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  1. Hi,


    Just returned today from Barbados. Although it was Thomson it was First Choice planes. It was 2 - 3 - 2 configuration and think it was 767 plane. Going out was a newer plane with plenty of leg room in cattle class and a great comfy flight, but the plane on the way back was older with less leg room and seats that reclined but some had to be pulled back up (mine was one of these!). Not so comfy.


    The TV had the usual films, TV shows and some games. Remember to take the earphones with you as you'll need them for the return.


    Enjoy your cruise - we had a fab time and didn't want to get off. Will write review later when more awake!




    Will you put your review in this section or somewhere else please, would love to read :D

  2. DCL tends to only think USA school kids, it's just starting in Europe to realise our school holidays are later and out the interesting cruises in the Med on when our kids are out, next year we can do a 12 night Med cruise in school holidays, normally it's the less popular seven night ones we get.


    Baltic cruises in 2010 were USA school kids only, we took our kids out of school.


    Southern Caribbean seems to be considered for summer 2015.


    So what months would you guess at?


    7 night or longer?

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