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  1. We are making our second trip on the Norwegian Pride of America in February. On our first trip we had booked a post-cruise excursion tour of Pearl Harbor which was cancelled at the last minute leaving us very disappointed. Well, the stars have aligned and we're going back, but this time, we're arriving a day early and want to book our own Pearl Harbor tour independent of the cruise. We would like an all day tour which would include the Arizona Memorial with plenty of time in the museums, and especially on the USS Missouri. If you've done this please let me know who you'd recommend. I know you can just walk up and purchase tickets without a tour, but I don't want the disappointment of it being sold out on the day we're there, so figured a tour was our best option. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have to respectfully disagree with the food comments. I thought it was great, but then we tend to not be very picky people and if we see something we don't like, we politely tell someone. We only ate in the main dining room two nights on POA and we actually preferred to eat in the buffett all the other nights. Found the selection to be more diverse, not as crowded and tasted just as good. One night was even luau themed and they had roast pig, and several other quasi Hawaiian dishes. Even poi if I recall correctly. I highly recommend on Maui renting a car on your first day and doing your own tour, so you don't worry about getting back late. Rent your car from the Maui airport is the easiest and if you make it directly with the car company, they will send a van to pick you up directly at the port otherwise you have to walk out to the street and get an uber at the strip mall across the street. Download one of the tour apps from (I think) Shaka that uses GPS to give you a narrated turn by turn tour along popular routes such as up to the summit of Haleakala or the Hana highway. It even has Hawaiian music in between stops and has suggested stopping points for things like "last gas before the national park" or shopping recommendations in little mom and pop stores. In Maui we also did the Molokini crater snorkling excursion which although there was alot of people, was still fun. They give you plenty of time and if you wait a few minutes to get in the water, the crowd thins out quickly. We liked it so much we're planning on going back next winter with my brother and his wife.
  3. I agree that the longer the cruise, the older the demographics. We did a 4 day "booze cruise" to Mexico over Columbus day weekend on Carnival and it was jam packed with families. (Never again, but hey, it was cheap.) Our longest was a 2 week southern Carribean and it was exactly as you described, down to chatting with a young couple from the UK about the age of the crowd. I don't think there is any way around the age of the crowd on longer cruises, but we have found a couple of ways to cope with that paradigm. First when selecting excursions, stay away from ones which have a low energy level (i.e., ones which are a 1 or 2 on a 1-3 scale). You won't see too many seniors doing zip lining or hiking up a volcano. Second, select your dining times to be a little later in the evening. Pardon the generalization, but us seniors tend to eat much earlier than young whipper snappers. Hope that helps.
  4. There really isn't a lot near the cruise ship terminal. There are a couple of nice shops not too far away and there is a tram which runs between the terminal and the nearby shopping areas. You could walk it, but the tram is more convenient. On the second day we took a quick tour of the island that was run by the same people who run the tram. I don't remember the price, but it is relatively cheap. They take you to a nearby state park and a few other attractions. Although I am generally not a fan of taking non-ship excursions, this tour seemed to be reliable and got us back to the ship in plenty of time. The tram is run by the locals and they are very friendly and helpful.
  5. We are traveling in June as well, but when we asked the booking agent about flights we were told, and I am not exaggerating one bit, we would do better to book to independently because their prices were too high. Sort of flabbergasted but we took his advice. Paying $900-$1,000 RT from Chicago. How does that add up to others? Just curious.
  6. We are planning on the Western Med. cruise out of Barcelona on June 2, 2019 and would like to arrive 2-3 days early to enjoy Barcelona. Some hotel recommendations would be appreciated. Here's a little about us. We are in our early 60's, and are traveling with another couple in their late 70's. We get out and go quite a bit, aren't too fussy about our accommodations as long as they are clean and not too cramped. Is proximity to the cruise port an issue? Not familiar with Barcelona so don't know. We like to get out and go on our own, but would probably be willing to take a city tour on our first day to get oriented. We would definitely want to take in the Sagrada Familia, but might be nice to see other museums or historical points of interest. Thanks in advance for advice. Allen
  7. As part of our Hawaii cruise we booked an early bird tour to Pearl Harbor that included a drop off at the Honolulu airport. A few days before we departed we got a notice that our tour was cancelled so we figured we'd make other arrangements once we got on board. On board we were told that our excursion was not cancelled but overbooked so we got bumped even though we made the reservations months ago. They then told us they had no other options to get us to the airport and we were on our own. While we can get a taxi to the airport with no problem (it's not that far), we really wanted to see Pearl Harbor but can't do that with luggage. IMHO that's pretty shoddy service by NCL. This incident is typical of lots of little things we experienced on board so I don't think we'll be repeat NCL customers So bottom line does anyone have any suggestions for Pearl Harbor tours that will also handle a luggage transfer to the airport? TIA Allen
  8. We received an email from NCL today that the POA port calls in Hilo are being cancelled from June 2 to July 28 and being replaced with a sea day. Actually, that turns out to be OK with us since it comes after two full days in Maui and we can probably use a day to heal and relax before hitting the next stop.
  9. We are scheduled to depart on the POA for our cruise on 6/9 and just printed out our cruise docs. Reading in the fine print they say absolutely no carry on water or soda is allowed except for medical necessities like infant formula or medical devices. They also say you can't bring on any water or soda of any kind at ports. Supposedly this has been their policy since 2016. This is by far the most restrictive water/beverage policy on any of the cruise lines we've seen. So my question is: Is this policy enforced or is it a wink and a nod to discourage people who want to avoid the beverage charges. Is this is the case, it will probably be my first and last cruise on Norwegian unless they really make up for it in other areas. Thanks. Allen
  10. We're scheduled to embark on the POA on 6/9 as part of our 40th anniversary celebration. Because Pele won't tell us her plans in advance, I'm curious how Norwegian has handled last minute changes to excursions. We're scheduled to zipline in Volcano National Park, so I know that excursion is up in the air but what have they done on the alternate day stops in Maui? Are they able to provide excursions on short notice or are you on your own? Thanks in advance. Allen
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