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  1. Hello When the Jewell was refurbished just before COVID someone put some amazing photos/review of the ship can anyone help with the link please also would you say teenagers would get bored on the Jewell? thank you
  2. Thank you so much for the info. Yes you are right if we end up doing Alaska it will be for Alaska not the ship.
  3. Thank you so much for all the info. It is appreciated very much
  4. Sounds as if it will be fine for us. Thank you
  5. Thank you 😊 We dress for dinner as in sun dress for myself which sounds like would be fine. On the formal nights we could always eat in the buffet area. I might be wrong but thought I read Princess were one of the top for Alaska cruises
  6. Hello 👋 We enjoy NCL. Went on Escape Dec 19. Happy to do NCL but some good prices for Alaska on the new ship which has made me think
  7. Thank you 😊 I have stayed away from HAL for that reason too.
  8. Hello 🙂 For anyone that has done various cruise lines not just Princess Cruises, can I please ask your thoughts. What other cruise line would you compare Princess Cruises to please for food, atmosphere, do most people wear formal every evening/ is it "stuffy"? We love to enjoy our holidays but not formal wear. We have done Royal Caribbean, Disney, NCL, a short P&O. It would be for Alaska on the new Discovery Princess so on this type of cruise we are expecting to be outside on deck a lot but prefer “comfy feel” to “stuffy”. Just cannot decide if Princess is for us. The shows on tv have shown the newer ships to be amazing so that is not a “concern” Thank you 😊
  9. For any who have been on before. Entertainment in the evenings. I assume as smaller ship entertainment is more low key, maybe show in theatre and live music in lounges? Thanks think it’s great lovely choices of speciality restaurants if want to do them even though smaller ship
  10. Thank you for the photos. She looks beautiful
  11. Sorry not sure how to delete. Ignore above please 🙂 loved reading review again.
  12. Hello 👋 Reading your review again 🙂 Was your final price after PIF? Thank you
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