global company, this has nothing to do with food waste, it's all about profit margins while driving new cruisers to keep the growth up. That means keeping base fare down for the marketing side, and finding other ways to reduce costs and increase profits as they are a publically traded company. Just my opinion of course. For me the key is once I have paid the cruise I don't have to worry about additional budget onboard. It's not at the point where I switch yet, but it's getting really close. Charge for room service, charge for MDR, and I'll simply pick a different cruise line that isn't doing it. They will keep making changes as long as they keep growing the business. And reverse those that can hurt the bottom line.
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