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  1. Wasn't Cunard! RCCL 😲 cruised in Carribbean and med with RCCL - was a VERY different crowd from Southampton cruise !!
  2. We sailed out of Southampton earlier this year wasn't on P&O but after 10 cruises we've never experienced a crowd like it! Drunk, throwing up on the deck, shouting, pushing and shoving, it really put us off sailing from the UK again!
  3. We are at grand Turk in September and would like to do governors beach, if we get a taxi from the cruise terminal how do we get back?
  4. Thanks hadn’t thought of that! Usually we book direct with carnival USA but it was a package deal with a TA which seems to of caused us nothing but problems! Won’t be doing it again.
  5. Thanks for advising, turns out reason we don't have a boarding time is something to do with booking through carnival UK, which seems ridiculous but they are trying to sort it out for us!
  6. Hi all Have completed check-in for magic cruise in September. On the boarding pass where it says 'boarding time' it's blank? Usually we get a time slot in there but there is nothing? Anybody know why? Thanks
  7. Just got back from will be our last RCCL cruise. We only started cruising 5 years ago and tried NCL, RCCL and being from UK had not tried carnival until the launch of vista in Europe. We loved it, since then have done breeze and set to do magic this September and spirit in Australia. We've just returned from RCCL cruise and it just didn't compare interms of service and staff interraction amongst other things, we only saw and heard the CD once! So from now on we Carnival forever!! 😁
  8. Hi all We are due to sail on Saturday, we have two cabins booked (4 adults). Our friends mother is seriously ill in hospital (gone in yesterday) and it's unlikely she will survive into next week. As you can appreciate my friend cannot potential travel in Saturday but won't decide this until Friday. I have just spoken to royal Caribbean as my friend suggested that If we have other friends who can take the cabin and just pay name change she's happy with that, this apparently is not ok with Royal Carribbean, then say that it's 100% cancel and rebook if both people in the cabin don't travel, apparently you can only cancel one passenger in a room?! How ridiculous! Her husband is not going to go without her! FUMING they just want to resell the cabin and make twice the profit!! Disgusting Royal Caribbean.
  9. With you on that one 👍 horrendous!!! It's just too British for us!
  10. Other thing that puts us off is 'dress codes' I can't bare being told what to wear on holiday! I know they now have flexible dining which is good but their website telling you what to wear pretty much sums it up for us! Never felt like that on Royal...
  11. That's odd, my mum has been on both Britannia and azura, so perhaps it depends on itineraries and time of year? Besides age bracket it's too formal for us!
  12. Your assumption is correct, I used to work for them and live not far from Southampton, my mum sails on P&O and often comments on how old everyone is - and she's 73!!!
  13. Tbh we probably won't go for p&o the demographic is just not for us, much older crowd (no offence!) My mum is 74 and goes on p&o cruises from Southampton and she always says she feels 'young' and that the number mobility scooters outweighs the number of people without a mobility scooter 😲 plus p&o is just to formal for us, we live my time dining and not feeling like we have to dress for dinner like they do on p&o... I guess it's back to NCL or trying MSC then! We had friends recently go on marella (formerly TUI) and they had a great time, they've basically bought old RCL ships and refit them, lots of nice Mediterranean itineraries including drinks and flights for circa £800-1000 pp. Might be worth a look?
  14. I think this is absolutely shocking behaviour, the anthem sailings are so expensive and the itineraries are rubbish, nothing like the indy itineraries! Wow that makes me nervous booking UK sailings with them in future ☹️ so sorry for anyone who's had their plans ruined
  15. So am I understanding that the only ship based out Southampton next year is anthem 😒
  16. Was literally going to book indy for next summer, gutted! The anthem schedule is not only rubbish but mostly booked up anyway, just another cruise line snub to the UK.
  17. Hi on magic in September and want to email to reserve a table for dinner, anybody got the correct email address? Keep searching and it says I can book via my online planner but because we are booked via carnival UK this is not possible. Thanks
  18. Hi we are on the 3 nighter from Southampton end of the may and I’ve checked the onboard planner relentlessly and the escape room has never come available to prebook, has anybody booked the escape room for this cruise?
  19. Hi all anybody have copies of carnival spirit funtimes? thanks
  20. Hi does anybody have spirit funtimes?
  21. Hi we arein Zeebrugge on royal Carribean end of May. We’re looking st booking transfer from portto Bruges and have see ‘cruise express’ which looks good, they run bus shuttle for 20 Euro return. I’ve read various co flirting reviews some saying when you book online you then get to port and have to get in a huge line to exchange online voucher for a ticket, but we are not sure if this is applicable to this service or another we have found sold via viator? Can anyone tell us how the cruise express works, we don’t really want to get off the ship and get in a huge line with thousands of other passengers but the cruise ship excursion is twice the price and only 4 hours where the cruise express goes back and forth all day.
  22. Does anyone have copies of celebration entertainment and activities? Or idea of what activities are on during the day and evening? thanks
  23. Hi all posting on behalf of my mum and her friend who are sailing celebration next winter in the Carribean. They’ve done a few cruises before and are trying to find some copies of the celebration daily’s (if they have them) or an idea on activities. They love trivia, line dancing and anything that’s fun really! Any information would be helpful! thanks
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