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  1. I think as more states open up there will be more companies putting restrictions in place.
  2. I start packing weeks before. I have a typed list with boxes to check off as I go along. So far I have never forgotten any thing.
  3. WOW thanks for posting. Such a beautiful place to take a cruise.
  4. We have done both land and cruise trips to Barbados. Beautiful!
  5. I've been getting lots of mailers and emails.
  6. The Gem is my favorite ship but I think there is a lot more for her to do on the larger ships. The Gem does have shuffle board, ping pong and a large chess board but she will need someone to play with her. When you go to Bermuda make sure you go to Fun Golf, miniature golf that is in port. Go around 7/7:30 to watch the sunset plus you get to play in daylight and night when the course lights up. Fun for the whole family.
  7. Social distancing on a cruise ship would be very hard to do. Most people aren't doing it here in NY, I went food shopping and couldn't believe how people are so close to one another. They are supposed to be wearing face masks and they are not following that either. There are those people who still want to do what they want to do.
  8. I don't see cruising out of New York until 2021. If another wave of this virus hits NY it may even be longer than that.
  9. Thanks for posting. I would also like to see disposable menus.
  10. Drinking my Miami Vice and looking out to sea.
  11. MSC, I have heard many good things from family members that have sailed them.
  12. I feel bad for the crew. Now they want to punish them because some one leaked the information.
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