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  1. Update- Tests done! Only problem was I went first, and didn't know I had to log out of emed. I closed the app with the X when I was done, and hubby opened it from scratch but it never asked him to sign in. We didn't realize what was going on and the emed guy came on and said his name didn't match. But emed guy figured out what happened so we had to hunt for a way for me to log out. After I did that and we tried again all went well. thanks
  2. thank you. I appreciate those who posted their experience to help us that are struggling. when I set up my account it did not ask for license nor did it say my account was complete. It just stopped and didn't really go anywhere. so I don't even know if my account is OK.
  3. I ordered 3 pack planning to use 1 test for me and 1 for spouse. tests arrived. I downloaded app to my phone and set up account under my name. Now I am confused how to proceed with setting up spouse account. Does he use the same email I used, that I ordered the test under? Or does he have to set up his account using a different email? I am sorry if this way already explained somewhere. I couldn't find any number to call for help. We are cruising Sunday and hoping to do the test tomorrow morning. thank you in advance.
  4. Yes, there is an outlet on the desk, and a portable folding mirror would be a very good idea.
  5. I do not have any pictures of the beds open in the other room because we never did have any reason to open them. there was only 2 of us. sorry I can't help with that. I did mention in another post that there is no normal electric plug anywhere near to a mirror. so it was a challenge to blow dry hair, (style hair actually) without a mirror. (there was a shaver plug in the bathroom with a mirror). the one upgrade that I loved since our last times in this cabin (2010,2011) was the new decking on the balcony. I only know that was done sometime since 2011, but don't know when.
  6. Just stayed in 8181 on summit. will try to post some pics.
  7. Will be first time sailing in voyager class and hoping someone can provide heads up for storage space in Veranda cabin. thanks.
  8. I realized I did not post this view. the 3 shelves behind glass on top, 4th has the SMALL safe. Also there are 4 drawers below that are directly in front of you when you walk out of the bathroom door. I think this makes up for some of the storage that was lost from the larger desk. For some reason we had 3 desk chairs in our room? that didn't seem to make any sense. And also there WAS a washline in the shower. there were also a few movies on TV for Free. A star is born, finding nemo, instant family, overboard. and a few more I can't remember, but that was nice. Otherwise the movies were 14.99. We enjoyed relaxing in our spacious room and watching a movie.
  9. lkneller

    Bermuda Twizy

    Really had a great day with our twizzies! Rented 2 because we didn't think either one of us would be comfortable in the rear with back problems. Used Mapquest to document our route ahead of time. Went down to street view to get familiar with landmarks when we would need to make a critical turn off. Many roads are not marked or they come up at a blind turn around a wall. this really helped to know ahead of time what to watch for. Enjoyed many stops along the way. Spanish point, Aquarium& Zoo, New Footbridge at Bailys Bay Dock, Clearwater Beach and Nature reserve at Coopers Island, Harrington Sound, John Smiths Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Somerset Bridge, Fort Scaur. these were some of the stops on our checklist. Pinkest sand was at Warwick Long Bay, but waves were rough, Softest Sand Horseshoe, Most incredible views along south road and from observation tower at Coopers Island Nature reserve. It was a perfect day. Hope you enjoy the pictures
  10. Here is a portion of the balcony
  11. Here is the new bedding and side tables
  12. Here is a view of the room when the mirror is behind me.
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