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  1. Nice! Getting more excited about the ship now. Great photos.
  2. As mentioned in FB group, if these are BMW 520s, they're ~ 16.25 feet or 5 meters long. 😛
  3. Or find a very similar photo of a ship's keel whose width we know and do a comparison. 🙂
  4. Congrats. Lloyd, wouldn't it be easier to add a link to the other Wonder of the Seas thread in a post? 😊
  5. The guest elevators are located here... Are you needing to book a cabin close to the elevators?
  6. As some have pointed out, it's not listed as a food venue for Odyssey.
  7. Does anyone know who the Captain will be for Odyssey of the Seas?
  8. I guess that they have to grab our luggage in the garage since we go from there to inside the terminal via elevator. Luggage check in usually takes place outside the terminal. 🙂 That exit to the left?
  9. Nice video. AC/DC music too! 😁 WOTS__2021.
  10. Great video. Here's a view from the upper deck of the suites area. 😁 (The robot is standing in aprox location of where photo likely taken) I also zoomed in on the FlowRider and windows of the U-turn area of the Windjammer on deck 15.
  11. @Lloyd555 I got to say I appreciate your contributions to/updates on this Wonder of the Seas build thread, and the occasional discussions related to them. I remember the olden days with Quantum of the Seas' construction thread, there were quite a few contributors. I'm glad that you're still around to do it. Unfortunately and understandably we're not getting much from Royal as I assume that they are busy with COVID related tasks, etc. So anything that people want to post here is great to see. Thanks!!!
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