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  1. Has anyone who's cancelled for a refund gotten their money back yet? We cancelled on 2/28, they called 3/3 to confirm we wanted a refund, and still nothing yet. Just curious as to what others are experiencing.
  2. We were on the NCL Sky in December and I saw a crew member at the buffet physically reach out to block people from passing until they washed their hands. He was the only one who would stop people like that though.
  3. I agree with what you've said here. We called and waited quite a while (it was the night the email went out), finally once reaching someone we said we'd like to cancel and get a refund. The agent sounded surprised and said "well don't you want to hear what we are offering you?" If it was me handling the phone I would have flat out said no, but my girlfriend said "uh sure" even though we had our mind set on a NCL cruise. They didn't offer anything different than in the email. If you read my last post above, they called back a few days later asking if we were sure we wanted a refund and they'
  4. Any word on if Margaritville is still on the Breakaway or if it'll still be there by early May? I've seen conflicting information, including a video from last month that still shows it on the ship but the NCL website doesn't list it. Sailing 5/6/20
  5. We had been booked on a different line for this week which was cancelled (emergency repairs, not virus related). Instead of just taking the money, we booked with NCL in May despite all this going on. I'm not too worried about this virus. I'm taking slightly more precautions than with the regular flu season, but not anything drastic. Just wash your hands often and don't shake hands. The ship crew will be working to keep the ship sanitized and cleaned often, even more so than regularly. I work in the public transit industry we're doing basically that. No changes other than an increased cleanin
  6. It's a little funny you're going between these two. We did the Sky in December and are going on the Breakaway in May (so I can't comment on that ship yet). We weren't 100% thrilled with the Sky, but it wasn't bad. And you've said you've sailed on her before so you already know and don't need a review. Based on what you've said in your post, I would choose the Sky for the ship and itinerary. If you're looking at cruising for the Haven, then obviously you'd have no choice between those two. But with that said, only $1,000 more for The Haven, I'd go there and take an itinerary I'm not too fond
  7. Glad I found this thread. Definitely looking into it and might try it for our cruise in May.
  8. So the new terminal is open which means they're not sharing half of C?
  9. Short update. Even though we called on Friday to cancel and get our money back, they didn't put the request through, and they called today asking if we really were sure about cancelling and offered to give us even more perks than what was offered in the original email. For those that weren't booked and didn't get the email, they were offering: All perks that we had originally booked (half priced 2nd guest, 5 free drinks, and something else) Upgrade cabin 50% a future cruise
  10. After seeing this thread a few months ago, prior to my last cruise, I've decided to start a "fleet" collection. So on the last cruise I bought a model, which was the NCL Sky and on my next cruise, NCL Breakaway, I plan on buying a model of that ship as well. I'll just need to find Disney Dream & Carnival Dream models since I've been on those previously.
  11. Are you sailing on Disney Cruise Line? If so, they offer bus transportation from the ship to resort.
  12. We were booked on the Classica for next week (3/12-3/14) and got that email last Friday. We ended up cancelling for a full refund and booking with NCL for May. Between the money already spent on this cruise plus two $100 credits from NCL, we only had to spend about $200 more. So instead of next week, we'll be on the NCL Breakaway May 6-10.
  13. Both for me. I've sailed on the Disney Dream (2,500pax), Carnival Dream (3,600pax), Bahamas Paradise Grand Classica (1,600 pax), and most recently the NCL Sky (1,900pax). Our next cruise is aboard the NCL Breakaway (3,900pax). I enjoy aspects of both the smaller ships - less crowds, more intimate experience, etc. and generally a more relaxing vacation; While I also enjoy the larger crowds (more people watching), larger venues, more to do, and a busier vacation. It all depends on what we're looking for on a particular trip.
  14. We sailed on the NCL Sky back in December. Everything, except for where to drop off luggage, was super smooth. We arrived in the port area at around 9:45. Parked in the garage, walked to Terminal C, couldn't find the drop off area for bags and the workers had bad english and didn't explain it well. There were also several others lost like us. After finding the luggage area, we went right in, no lines at security, straight to the check in counter, again no line. We were given Group 1 to board and were seated in the terminal by 10:00. Boarding began around 11:30 and were among the
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