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  1. I used to laugh at cab driver's who would try to tell me I had to pay an out of city surcharge to come home. (I live on Staten Island, part of the city.)
  2. The atrium is usually the only one with football in season. Never seen Nascar, Baseball, or even American soccer on the ships we've been on. And the bars just seem to only play European Soccer. Maybe it's changed since we were on Breakaway in 2018. I don't know about being on the ship, our only time from PC we were stuck in traffic and didn't get into the terminal until after 1pm.
  3. OK. So most of what people before me have said I believe to be true. You'll probably have a great time, people complain (some simply because they wanted to pay less)... BUT, NCl has in our opinion, dropped a couple of notches. Because they're a little too aggressive trying to squeeze every nickel out of you. We went on a cruise every year for almost 10 years. This year, meh... We've been on NCL, Celebrity, and Carnival (twice - the first time and the last time). We just got an offer for a FREE cruise but we're probably not going to take it. We also have a cruise credit voucher. Just not feeling it.
  4. Last time, we ubered. Going in was great about $90 to get to pier from Staten island. Our ship was VERY late coming back, when we finally knew we were getting off, the Uber wait was an hour 45 mins. My wife flagged a car that had an Uber sign but wasnt doing Uber then and we paid like $250 to get home. It was a ten day cruise, so yes we saved a little money, but standing in the rain with thousands of people all needing a can was an experience I don't ever want to have again. We've parked at the pier and we'll do it from now on.
  5. marynjohn

    Puerto Rico

    We were in October and didn't see anything bad at all. We did run into the legendary guy who is there with his dad in the hospital and needs money but he didn't harrass us when we told him we were looking for an ATM and had no money. He gave us his "Warning" and we parted ways. He's in lots of post here, just check the Puerto Rico section.
  6. No Nascar, I always ask because hope springs eternal. My take on why NCL doesn't show much American sports is that they cost too much. Our cable companies are constantly locked in battle with the networks over pricing. NCL shows soccer mostly (last cruise soccer from Turkey) and unless you're on a cruise during playoffs or the Superbowl, it's probably not on. Because our ship left so late last November, I was able to watch the Homestead Race (Nascar Superbowl) on my phone sitting by Maltings. Oh, and you can bring a DVR device and watch shows you pre-recorded at home by plugging it into the TV. (My wife can't sleep without the TV on, and the ship channels shut off for 10 minutes between shows. But there are no commercials. (Hence the 10 minute gap))
  7. It was our first time, in October. Maybe the hurricane made things more tight economically so they have to hustle, I don't know. But, we won't be getting off the ship again there. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  8. Be careful. We've been to lots of ports and just went to St. Kitts in October. We had three experiences that made us decide never to go back. First, the hawkers are worse than anywhere else we've been which includes Cozumel and Bahamas. NBD just an annoyance. We went to see the church and it was pretty, but coming back some guy who we could SMELL from 4 feet away started harrasing us. Ok, nbd 2. We got back to the shops area and 2 guys surrounded us trying to get us to pay for pictures with their monkeys. Mary was screaming. I went and got a cop which was useless. He just said they keep chasing them and they come back. The cop came over and one of the guys started getting aggressive with me, saying it wasn't him. I told the cop to check the security camera which was right behind him and grabbed Mary and got back onboard. At home, it's trivial but in another country you can never tell. If you get off, just be wary. The usual watch your belongings applies, and be prepared for people harrasing you about the tours.
  9. Thank you to everyone who ran the meet and greet and slot pulls, we had a lot of fun! Things were going great until I had to get Mary to the infirmary last night. Stomach problems. Gave her meds and has to drink lots of gatoraide but she's much better now. We should get out of isolation tonight or tomorrow. Hey, there are worse places to be stuck in than an aft balcony with room service, lol. Glass half full.
  10. No announcement yet. Hoping to start boarding 1pm. They stopped check-in because the terminal is full. So that may delay us.
  11. I just found these. https://www.flickr.com/gp/140860593@N04/F26n20
  12. https://www.silive.com/news/2018/09/cruise_ship_patient_transporte.html
  13. Sick passenger. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/09/05/carnival-cruise-sick-passenger-new-york-harbor/ Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  14. Have you checked your credit card to see if they provide coverage? My Citicard covers up to $1500 for illness.
  15. I carry everything in cases. I've never been even asked about them on a plane or cruise. I take 13 different kinds of pills, 30 pills a day so carrying the bottles would mean another suitcase. I keep my list with the meds (Excel spreadsheet) and tag the package and my CPAP with "Medical Equipment". That way, the CPAP doesn't get counted as my carryon.
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