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  1. We arrived today. Easy boarding if you have all the documentation. Requested fever tree in our suite and it’s there. Not sure about other bars on the ship but so far everything had been brilliant.
  2. I’m in a Celebrity Suite. The concierge contacted me this week. I’ve also asked for Fever Tree tonic to be put in the fridge. She’s confirmed they will be!!!
  3. When we’ve parked at the port the car park has been right next to the ship. We’ve parked up and left our suitcases behind the car where they have been collected and taken on board. There are plenty of port personnel about to help. Lock your car and take your keys with you and head off into the terminal!
  4. It’s in Dartford at a travel agent. We’re booked there on Wednesday 14th.
  5. These companies doing PCR tests are a money making racket but we’ve no choice. I recently went to the Champions League final and had to have a PCR test. The company Dam Health has taken up vacant shops across the UK and they look like the staff could pack up in 15 minutes and do a runner. The staff are young and the tests expensive BUT results were received on time so I’m hoping Eurofins can do the same. Making however mega bucks at the same time. We’ve booked with them at a travel agents and are hoping their guarantee comes up trumps. Have faith!!
  6. I haven’t received an email!! My celebrity app is also showing the original itinerary. But I have got free parking 😂
  7. They do actually. I’ve just received a refund for a substantial price reduction on a summer 2021 seacation. Was very easy to get done by my TA.
  8. Refund received today in full for april25 cruise Lima to Miami. Took 116 days from date refund was requested. Thought we’d never get it!!!
  9. I have spoken to my travel agent and Regent today and Regent can only say it’s being processed!! The TA is not helpful. The girl at Regent said all staff apart from 4 have been furloughed and they are doing all NCL company refunds!! Thousands. Hence why it’s taking a bit longer. A bit!!! If it’s not here by the end of the week, the 100 day mark, I’ll be taking it further. Grrrr......
  10. Hi. I’m just down the road in West Farleigh! Still waiting 96 days now for a refund! Not too impressed tbh.
  11. Still waiting 92 days for refund on 25 April cruise Lima to Miami. Not a happy bunny!
  12. My cruise Lima to Miami on 25 April with 3 day pre tour was cancelled by me on 31 March following Regent’s cancellation. It’s now 91 days and still waiting for refund! My TA reassured me Regent had not refunded them when I called on Friday. Can’t say I’m impressed with their treatment of regular customers.
  13. Goaty

    Casino on Journey

    Thanks for bringing me up to date. Just have to drink more wine then!
  14. I’m looking to book a cruise in January 2021. My DH likes a flutter on blackjack but I’m wondering if this ship still has a casino? Does anyone know please.
  15. Thank you for the information. I did ring Tui but they’re useless. Said I’d have to leave the ship by 9 and wander around the port for the day😬😬. This sounds much better.
  16. Has anyone experienced a late flight on disembarkation day? I’m on a cruise in February and the flight home isn’t until 8.25 pm. Do Tui make any arrangements for passengers? Are you expected to leave the ship at the usual time I.e. around 9 am and carry your luggage about all day? I hope they take it for you! What do you do for the day? I did read an old posting about staying longer on the ship. Has anyone done this? Thanks for any information. On Explorer by the way and haven’t cruised with Tui for a number of years.
  17. Has anyone made a claim for an amendment to a booking following a special promotion on the Regent website? I made an booking whilst on a cruise earlier this year for a 2020 cruise that I noticed today has a special promo running showing quite a significant reduction in the cruise fare. There is a best price guarantee that came with the booking but Regent don’t seem to want to adjust the cruise fare before the onboard savings and discounts although the guarantee says you can take advantage of new promotions plus the added benefit of onboard savings. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this because i can’t therefore see what the benefit is to passengers!! thank you.
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