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  1. Gershep

    The Straw...Not the Same old, Same Old

    Loved your poem.
  2. Gershep

    Shout out to all the curly haired ladies !!!!

    You won't need to pack a hair dryer.
  3. When I was on the Breakaway in a balcony cabin I thought the walls were very thin. I could hear everything next door and out in the hall.
  4. Gershep

    Carry On Luggage Question

    Many people do it
  5. Prices keep going up and they keep taking things away.
  6. Gershep

    Something New CC and I LOVE IT!

    Didn't notice the heart till this post.
  7. Always enjoy your reviews. I can't believe they still have the same lunch menu in the MDR. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  8. Gershep

    What I ate on NCL Getaway 10/14 Eastern Caribbean

    Thank you for posting all these wonderful pictures.
  9. Gershep

    Random Escape Stuff - Not a Full Review

    Thanks for posting!
  10. Gershep

    Swimming with Dolphins....Caribbean Ports

    This year we did the dolphin swim, push and pull in St. Kitts. It was a great experience but I have nothing to compare it to since this was our first time swimming with dolphins. You are not allowed to take your own pictures and the pictures they take are expensive in my opinion.
  11. Gershep

    Crepes Anyone

    Now I am wishing for a crepe. They are so good.
  12. Gershep

    What's the longest cruise you've taken?

    Our longest was 12 days. Kinda spoiled us.
  13. Gershep

    NCL menus Jade MDRs Oct 2018

    Thanks for posting the menus.
  14. Gershep

    Don't Flame Me - Honest Question.

    When we cruised with my brother he tipped his steward at the beginning and never saw him again and room was not that clean. I tipped at the end and we always saw our steward and had great service.