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  1. I believe the OP may be talking about the 95-5% vaccinated passenger ratio. And confusing that with amount of passengers on board..
  2. Anything is possible if people are willing to shell out the $$$. Please dont get me wrong. I hope you do not think I feel entitled, I certainly do not. It was just nice to have felt more appreciated, special and pampered in the past. Since you have been cruising longer then I have. It would be fun to know about some of the things you may have liked having prior to the 90’s. As I have no point of reference before then. Regards.
  3. In general do inside cabins stay cooler then outside cabins? I love a freezing cold room. Anyone who’s been on Horizon please comment, it would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks, i will take your advice. Evening service it is. 🤗😎
  5. Now that Carnival is doing once a day housekeeping, does that mean nightly turndown service is gone too?
  6. The food is so expensive. They had to make cuts here. I for one anticipated this. However, I would rather have less selections of higher quality then a larger menu of lesser… Hopefully they take advantage and step up the overall dining experience. Less, is sometimes more…
  7. Yup, I agree with you. That was always fun to get a sample of the local flavor.
  8. How do they verify the validity of the vax card? Its just 1 or 2 stickers about the dose you received on a piece of paper
  9. John Heald did post to his blog about the Horizon sailing at 75% pax. The count was 2900.
  10. Any suggestions for filling in the day in Miami after we get off our ship. We have a 10pm flight home. Do hotels offer day room rates. Just want to relax maybe by a pool or beach and have a place to relax freshen up before a long flight home.
  11. Want to reserve a few specialty dining’s for our cruise. For some, Reason Carnival help desk cant explain only why JI JI & Steakhouse . Does that sound correct?
  12. Today i opened my Hub app to purchase the drink package for our Aug cruise. I notice that it now tells me to “Get set up for my cruise” Check in button is there. I click it. it only takes me to my cruise planner on the Carnival site. Am i missing a step here??? Or, is it a glitch?
  13. Well done audcc77. It is a CAS rate. I will try to see if they can accommodate. Hopefully they will.
  14. We are book and paid in full for our Horizon cruise in late August. Now i see the PLT rate. We could get a two balcony cabins and save $375 per cabin ( we currently have inside). Even with prepaying the gratuity with the cruise fare. Do you think Carnival will allow this change or stick to the change policy after final payment?
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