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  1. We were one of the "lucky" ones, we didn't get any water or snacks.
  2. According to officers on the ship it was something NEW for NCL Escape WITH US customs. First time for the Escape working with Customs who over sees this. Exactly what my post said.
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned on cc. Just got off the Escape today and before we disembarked they made an announcement that NCL is trying something new with US Customs. It was so easy and so fast. You didn't need to show any photo id. You just step up to a camera and an agent presses a button. Photo is taken and if you are recognized you get a green light. Red light you have to go to another line. No wait at customs.
  4. This is a stab in the back for our loyalty.
  5. Just off the Escape I saw plenty of door decorations all week.
  6. I've been on the larger ships and the smaller ships.I would take the Gem over them all.
  7. Enjoy Canada & New England - very tempted to book a last minute but ... We're just in Boston & Newport, RI last week - great lobster rolls at Flo's Clam Shack (Dawn was tendering in RI on Sunday) and steamed live lobsters (+ creamy clam chowder) at Yankees Lobster Co in Beantown's waterfront ... No Rhode Island or Beantown for us, which we were going.
  8. Looks like Summit is docked. Escape still out to sea. I guess they are taking their time in since the current passengers were told they would be arriving at 2pm or a littler earlier. Imagine all the calls for flights and pickups, people would go crazy if they docked at the original time. I had to find another way in since my original car service was booked for a later time.
  9. No more details, just plenty of calls from NCL saying we can't check in until 4pm with a 10pm departure. Celebrity Summit is coming back from Bermuda behind the Escape and they are also going to New England and Canada tomorrow. They have a 1 hour delay leaving at 5pm instead of 4pm.
  10. Thanks Mking8288 for your tracking and thanks Tutles06 for the Summit update. See you in Portland.
  11. Our check in on the Escape is between 4pm and 7pm. Wondering how they handle muster and if all restaurants will be open. If anyone has experienced a delay I would appreciate a response on how they handle it.
  12. You can book up until a couple of days before.
  13. Curious to know if the Celebrity will be delayed like the Escape. Let us know. Enjoy your trip.
  14. It takes a while but you can do a mock booking and go into every cabin category to see if there are any cabins left. We have sailed on off season and longer cruises and they have always been full. I don't know of any website that would tell you how many cabins are available.
  15. Yes I figured there would be delays because of Dorian.
  16. I just got a text message from NCL stating due to Dorian the Escape 9/8 sailing will be delayed. Check in between 4pm and 7pm and not to arrive before 4pm. Wonder if this is the first of many delays.
  17. I just received a text message from NCL stating that check-in for Escape on 9/8/19 will be delayed. Check-in will begin between 4pm and 7pm and not to arrive no earlier than 4pm.
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