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  1. This is ridiculous. They raise them every year.
  2. You might find a virgin on Virgin but I doubt it... Good one!
  3. I would never pay for a lounge chair but I am sure many would.
  4. She was rude, none of her business why you cancelled.
  5. Cagney's used to always be good but lately I've noticed Cagney's can be hit or miss.
  6. I got the survey too. Maybe they are looking to make some changes, time will tell.
  7. I feel bad for those that were supposed to sail out on the Gem, not a way you want to start your vacation.
  8. I haven't been on here in awhile, where can I find information about NCL liquor price roll back? Thank you!
  9. Great live review and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  10. The osso buco and the tiramisu for dessert.
  11. I agree the Haven prices are ridiculous.
  12. I have a few NCL mugs and they always bring back good memories.
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