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  1. SusieQft: Like marriage vows "for better or worse", DH & I have decided to cancel our request for refund on a Crystal-cancelled cruise and apply it to a Trans-Atlantic 2023. Are we taking a chance? Yes, but as Keith would say . . . ."Time will tell." BTW: see line 114 on refunds Mary
  2. I found this of interest on the web yesterday. Genting has been busy. The following is a summary of the article. Resorts World Las Vegas will open its doors 24 June 2021 on the Las Vegas Strip (www.rwlasvegas.com). In partnership with Hilton Hotels & Resorts they will offer 3,500 luxury rooms and suites. Also see Resorts World Las Vegas news on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram RWLV is being developed by Genting Berhad, a publicly traded Malaysian corporation. The company has affiliated operations in the Americas, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK and the Bah
  3. SusieQft: Amazed! So far received credit to one credit card on March 24, 2021. Now waiting for credit to another card and we will be paid back in full as much as can be. This was for our cruise on Serenity leaving Southampton, September 5, 2021 and cancelled by Crystal March12, 2021 and full refund requested to us by our TA that same day. Mary
  4. We hear you bitob! There would be one very unhappy Pug by the time we returned. Mary
  5. It is so exciting to hear positive voices out there. Yes, please all of you give your thoughts on how things go. Bon voyage!
  6. Oops! Paid in full from funds paid on a canceled 2020 cruise
  7. Suzie: We got an email from Crystal and from TA that our cruise departing Southampton on the Serenity on September 5, 2021, has been cancelled. We asked TA to request a 100% refund. Crystal very quickly acknowledged this with a reply to both us and our TA via emails. Now the countdown begins as to when we will receive the refund. After this all (Covid & cruise cancellations) clears up we will be excited to make new reservations in the future. In the mean time it is vacations here in the US as venues open up. Mary
  8. Just got an email from our TA. Crystal has cancelled our Across the Atlantic cruise that was to start Sept. 5, 2021. We have kept our fingers crossed in hopes that it would be a "go" but it is not to be. We had made some alternate choices just in case this one died on the vine but we just can't get excited about another cruise with any line at this time. Here is hoping that our Hawaii cruise in 2021 happens! Sorry Crystal, this time we want our money back! Here is to another year of waiting for a refund. Mary
  9. Dear SusieQft: Crystal finally came thru with a credit to my credit card for a total of $2,758. This covered port charges and land segment. Now we keep our fingers crossed that September 2021 cruise stays a "GO". Mary
  10. Cruise-y: Tom & I would like to hear about this too! Add us to this jolly group. And thank you for posting. Mary
  11. Hopefully this will evolve into a much more agreeable cruise experience as time goes by and advances are made. DH and I have been many times to various ports. We don't want to have to take a ship's tour in order to get off the ship. We have always loved to do a walkabout on our own. We do feel for the crew if there is no way for any of them to get off the ship and explore a port. Instead of a contract with Crystal (or any other cruise line) this sounds more like 6 months jail time! Maybe we aren't the only ones thinking we will not be back. Mary
  12. It would be quite a nice gesture on the part of Crystal if they gave the cookbook to those who had booked and fully paid for qualifying segments that were cancelled BY CRYSTAL. After all, it was promised to them when cruisers booked the cruise. I know, I know . . . . . it would take time away from Crystal processing refunds. None-the-less. . . Mary
  13. Tom votes for The Bistro and I do too. Oh how I wish we were there! Mary
  14. SuzieQ: Voyage #: OCY201030-22 Sail date: Oct. 30, 2020 Route: Quebec City to Miami Cancelled: by Crystal on June 5, 2020 Cruise fare applied on June 5, 2020, to previously booked 2021 cruise Port charges/taxes: to be refunded to cc within 90 days (Sept.?) Crystal land package charges: to be refunded to cc within 90 days (Sept.?) Independent travel insurance applied June 5, 2020, to previously booked 2022 cruise Independent air travel yet to be addressed Mary
  15. Received an email dated Thursday, June 4, 2020, 08:05pm PDT from Crystal telling us that our Oct. 30, 2020, Serenity cruise has been cancelled. Checked the Crystal website and there was an announcement "updated" Friday, June 5, 2020, 1pm EST that said much the same thing as the personal email. At least it is nice to know the suspense is over. Time to let SuzieQ know the info. Mardi & Tom
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