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  1. Wow... glad we only have two booked in Nov 21.... with refundable deposits. If these rules are still in effect... probably will not make final payments. Will decide after actually waiting to read some cruiser reports when sailing does resume. What about those crowded ship elevators... the worst spot on ship for lack of spacing. Limit number of riders? Have a staff elevator attendant?
  2. Yes, the port restrictions, masks, tests, and possible quarantining have us putting new cruises on the back burner. No big rush. Need to hear many good reports before coughing up more money, bad pun. Cruising was viewed by many as a 'great value'. As more time goes by, we see it has become a 'great unknown hassle'. Hoping for the best.
  3. DL was deck 11 in Jan 2020. Also, they didn't put that ugly dry slide (fallopien tube thing. ..bad pun) at the back of the Boardwalk yet.
  4. Glad they didn't ruin her yet, lol. Best D lounge.
  5. Yup, we have gone from wanting to cruise soon... to having zero interest in cruising with all the restrictions. Hope to set sail when back to normal, if that ever happens. Cheers!
  6. "Last" was the 'last' Independence cruise before they locked down all cruising... March 12-16, 2020. Was on a tear in 2020... 6 Royal cruises done between Jan 2020-March 2020. Also did one week on MSC Meraviglia, March 1, 2020. I was on Empress, 7nt, Feb 23, 2020... they knew Covid was an upcoming issue, but no guidelines came down from shoreside at that point. Stock prices were a topic. I got off Empress and immediately boarded MSC Meraviglia. MSC did have thermal scanning set up in the terminal for that
  7. DW likes to create fresh salads. I always thought chefs use way way way too much salt in MDR. Also, we go to all the shows and rarely use MDR because it takes too long to eat and run. I can understand cost cutting. I usually chat with HDs and part of the food budget is waste. Heard between 15-20%.... a lot of that is not even 'plated'.... just dumped at closings.
  8. Sad to 'sea' all the changes because of the flu. I believe they are needed for safety. But, I also believe they finally hit my 'tipping point' with no dinner buffet. Cheers!.
  9. 3 refunded, 2 FCC, 2 booked in Jan. None after that. I had 'penciled- in' (no deposits, thankfully) to personally cruise many times in 2020/2021 and finally reach double pinnacle a year from today, but obviously all that is on hold pending vaccine and return to the 'good ol' days', which won't happen soon, if ever, lol.
  10. Yes. Good point. We were on the MJ cruise when Vernon first announced that 'shoreside changed the policy' and no more C&A events, or the nightly D and up... happy hours would not take place on following MJ cruises (still put 3 drinks on SeaPass card daily, D and up). Navigator adopted same 'no event policy' for their 3 and 4 nighter Coco/Bahama cruises... I heard. Anyway, as local frequent floaters we (also) decided to never book MJ or NE because of their new reduction policy. Ironic dichotomy is that Allure still retains the
  11. <<<<< The Renaissance occured after the Dark Ages.😉<<<<<<<<< Trivia: Renaissance started about 1300... Black Plague messed things up in 1350 or so. Royal Caribbean started in 1968..... Covid messed things up in 2020. 50 years about.
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