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  1. We were on escape a while back in 2018, howl at the moon was really good, are they still doing NCL ships? Can't seem to see any reference to them on recent dailies. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Doing princess cruise next July. After much research we think we have whale spotting sorted in Juneau, where best should we try our luck to see some bears? Can't seem to see many bear specific tours. Thanks
  3. Interested to hear why it wasn't good? Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone for the information, we decided to go with sapphire
  5. Anyone have any thoughts on royal princess for Alaska? We just realised it's another option. Like the idea of a slightly newer ship after recent bad experiences on ships circa 15/20 years old!
  6. Hi Looking at post cruise tour with princess. Trying to find out how long train journey is from Whittier to McKinley and also onward to Denali? Thanks
  7. How long is the train journey from Whittier to the McKinley lodge? Looking at the post cruise tour. And how long is the journey from McKinley lodge to the Denali lodge? Thanks!
  8. If you had to pick, which ship and why?, leaning towards coral due to promenade deck which is obviously good to view scenery! Thanks
  9. Hi all, just booked suite on sky and interestingly the agent suggested that the sanctuary may change to being included for suite guests? Anybody else Heard about that? She couldn't say when that may be happening.
  10. Interested in hearing from anyone who's had an aft penthouse on sky, especially in rough seas! Was the movement really bad? Considering one of these cabins but worried about ship movement - we sail in January Carribbean... thanks
  11. First time on sky princess, just wondering which of the three main dining rooms people prefer (if any). I know they all serve the same food but is the decor/layout the same? Thanks
  12. Any guesses when this will open for sale? Currently up to March 2025 available..
  13. I see on the website cruises are up to April 2024 - when do princess usually release cruises departing from may 2024 for carribean? thanks
  14. Hi All We are on Anthem Fjords in May. On many compass dailies it mentions 'Gerainger Sailaway' - 6-8pm. I understand sailing in and/or out of Gerainger is not to be missed but can anyone tell me if it actually takes until 8pm to sailaway out the fjord? reason i ask is that we're trying to make dinner reservations and obviously don't want to make them if we need to be able to see sailaway until 8pm? Has anyone done this sailaway and can advise please?
  15. Seems weird, we've never done northern Europe on a cruise before so not used to seeing no excursions! Usually every cruise we've done the excursions are immediately on sale
  16. When will we see shore excursions available for our fjords cruise in may? so far there is nothing at all.
  17. I've been reading various groups that there is no longer Captain Morgans Spiced Rum on the ships, is that true? do they have an alternative spiced rum? My husband only drinks spiced rum and coke, he's not going to be impressed if there's none on the ship!
  18. Hi all interested in knowing people's experience at the water park in coco cay when an oasis class ship is docked? how were the lines? how's it been since capacity has returned to normal? wondering whether or not to get the water park pass for upcoming syphony cruise but don't really want to be in lines for hours and hours! what was your average wait in line? thanks in advance.
  19. that's what we thought, no wonder 5.15 is only time left, most people would not eat at that time.... i don't think i've eaten at that time since i was about 6 yrs old! - seems so early!, i couldn't eat at that time. Bizarre!
  20. thanks for the comments. As i said, our friends booked after us, hence no MTD available. We will go speak to the them on boarding day and see if they can switch. If not we'll just catch up with them after dinner.
  21. Our friends have just booked on Anthem to join us for Fjords cruise. They have only been able to get assigned dining for 5.15 but we are MTD - we never do assigned as don't like to have to eat at the same time every night. Has anyone had a group split like this? if one or two nights they were to come to MTD with us would they be turned away? there's only 4 of us in total so not a huge group - just wondering if anyone has experienced this before? Royal have advised they speak to guest services when they board to see if they can switch. If the answer is a firm 'no' does that really mean we can't eat together for the whole cruise?! seems a bit ridiculous!
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