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  1. Hi all Haven't seen any Jewell from Cyprus reviews yet, anyone been?
  2. Hi been trying to find something on youtube or follow a blog about the regal princess cruises out of Southampton. Anybody got any links to anyone filming or blogging about it?
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone, we will hold on until just before balance is due and hope things have improved by then, only got 10 weeks until balance is due, keeping our fingers crossed! On the news here in UK people are being refused boarding flights by US immigration at the London Heathrow when they arrive to check in - if you're not US passport holder or have some sort of exemption to travel from the UK - US you're not even getting on the plane!
  4. Unfortunately the presidential proclamation still stands.... no entry from the UK unless you're a US resident or passport holder, I honestly thought this would of lifted by now!
  5. Hi all we have Mardi Gras booked for january but we are UK residents. We are both vaccinated but currently we understand that the USA is not allowing non US passport holders into the country due to covid. Our balance is due in October. What are the chances of getting carnival to either delay balance payment or, if we pay the balance and can't enter the country carnival would transfer the amount paid to our other cruise we have on freedom in october 2022? I've tried to call but hanging on too long, costing a fortune! thanks!
  6. Hi Desperate to get away on a cruise we are looking at Anthem out of southampton. My understanding is that we are restricted to cruise line only excursions, before we book we're tying to find what the excursions are, the website is rubbish and we can't seem to find anything. Can anyone advise what excursions are on this cruise?
  7. We've been keep a close eye on the rhapsody cruises from ravenna this summer, was hoping we might be able to do one of these cruises in september, went on the website today and they've all vanished! has anybody booked these cruises?
  8. Hi all we've only just moved our cruise to one stopping in bahamas in January. We tried to book Atlantis day pass but it just keeps coming up with 'nothing available' could it be we're too late to get a pass? how far in advance can you usually book a day pass? I've tried to email them but getting no response. Atlantis/aquaventure does not appear as an option on my cruise line excursions either. thanks.
  9. Hi all, Looking for something to do post cruise port Canaveral before flight home from Orlando in the evening. We've done the space center before, anyone have any other things to do in the area? Thanks
  10. Hi all looking at brilliance for 4 night sailinbg in december. Usually always go for balcony but because it's a short sailing we're thinking about an ocean view on deck 3.Anybody have any experience of these cabins? any noise issues? plenty of midship cabins available but never been on a deck that low before and I'm a light sleeper. Looking at deck plan we can seem to pick something that has nothing above or below other than other cabins. Interested to hear anyone's experiences! thanks.
  11. hi all wondering if anyone has stayed on deck 9 cabins that are below the pool deck? I know there is one deck between 9 and the pool but i've never stayed on a ship under the pool area because I worry you would hear them moving chairs/lounders around and cleaning in the mornings. Unfortunately there are not many cabins available located anywhere else on deck 9 to book or we'd obviously just move further forward or aft. Can anyone tell me if they've heard much noise from the pool in their cabin? Many thanks.
  12. Seeing that Disney magic will be doing 2/3/7 night staycations from the UK this summer we were thinking of giving our first Disney Cruise a try. My nephews who would come on the cruise are 11 and 8, are they a good age for a Disney cruise or a bit too old? The other option is Royal Carribbean Anthem, we've done RCC before without kids and there seems to be plenty for the kids to do but we can't decided what would be better for our nephews. Any thoughts? thanks!
  13. this seems like an odd thing to do. The cruises are for UK people only who can prove they have a vaccination, so why are they restricting shore excursions to only UK ports? sounds bizarre.
  14. I hear that Limassol Cyprus has been tagged 'moscow on the med' - could be a very different royal Caribbean cruise if it's all Russians?.... I'm afraid that puts me right off which is a shame as Cyprus is lovely and the ports are ideal but having accidentally been holiday to a med resort once that was full of Russians I won't do it again. I'm sure there are some nice lovely Russian people but we found them to be rude to anyone not Russian, including local people and staff, obnoxious and generally pretty horrible!
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