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  1. I requested a cruise planner refund in June before lifting and shifting our cruise (approx. 700€). Still no money, but when I requested a price adjustment due to a price drop on our new cruise last week I got a new booking confirmation showing that the exact amount I requested from the cancelled cruise planner items was added to the amount already paid for our cruise. WTH... I will take a day or two to cool down and then deal with this (I just spent 2 weeks fighting with Lufthansa regarding refunds and I have a very low BS tolerancy right now).
  2. Just a quick update: After unsuccessful phone calls and my email from Friday I received an updated booking confirmation honoring the new price today. Now that was fast!
  3. Dear all, thanks!! I'll keep trying! I sent an email with plenty of screenshots now :-) Let's see how that works out. It's only a 5-day cruise and only 100€, but still.
  4. I called the customer service again and received the information that best price guarantee only means, that I am allowed to keep the old price from the original booking. Really...?
  5. That's unfortunately exactly what I suspected and gathered from comments here on the forum. I guess I'll try again tomorrow via the hotline or send an email with the screenshot of the price drop...
  6. We lifted and shifted our cruise from Nov 2020 to Dec 2021. I just noticed a 100€ price drop and called the hotline for A/CH/D. The very nice lady there explained that yes, the best price guarantee is available for everyone, but the only exception is cruises that have been lifted and shifted. Has anybody else made that experience, mainly in Europe? I can't help the feeling that this is another of those regulations not valid for all RCCL customers... Nowhere on the website does it say that lift and shift excludes customers from the best price guarantee (if I overlooked that, please let me know). Looking forward to your comments.
  7. Did the same, but have been waiting since the beginning of June. No refunds yet (oh, and I usually book in € via the cruise planner, so I expect no problem with conversions from US$).
  8. Sorry to hear that. While Lufthansa treats its customers despicably in regards to cancelled flight refunds (March flight cancelled, still no money), they let us re-book all flights from 2020 to 2021 without rebooking fees (some charges if booking a different class might occur, but that's still better than what the OP describes).
  9. Can confirm that as we crossed the border to Germany on Thursday and returned to Austria yesterday (visiting family, wouldn't have travelled abroad otherwise). While Austria is doing well enough COVID-wise, I was very impressed how diligently people in Munich follow the rules like wearing a mask and keeping 1,5 meters (vs. 1 meter in Austria) distance 🙂
  10. I have to agree with the OP. NEVER does any booking show the kid as free on the Kids sail Free promo. We are based in Europe, so I'm used to our "deals" looking a bit different (meaning the deal being no deal at all). I have also tried booking the same cruise under different promotions over the last 8 months and I always end up with the same total. The only thing that changes is the amount per person. The lowest I've ever seen for our 3 year old is 133€. Even on the Kids sail Free promo.
  11. We lifted and shifted on June 5th. I cancelled everything in the cruise planner before that. Haven't received anything yet... So cancelling before L+S didn't get us our money back faster (at least not yet).
  12. Thank you for explaining. I wonder if that also counts for bookings directly via the Austrian RCI website (not sure if that is strictly speaking the same one as the German one). Well, only one way to find out 😉 I haven't seen an envelope in years either, but then we've mainly been on Celebrity.
  13. I've looked all over the website now, but can't find anything regarding gratuities being included. Do you have a link etc. confirming this? I'd rather not take them off my booking to find they put them back on during the cruise... 🙂
  14. They are still separate on our booking and we decided to prepay them. We originally booked in the middle of November 2019.
  15. The original prize of our booking before we lifted and shifted. Actually, it‘s 6(!) Euros cheaper now, because apparently the gratuities went down 2 Euros per person 😉
  16. Just for informations sake: I got the revised booking confirmation with the corrected prize within 24 hours, which was really fast.
  17. Dear all, THANK YOU so much! I called the RCI number located in Vienna (no 0800 number!) and was connected pretty fast (12 minutes wait) to a very efficient rep, who lifted and shifted me within minutes. He sent me a new booking confirmation right away, warning me that the price would be wrong and would be adjusted within 7-14 days, but he wanted me to have a booking confirmation without delay. Overall this was just about the easiest adjustment I have ever made to any RCI/Celebrity booking. Perfect!!
  18. FionaMG, thank you so much! I'll maybe best call the hotline. I got it from this website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/deu/de/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  19. My experience with Royal and Celebrity is, that usually whatever policy applies to Northern American customers often does not apply to Europeans. We would really like to lift and shift our cruise out of Miami in November, but I'm uncertain if this policy also works for Europeans. I can't seem to find the small print on Lift and Shift, only on Cruise with Confidence. Are there any European cruisers on here, that have changed their cruise under this policy? I'd be very unhappy to cancel all my purchases in the cruise planner only to find out that I can't change my cruise under these conditions anyways. Thanks in advance!! 🙂 EDIT: Please ignore: I just read that you can only lift and shift cruises already cancelled, after going over everything on the website what felt like a hundred times...
  20. Thanks for your report. We have a 3-year old. We used to cruise with Celebrity in the past. Switched to MSC, when our daughter was 1,5 years old and did not enjoy the cruise at all (though they are very family orientated). So we switched back to Celebrity this year. The itinary was quite heavy for a not quite 3-year old, but she loved the ship (Reflection, Baltic Sea, 11 nights) and everybody (staff and guests) was amazing with her. We're doing Royal Caribbean (Explorer) next year, also stopping at Labadee, so your report has already given me some ideas on what to do, bring etc. And thanks for pointing out the pack and play situation. Not what I would have expected…
  21. We were in Concierge Class at the beginning of August and they still had bar soap.
  22. Thank you so much for this review. We returned from this exact cruise only 2 weeks ago and I still miss the ship. We had such a wonderful time! Your review lets me relive it! 🙂
  23. Don't rely on the onboard ATM dispensing Euros. We returned 2 weeks ago and I wanted to get some extra Euros for tipping our waiter in the MDR (I'm a cashless person, so I never carry much money around with me). The ATM for US$ worked just fine, but the ATM for Euros didn't. I was not happy that I had to tip in $, when the ship would be cruising through Europe for another couple of months… I'm sure staff appreciates the local currency more for extra spending money rather than having to exchange it again. So do get your Euros in one of your ports of call and don't rely on the ship's ATM. Also, the ATM operator double charged me, despite me selecting for my bank to convert from $ into Euros (my home currency), which my bank did. I was very disappointed that the ATM would not be better maintained on a European cruise.
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