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  1. Good news for those that no longer want their FCC.
  2. I'm hoping to book a cruise on the Breakaway to Canada in September also. We took a cruise from NY to Canada on the Escape in September 2019. It was the beginning of September and we had beautiful weather.
  3. No lobster and no shrimp cocktail in MDR.
  4. Usually when they offer these deals they raised the prices to more than cover this offering.
  5. There is no proof that a vaccine is going to be 100% safe or work. So forcing people to take it makes no sense.
  6. Every day I get calls from a different PCC from NCL trying to sell me a cruise. I already have my own PCC but I am not interested in booking a cruise. I wish they would leave me alone
  7. I don't see cruising happening until there is a vaccine and everyone will have to show proof that they were vaccinated before they can cruise.
  8. It's just another way of getting your money now. Very similar to Cruise Next certs.
  9. Prices are going up. I have been watching a cruise and the 15% off for returning cruisers is higher than before.
  10. I would hope that the cruise lines would lower their excursion prices if this is the only way passengers can do excursions.
  11. Great video. I can't wait to cruise again.
  12. If it was my cruise I would cancel and not make final payment.
  13. Thank you for starting this thread. I hope they build larger or more swimming pools.
  14. Once again people not following the rules.
  15. I read that all cruises are suspended thru the end of 2020.
  16. I'm glad you can now see the menu's.
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