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  1. You could put a mask on a lounge chair by the pool to reserve it, lol. We wanted to jump on a cruise as soon as possible, but decided to wait for a vaccine shot... then we cruise. Maybe no masks then.
  2. Dining room food is too salty.... need to have ability to make own salads.
  3. It could still be a buffet (not ordering off a menu) but the food could be served by attendants behind the counter. BTW, I was on Indy in Dec, 2 years ago, and Noro hit, didn't hit us thankfully, but they had 'all hands on deck' literally, even the talent were gloved and serving food. Anyway, we like the idea of variety..... and it wasn't so bad being served whatever you picked. That would work.
  4. Good question.... I think it was a percentage $$ of the food budget. They do keep track by time and temp. Out it goes after a few hours. I think they can keep it on the line for 2 hours at 160 degrees...then dump. There is more to usable/not usable than we see. Not all of it gets plated.
  5. End of buffet...... well, an HD told me once that about 16% of the food budget is wasted. Not all.... but probably most waste from just closing down the buffets each meal. So there is always the 'cost saving' carrot dangling in front of management.
  6. Slick marketing... offer 125% FCC (to keep customers) but raise those future cruise prices 150%, or more. I was on Meraviglia for a week, beautiful ship, actually puts all Royal ships to shame, except maybe Symphony. Talking new tech, new car smell, but not the buffet. Never saw, or smelled one shrimp the entire week in the buffet. But, it was a great cruise, lots of shows, and Gene Young, was CD... did a great job. Problem I have living in S FL is Royal sort of abandoned Cozumel... I mean they are fixated on Coco... My wife and I are not interested in Coco... and the 3 or 4 night cruises to there. So, for us, it is MSC or Symphony for 7 nights to Coz. Cheers!
  7. . Oh man... that's the last plastic straw! What's next... no bars? Cheers.
  8. Azipod needs priority work! Look at other 'Amp Up' work this way.... Cruising has changed forever, it may never get back to carefree fun. So, empty extra 'Amp Up' Allure cabins on deck 11, or empty Allure Diamond lounge on deck 11.... what's the difference? Why spend the extra money now?
  9. Agree, if you cruise with MSC every couple years you keep status match. I think 3. I recommend applying 2 weeks before booking so you have your Voyagers Club number when you book. Plan to do more MSC whenever..... We liked Royal obviously, but they changed. We have zero interest in floating water theme park nurseries and 3 night cruises to a crowded beach (trying to be polite here, lol).
  10. I did Meraviglia...great ship. Definitely worth it as they status match with Royal, had a Black Card.
  11. Here's a different slant. In order to get approval/funding for port expansion terminals in say Ft Lauderdale and Miami, they needed to agree to more passenger port days .... more port traffic = more port fees for the cities involved Get it? So, Navigator, Independence, and Mariner, to name a few, have shifted from longer cruises to 3 and 4 day cruises to ... guess where, their private, close-by island. Almost doubling port fees for the govt. It is all about money.... but virus caught the world off guard. Anyway..... stay safe!
  12. >>>>>> The doctors note was an incredibly stupid idea of CLIA<<<< Oh well. Nobody knows the future. I treat all their talk as possible, maybe, or wishing. I don't believe anything they say, just watching what they do. So, I personally am not booking anything in the future. Will only book last minute, after final payment. We'll see how it goes.
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