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  1. We are in the planning stage of booking our first cruise on MSC, and we have just applied for status-matching. When we book the cruise, after receiving the MSC status level, I assume that we just give that information to our TA at that time, as we usually do with our other loyalty cards? My husband seems to also qualify for the military discount, as a disabled US Army Veteran, but we aren't expecting stacking the discounts. Thank you.
  2. We are booked with Old Car Tours for our excursion on the Sun next month. The company was highly recommended, and reviews can be found on TripAdvisor.com. We have reserved at classic Cadillac Fleetwood Convertible for our tour. Hoping that a hurricane doesn't mess up our itinerary.
  3. We are booked on the Sun in September. The arrival time in Havana, according to the itinerary, is 10:00am. We are trying to book a private tour and need to know what time to book it for based on actual arrival time. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you in advance.
  4. roddee

    Converting to cuc money

    How much money did you exchange?
  5. roddee

    NCL Cuba Excursions

    Going on Sun in Sept. Just booked, so totally in the dark about everything. Trying to make decisions about what to do, the certification form, etc. Need so many answers, and that isn't my norm. From your post, however, you don't have to stay ashore the entire day, you can go back to the ship a.nd return to the city? How much time does that (re) process take? Thanks
  6. We are booked on NCL which will visit Havana Cuba on October2, and according to the website cruisetimetables.com, it is the only ship scheduled to be in port on that specific day. So sorry that your visit to Havana was cut short, I am hoping that our visit does not experience any difficulties. I had 2 friends that visited Havana on Carnival early last year, and they had a great time.
  7. roddee

    America's Cup Excursion

    We did this excursion several years ago. It is one of the best excursions we have participated in. You learn a lot, and the race is quite exciting. Good luck.
  8. roddee

    Celebrity Summit Jan 22, Shore excursions

    Join us over at the CC Roll Call to meet some of the rest of us on the same cruise. We would love to chat.
  9. roddee

    beaches in st croix and grenada

    LHartwick, Where did you get the shuttle to Sandcastle on the Beach, and was there a charge? How often do the shuttles run? Thanks
  10. roddee

    What should I do in Grenada next week?

    "don't leave the boat with only US$1 if you want to buy a souvenir as it's a long way back to the boat." Do they not accept US currency or did you mean that we should bring more than just low bills? If we need Grenadine currency, where do you recommend we obtain that? Thanks
  11. I was saddened to see on our local news today, of the devastating mudslides in Madiera. My husband and I just made our first visit to Funchal, Madiera, on Wed , Feb 10 during our cruise on the Norwegian Jade. It is so heartbreaking to see the films of the damage there. Madiera is a beautiful island and the people are so friendly. At the time we were there, they were decorating the city for the annual Carnivale festival, so the town was bustling with activity. We are keeping the people of Madiera in our hearts and prayers as the people attempt to restore the beauty to their beautiful home. Biaria and family, our hearts are with you. Dee
  12. roddee

    Booking excursion via NCL website?

    Yes, when you book an excursion online, it is more like a reservation, and when you get on board and establish your on board account, the charges for the excursions are then posted to your account. If you change your mind on any of the excursions, they must be cancelled 48 hours prior to arriving at the port of that excursion or you will be charged anyway. Have fun.
  13. roddee

    mystery dinner no longer free

    Sumyunguy, It sounds like the mystery dinner you experienced was a lot more organized than ours. I am happy to hear you enjoyed it. It does make me wonder, a bit, why it is more organized now that they are charging for it. IMHO, they didn't need to charge a fee for it to be more fun, just have the people in charge explain more, be available for questions, etc. instead of just telling us to "use the scripts provided and have fun", and then stand around chatting, watching. We were happy with the dinner provided, no drinks were necessary, just some guidance and enthusiasm would have made the experience a lot more fun.
  14. roddee

    mystery dinner no longer free

    We did this on our cruise on the Dawn a year ago. We were looking forward to it, since we had signed up for it on the cruise prior, and it was cancelled for some reason. There was no charge, but it was still not worth the time, let alone the money they are now charging. It was held in the Aqua dining room, which was otherwise filled with other diners, and I am pretty sure the other guests were not pleased with the extra loud noise from the participants. There was no one there to really give instructions, just to use the scripts that were on the table. It was very confusing, especially at our table, since two people didn't show, and one other guest as well as myself had to play 2 parts each. It was hard to keep the line of dialogue going smoothly, as well as keeping the clues organized to be able to solve the mystery. I would not have signed up for this again before they started charging, so I would definitely not do it now. I can see that people not showing up was a problem, having experienced that ourselves, but with still only having 2 crew members there to "lead", but a different menu and a glass of wine now offered, they are not enough to make the experience any better.