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  1. Just got my refund for the Freedom OTS cruise we should be on right now (5/10 departure), having booked an OS.... Good news: I probably won't have to make a credit card payment for many, many months. Bad News: I'd really rather be cruising right now with blender drink in hand, but instead I'm stuck in the cold, cold northeast. Thankful that RCI didn't just go bankrupt....
  2. I'd be fine sailing in the Southern Caribbean pretty much anytime from now 'til the start of next virus season. I'd be more hesitant to sail Alaska or even the Mediterranean for another couple months.
  3. I would start with 30 days and re-evaluate in two weeks. I think a full stop for some period of time is a great idea, whether it needs to be 30, 60, 90 days etc will become much clearer once we see the trajectory of new cases over the next couple weeks.
  4. We are booked for that same sailing 5/10/20 from San Juan and we will be onboard along with you....unless RCI themselves cancel...which I highly doubt. Everyone just needs to chillax! Flu/viruses don't survive in the heat anyhow 😎
  5. We were in Cozumel last week and there were plenty of rickshaws. Not 100% sure about people willing to push wheelchairs, but I'd think your chances are very, very good.
  6. I'd probably do a simple van tour of the island- particularly the south side with the salt flats, slave huts, flamingo reserve, kitesurfing beaches etc. The port area is very pedestrian-friendly. If you’re a history buff I'd recommend the museum, which gives a good overview of the islands' history. That's good for an hour or so.
  7. Holy moly, what a small world! I just realized that I watched the 3rd period of the game you’re talking about. Both teams came close to winning in the final minute of that game - great end-to-end action. (One of my kids played in the next game). Thanks for all your trip reports - I followed your Dorian report and now this one as well, as we are visiting Cozumel and Costa Maya later this month (though on DCL). For some reason, I’m craving a Caesar now....
  8. One super-easy activity in Bonaire is to swim right in the shadow of the ship. It's an easy walk from the gangway - just a couple hundred yards towards the stern southbound on Kaya Hellmund - to a spot where they have a small, elevated wooden pier you can jump & dive from into the water. Free. Not the biggest area & not beachy at all, but relaxed and fun. You can come & go as you please. If you have your snorkelling gear, you can similarly snorkel from a number of different spots just a few hundred yards from the ship for free. Just stroll up Kaya Hellmund northbound a
  9. I think you would have a great time on either of the Freedom itineraries based on how you've answered the questions in the thread so far. I realize that the advice you've received has you leaning towards itinerary 1, but I think if I were in your shoes I'd choose the ABC islands itinerary, based on: one additional sea day Aruba has the Caribbean's best beaches (imho, at least) Bonaire has the world's best snorkeling, as well as being a very unique port that a lot of cruisers never get a chance to visit. The ABC islands are all relatively small, tranquil, and there's
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