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  1. It works just like a calling card. There will be a paper in your room with calling instructions and a code. Before call goes through a recording tells you how many minutes you have left. It's great to have. I wish they offered this more often.
  2. I prefer booking with an NCL agent over online. Price and perks are the same. Sometimes the NCL agent may have different cabin availability than what is showing online.
  3. Do the solo cabin on the Escape have the live feed virtual window?
  4. Taking the Escape to New England and Canada, (Bar Harbor & Portland, Maine and Halifax & Saint John, Canada. I was wondering while in port do they charge tax on beverages? I'm sure they do in Maine but wasn't sure about Canada. When we arrive back to New York what deck is disembarkation on? I know on the Breakaway it was deck 7 and aft was the quickest. I tried making complementary dinner reservations but the times I wanted were taken. I know I can make them on board. Do they have a dinner reservation set up the day of embarkation like they have on the Gem in the Orchid Garden? What is the best way to make these reservations. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. We always make reservations and if I have to I either cancel or make a time change if available. Sometimes there is a line to get in the complimentary restaurants and with reservations you don't have to wait on line. Just let them know you have a reservation.
  6. Is Bayamo part of the dining perk? Does any one have a recent menu? Thank you!
  7. What ships have Starbucks?
  8. Some people have no class. Don't let it ruin your cruise, enjoy!!
  9. OP, I was searching for the Escape dailies for 2018 sailings to New England/Canada and was unable to find them too. I had hoped someone posted them last year.
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