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  1. We are leaving today and I need to know if I need to bring my own beach towel for Caribbean when I go off ship? Or can we use RCCLs? Thanks for a prompt reply!!
  2. In Costa Maya and Cozumel, do we definitely need pesos for local taxis, beach clubs that only take cash? If so, where is best place to exchange dollars? We are leaving from Galveston on RCCL cruise next week. Should I get some before we leave home from my bank? Thanks!
  3. Are all these activities available to purchase on our own at this Port or do we have to buy the Package thru the ship?
  4. Check out italytours.eu. We are taking a group tour in May with them for 69 euros. Several from our ship have signed on and there will be less than 14 people total. Includes Pompeii with guide, Positano, ama fi Coast, etc. Another I see good reviews for is italydriver.com.
  5. Does anyone have experience as an adult of sleeping on a sofa bed? It’s me and my two grown daughters and all three of us in an oceanview. The other option is a Pullman but it’s about $430 more. Could use that money for other things, but don’t want to stay awake all night!! Thanks!
  6. I have a plan that gives me no international plan...Cricket. Can I buy a SIM card to use in my android phone? Which one and where to buy? I only want it for a few calls and maybe some texting. I’ll have an iPad to use with WiFi most of the time. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Actually no, we aren't skipping Rome but have been to Rome once and after this cruise, we are going on a land tour from Venice and ending up back in Rome for 3 days. We had actually considered getting a hotel room by the hotel and getting some rest and then take a group transfer to the ship to arrive around 2 or 3. I am also trying to find a private transfer to the Rome Termini where we can catch a train to Venice the day we depart from this cruise which is May 20, if anyone has any suggestions. I have been on our Roll Call board and learned the rather difficult procedure to make it to the Civitevacchia train station and hope the train is on time to make to to the main station as I want to pre purchase my tickets to Rome. We are on our 50th wedding anniversary trip and want as little hassle as possible!
  8. What is the earliest we can board Jewel of the Seas departing Civitavecchia on May 11 for Greek Isles cruise. Ship departs at 5pm. We arrive in Rome at 7 am.
  9. After all the above discussion, and I thank you all so very much for all the information, I think I am going to go for the private transfer to Roma Termini. We are in our seventies and this is our 50th wedding anniversary trip, and hassle is not what I want! IfI could be so kind to ask for transfer companies I could contact to both get us from the airport on May 11 using a group transfer and then from the Civi port to the Rome terminal via private transfer on May 20? I’ve heard of CSE and I think another one, NCC?. Appreciate all of you! Carol
  10. Thanks, Cruisemom, as this makes the most sense as I did see where I could do this from Civitavecchia to Roma to Venezia. I’ll also compare costs for a private transfer for peace of mind and less hassle.
  11. Thanks, Hank! A bit confused as I’ve been looking at buying train tickets through raileurope.com and/or the train line.com and it shows a prepaid ticket from the Civitavecchia Station to Venezia st. Lucia with a 47 min stop at Roma Termini. Should I not do that?
  12. Thanks so much for your information! Looks like we will take the shuttle to the bus then to the Civitavecchia Station and then on to Venice with one stop at Roma Termini! I’m going to go ahead and pre purchase our train tickets. Can someone confirm we will be able to get off the ship early if I make arrangements onboard?
  13. We will be getting off a RCL cruise in May in Rome and want to get to the train terminal to catch a train to Venice. I have a couple of questions: 1. I was told I could catch a bus at the “Metra” about 1 mile from the port and it would take us to the Train Termini. Has anyone tried this? I assume we would get a taxi to the bus station. Or does anyone know what a taxi would cost to the train station and forget the bus? 2. I want to pre purchase our train tickets and am asking if you think I will be off the ship early enough to catch a noon train? I have been on numerous cruises and we were typically off pretty early. It’s been a few years, but doesn’t the cruise.ine ask if one needs to be off early for flights, etc? we are retired and trying to make this easy for us. Thanks for your assistance! Carol
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