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  1. thanks for the replies, we'll be coming from the UK so we'll be used to cold weather in january! just wasn't sure if there would be enough inside space/activities to keep us occupied for the first couple of sea days.
  2. Looking at 11 night southern caribbean on Anthem in January. We've not done this class of ship before and the itinerary looks great. I'm aware that Anthem has lots on indoor entertainment etc but can someone tell me what it's like sailing in January from New York? Obviously it will be cold so i'm guessing the indoor pool is popular? Was it super crowded in all the inside entertainment venues like seaplex etc? Also i'm assuming the first few sea days will be rough, do you feel alot of movement? fortunately we've never cruised in bad weather so have no idea what that's like on a ship that large. Any thoughts on Anthem in the winter months much appreciated!
  3. Hi all, Anybody had a balcony deck 7 aft on vista? Any noise issues or vibration? Thanks
  4. We've had two brilliant ones on vista - Matt mitchem and breeze Schwartz and one fairly dull on magic Simon london and a terrible one on spirit Chloe loddo
  5. We've cruised many times mainly on Royal carribbean, norweigan and carnival. We ended up becoming loyal to carnival after our first cruise with them a few years ago. We loved the 'fun' vibe, the interaction with crew and friendly activity staff. Unfortunately our past two carnival cruise's has shown us how much effect on the fun a poor CD/fun squad can have! The past two cruises the entertainment staff and mainly the CD where terrible! Hardly saw the CD around the ship, CD's never taking time to talk to anyone, almost just going through the motions to do what they must, no personality or interest in the guests, and, at times were pretty much rude!. Until recently we never really thought to check who the CD would be before booking a cruise, but in future we will do! Does anybody book a particular ship/itinerary based on who is the CD?
  6. anyone had any cabins near the back of the imax? wondering if you hear any noise from the cinema? thanks
  7. Looking ahead to plan a big trip for November 2021. Wanted to get a Havana balcony for cruise ex Galveston. There are literally no Havana balconies available, seems strange so far ahead, are they likely to become available? Not looking for aft view or premium vista just regular balcony in the Havana area..
  8. Hi first cruise out of australia for us. Numerous cruises on carnival from USA and we usually prebook bottled water for our room. It seems we are unable to do this for Australia, can only prebook wine and beer by calling the carnival number. I can't seem to find out if we can carry on bottled water when we board? Has anybody done that? thanks
  9. Wasn't Cunard! RCCL 😲 cruised in Carribbean and med with RCCL - was a VERY different crowd from Southampton cruise !!
  10. We sailed out of Southampton earlier this year wasn't on P&O but after 10 cruises we've never experienced a crowd like it! Drunk, throwing up on the deck, shouting, pushing and shoving, it really put us off sailing from the UK again!
  11. We are at grand Turk in September and would like to do governors beach, if we get a taxi from the cruise terminal how do we get back?
  12. Thanks hadn’t thought of that! Usually we book direct with carnival USA but it was a package deal with a TA which seems to of caused us nothing but problems! Won’t be doing it again.
  13. Thanks for advising, turns out reason we don't have a boarding time is something to do with booking through carnival UK, which seems ridiculous but they are trying to sort it out for us!
  14. Hi all Have completed check-in for magic cruise in September. On the boarding pass where it says 'boarding time' it's blank? Usually we get a time slot in there but there is nothing? Anybody know why? Thanks
  15. Just got back from will be our last RCCL cruise. We only started cruising 5 years ago and tried NCL, RCCL and being from UK had not tried carnival until the launch of vista in Europe. We loved it, since then have done breeze and set to do magic this September and spirit in Australia. We've just returned from RCCL cruise and it just didn't compare interms of service and staff interraction amongst other things, we only saw and heard the CD once! So from now on we Carnival forever!! 😁
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