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  1. There are two answers to this post that are relevant. 1) in the short term YES, food will be served by the staff. 2) We have a terrible long term memory. It will only last a few months. It like passing a horrible accident on the highway. As you approach we slow down, have a look and for the 1st mile or so we are holding the wheel at 10 & 2. But once the flashing emergency vehicle lights are no longer in the rear view mirror. Its back to one hand on the wheel and the other changing the radio. We forget quickly about danger.
  2. Politics akin to office politics, not referring to govt. To address the RNA I purposely omitted that. It has nothing to do with a virus being inert , but more about public perception of said narrative. What will people think. I am not adding any additional oil to an existing fire. This is basically an open forum to discuss a simple topic. Sorry if you feel that way. Never was my intention. We are all equally connected in this.
  3. Just a few short months ago, you would board a cruise and hope the Norovirus wasn’t a fellow passenger. Fast forward and now, any of us would easily trade Covid for Noro. My how things can change so quickly. Now the cruise lines have to scramble to get us cruising again once things calm down, and this freaking virus is quashed (hopefully). Until then the political game is now in play. When is it safe, how will the lines deal with sanitation going forward? They just found on Tuesday on a Princess ship that after 20 day the virus is still showing up on hard surfaces on that s
  4. It never fails to amaze me that if you dont agree with the OP in most threads they narcissistically fight with anyone who dares to disagree or provide opposing fact. crazy stuff🤪
  5. To the OP you obviously have a kind heart. But unfortunately this an add revenue generated site. And, that would be free advertising. Essentially rendering the site useless to Tripadvisor and that wont happen. God Bless and stay well🤗
  6. WOW, ARE YOU PSYCHIC? I just posted that a minute ago. thanks a bunch...
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the menu from playmakers they can upload. thank you
  8. Its not the cruise you need to worry about. All those thousands of people in the air port. Or in flight breathing that TOXIC recirculated air for hours on end. That where those virus hide. And the CDC is not really sure how long a COVID virus can live on hard surfaces. So basically, you may be exposed to it already. However, it Covid can incubate for up to 16 days before symptoms come out. Enjoy...
  9. He is obviously an alcoholic. Rather than posting this irrelevant thread. AS A FAMILY turn your efforts to helping him rather than airing your dirty laundry. According to what you are saying, you and your family pretty much enabled him. Send the guy to rehab, CC cant help him.
  10. Kalahari only charges for the water park if you are NOT staying at the resort. Otherwise, every room accommodates 4 guests how all get unlimited entry into the waterpark. The only charge the fee to discourage people from not staying over. We get deals all the time for Kalahari the 4 of us get the room, access to the park including the day you check out, for about $225-250.
  11. Nope, title not overkill. Learned that technique from watching the 💩 news. They bait you in the headline... the. Talk about other crap. Works for them. Now it works for me. Its Genius.
  12. Does anyone else think the admission prices for the PD@COCOKAY IS OUTRAGEOUSLY OVERPRICED FOR THE WATER SLIDES AND OTHER AREAS. $130 pp for slides : really...
  13. What is a “web” ticket?. Sounds like you purchased basic economy ticket. With that fare code. There are NO CHANGES ALLOWED. You ultimately have to repurchase new tickets like you posted. Im failing to understand your issue. Kindly elaborate.
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