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  1. We live in Vancouver and had wanted to go see the ship when docked at Canada Place yesterday, but just couldn’t arrange it. However, was in the area today with one of my sons and checked Marine Traffic to see what ships would be in. We were surprised to see Amundsen in, since the port schedule showed that it was to depart at 20:00 yesterday. We decided we’d go to have a look after lunch, but as we came out of the restaurant, my son pointed out that it was pulling away from Canada Place. We watched as it headed towards the dockyards on the North Shore, rather than out of Port. We we
  2. Congratulations! That’s excellent news! We haven’t heard anything about our bid (JS to GS). Although other categories have shown availability at times, the suites are stubbornly sold out. (We got the last available JS when we booked.) Not expecting success.
  3. I’m so glad to hear this! I contacted several companies, and the responses from Anastasia were always quick (even if it was just to acknowledge that my message had been received and they would reply shortly) and they were most responsive to our requests and interests. (A rep from another company effectively mocked me for asking for a booster seat for one of our children.) They gave me the best impression, *but* they aren’t one of the big companies and there aren’t as many reviews, so I was still a bit apprehensive. The custom itinerary they put together for us, as well as the willingness to an
  4. We will be on the August 11 cruise, and have booked two days’ private tour with Anastasia travel. (They also took care of our ballet tickets, and visas.)
  5. Thank you for this info! I’ll be having surgery in a few months, and my ENT wants me to diligent with the sinus rinses in preparation. I was wondering how I’d manage on the ship next month.
  6. We need someone with a GS or OS to cancel, to start the dominoes!
  7. We haven’t heard anything, either. Have a JS, bid for a GS, so not very likely I’m sure.
  8. This happened to us last year, before our B2B on Voyager. They had done website shenanigans around the time we checked in online, and first my husband’s points disappeared completely. Once he got that fixed, we all got bumped into Diamond. (Following that B2B, we really are Diamond.)
  9. We will be there next month on Brilliance, and have booked through a private company (Anastasia). They have arranged our visas.
  10. So now I’m really puzzled that we didn’t get the confirmation message. Deal on the drink! 🤞
  11. We decided on a whim to place a bid for our August cruise. Should we expect to receive a confirmation email?
  12. Thanks for the confirmation, but harrumph at the kids (introduced by one CD as “future pinnacles”) not getting the perk!
  13. I’ve been surprised by the sleepiness of that roll call. For our cruises out of Oz last year, the roll calls were quiet, but I discovered that there were FB groups that were very active. I haven’t found any alternate chats for our Baltic cruise, though.
  14. Bob, will this be per person or per stateroom? (In other words, with 2 adults and our 2 kids, all of us Diamond, will we get one day each?)
  15. We did B2B on Voyager last year (25 days in total, I think, Sydney-South Pacific-Sydney-Singapore) and I found it uncomfortably warm in many public areas. (Chops especially.) Every other ship I’ve found chilly in public areas, so was very surprised.
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