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  1. They will generally contact you by email 2 or 3 weeks prior to your sailing. They will ask you for any cabin choices you may have such as pillow types, extra towels, extra hangers, emptying out your fridge, etc. They will also offer to help with entertainment and restaurant reservations. I prefer to call them but you can use the email address as well. here is the email that I received last time:
  2. The two beds that they push together do not equal a standard Queen sized bed. They are slightly wider and slightly shorter than a queen.
  3. Of interest to some, that ferry is nicknamed the "Vomit Comet". It is without a doubt the worst 40 minutes that you will ever spend on any boat.
  4. The terminal will open for check-in at approximately 9:30 am. There will be early arrivals already waiting to enter the terminal at that time. When the terminal opens, you will enter the check-in area where you will present your cruise documents & passports, get your photo taken, and be issued a sail pass. After check-in you will be assigned a "Boarding Group" and be sent to a waiting area. The earlier you check in, the lower your number or letter and the earlier your boarding group will be called to board the ship. Unfortunately for early birds, there are several groups that will board before the lowest numbered boarding groups. No one will board until the ship is voided of all disembarking passenger and the ship is certified ready to board by Customs and Immigration. This is generally accomplished prior to the 12 pm schedule but sometimes may occur much later. First on board will be the Haven guests, then other suite guests, CAS guests, Diamond Latitude members, Platinum Plus Latitude members, and Platinum Latitude members. So....if you arrive at 9:30 am you will probably be waiting at least 3 hours before you board. If you wait until 1:30 pm to arrive, you will speed through an almost empty check in area and have little or no waiting to board.
  5. I'm sorry to jump in here but it is 17 miles from Port Canaveral to Kennedy Space center. On a good day you can Uber it in under 20 minutes at a cost of $34 for up to 4 people. On line tickets for the space center center tour cost $52 for an adult and $50 for military or senior. That means it is about half the price of the NCL tour and you are not traveling with a throng.
  6. Even though travel time is about the same, Long Beach Airport is way faster because of the reduced time required to get a shuttle or rental car. Also Uber doesn't suffer the same surge charges at LGB as they do at LAX.
  7. Mine works fine. I suspect yours does now?
  8. We have returned autos at Port Canaveral a couple of times. We returned them early (10 am) on the morning of the cruise and they shuttled us (and our luggage) directly to the ship. There were many others doing the same thing. If returning the night before is imperative many hotels in that area offer a free local shuttle either to or from the rental car area.
  9. Here is a Layout from cruisedeckplans. For a very nominal fee you can get access to an enormous data base of information on cruise ships.
  10. If you chose NY in January be sure to get good trip insurance.
  11. "No, it's an hour later than Eastern Standard Time." Of course you are correct. Sorry, it was a quick epilogue to my previous post and my mind was not in gear.
  12. Oh, almost forgot to mention, Philipsburg is an hour earlier than EST and they don't use DST.
  13. Not necessarily. I have been on NCL ships that sailed from Florida and crossed and ported into a different time zone and maintained the ships time. Here is a schedule (Island Time) of expected NCL arrivals on March 8th. All reputable shore excursion companies will ask for the name of your ship so that they can schedule accordingly. If they know the name of the ship and the date of arrival, they will not offer or accept reservations that don't accomodate your arrival and departure.
  14. My wife and I really like the Star. We have sailed her 3 times including 2 transatlantic voyages. I think we can answer some of your questions: What kind of internet service is available on NCL Star? Is there internet package any good? Need to stay in touch with family so need video call options? The internet is not very fast. If you want to video chat you will probably have to find a Wifi spot at one of the ports. The ship cell works fine for regular phone calls and texting. For the photo package, can we get pictures on a flash drive instead of print? If we can, can this be booked online or onboard? Yes, you can get your photos on a flash drive. You can buy a package either on-line or on-board. I think you get a better deal on-board as they are generally willing to offer discounts towards the end of the cruise When is the best time to get in line to get tickets? Where do we get inline to get tickets? I would book them as soon as they become available, usually the day before port. On the Star they are usually available at the Cruise Next desk or the Shore Excursion Desk next to customer service in the Atrium. Hope that helps a little.
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