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  1. Hi All, Anybody think of a reason why when searching on princess website USA version for Alaska May 2021 cruises come up on both Majestic and Royal princess but when you go to the UK website these ships are both missing and only emerald and grand princess are bookable? Anybody think of a reason for this? We're happy to book in USD and would prefer to sail on royal or majestic princess but seems very odd I can't book them in the UK?
  2. thanks for the information, pretty much confirmed what we were thinking! I reckon we will probably go with Princess.
  3. Looking at both ships for Alaska. Never been to Alaska before or on a Princess cruise. We've done Royal Carribbean in the carribbean and wanted to do a 'quantum' class but not sure if the ship is just too big to do the activities onboard and if to be honest, because of the itinerary/type of cruise this will be not sure we're gonna be onboard enough anyway! It kinda appears from my research that royal don't seem to adapt their onboard schedule for the location, the same as it would be in the carribbean? i.e not 'Alaska' related activities/talks/trivia etc etc Princess - Looked up th
  4. Hi Looking at princess in the Mediterranean next summer, will be 3 adults and two kids ages 9 & 11. We've never been on princess before and I e never sailed with kids either! - these are my nephew's.... Are princess good for kids i.e plenty to keep them occupied? We've been on royal Caribbean in the Mediterranean and there always looks like lots of kids having a great time but we want to try princess. Any thoughts please?!. Thanks!
  5. We really want to do one of the Coral Princess cruises to South America, starting in Peru, Argentina, Falklands and ending up in Brazil. We've previously done RCI, NCL and Carnival, mainly carribbean and europe and never Princess. We've seen many Princess ships in port and it always seems like a much older demographic? We are late 30's early 40's and wondering if the general demographic will be much much older then us and worried that on sea days there won't be much activities, my husband dosn't really do sitting around doing nothing, he loves the trivia on carnival etc and daytime entertainme
  6. unfortunately due to our location having to fly from UK to pick up our cruises in the sates i doubt we will be doing that until things change. It will just become too risky with cost to travel all that way, provide a test from 5 days/24 hrs before and potentially get refused travel. That would mean we've paid lots of money out and potentially could be stuck in the states with no holiday and no way home...... too risky i'm afraid!.
  7. i have no issue getting test before a cruise, only issue for us is that we are in the UK and will not spend money on flights and cruise to find out we test positive 5 days before and then i'm guessing we wont get our money back and could be potentially stuck in the USA with nowhere to go for a week! we usually cruise out of florida but travel out one week prior to the crusie to either visit another part of the US or spend a week in say orlando..... I can't realisticly see people who are travelling from overseas to join a cruise still doing that and potentially risking not getting onboard.
  8. Absolutely! Money to be made for sure, let's hope it arrives soon so we can all start to travel again
  9. Good point. We're in the UK and I'm guessing the vaccine we will get (eventually) could be different in that it's produced by another organisation that's not in the USA also tested differently etc etc I'm seriously starting to think it could be many years before we get to visit the USA that we love!
  10. interested to see how this plays out - we are planning cruise 2021, harmony or oasis out of florida, we're in the UK so we are expecting a requirement to enter the USA with vaccination certification or something similar when flights from the UK - US resume, eventually. If we don't require vaccination to even just enter the US then we'd probably get one anyway in the UK as most will do when it becomes available. I personally would be happy to know that a Covid-19 proof of vaccination is required for cruising when it resumes.
  11. Does anyone know when we can book for May 2022? Thanks
  12. We are huge cruise fans, part of the what we love is the atmosphere, meeting new people etc I'm not sure how the events that are held on the cruises we have been on could take place at all under social distancing etc deck parties, trivia, shows, it will just be really strange and I'd imagine not much fun, as for returning to ships from port, if everyone again has to go through extra health checks before getting back on board I imagine this will hugely reduce time spent in port, it would very much become a holiday that we will sadly not be doing. We are watching with anticipation exactly what c
  13. thanks for the replies, we'll be coming from the UK so we'll be used to cold weather in january! just wasn't sure if there would be enough inside space/activities to keep us occupied for the first couple of sea days.
  14. Looking at 11 night southern caribbean on Anthem in January. We've not done this class of ship before and the itinerary looks great. I'm aware that Anthem has lots on indoor entertainment etc but can someone tell me what it's like sailing in January from New York? Obviously it will be cold so i'm guessing the indoor pool is popular? Was it super crowded in all the inside entertainment venues like seaplex etc? Also i'm assuming the first few sea days will be rough, do you feel alot of movement? fortunately we've never cruised in bad weather so have no idea what that's like on a ship that
  15. Hi all, Anybody had a balcony deck 7 aft on vista? Any noise issues or vibration? Thanks
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