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  1. Thank you, yes, I’m sure you’re right about the logistics. I’m just suspicious though that NCL know about these changes for a long time in advance - the Stockholm one has apparently been in place for years, but they continue to publicise and sell a cruise whose itinerary includes the archipelago. In any other walk of life, you expect to get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited for the cruise - now only a few hours away!
  2. Thank you - yes the rest of the ports look great. For me, though, I’ve been to Greece for longer stays in the past and the A’s looking forward to Montenegro and Croatia as I haven’t been to either. It’ll be great though - the weather in all the POC looks wonderful too!
  3. Thank you for these. It doesn’t sound very exciting! I’ll get the camera out but Kotor it definitely is not!
  4. Thank you. I spoke to NCL today and they might not even refund the port fees - they see the omission of one POC as a minor change ... I would say that whether it is minor or not depends on how long the cruise is and how many other POC there are. On a 7 night cruise, losing one POC is significant. Anyway, nothing to be done - the rest of the itinerary looks great.
  5. I have just had an email about a change of itinerary for the cruise I'm taking on Sunday morning. The Star departs from Venice and the first POC was meant to be Kotor, Montenegro, which I was really looking forward to seeing. I had heard the sail in to port is amazing. Now, less than 48 hours before we depart, there's been a change (apparently it's because of an order issued by the Venice Harbour Master) and we won't be going to Kotor at all - we will be making a "technical stop" at Bar, Montenegro - and won't be able to get off the ship at all. So the first POC will be Corfu on Tuesday. Does anyone have experience of claiming any sort of compensation for this kind of change? Last time I cruised with NCL, they changed the itinerary so we didn't sail into Stockholm but went to Nynashamn instead, but at least they put on free coaches to Stockholm so we still got to go there. This time we will miss out on a whole country.
  6. That is so helpful, thank you. I will do it on my own. I want to make sure I have enough time in Kotor without being hurried, and without having to attend a carpets demonstration/hard sell, as was the case on a previous excursion to Ephesus.
  7. Interested to read your description of the two choices on your cruise. I'm going solo on a cruise in August, and wondering whether I need to book an excursion for Montenegro? I understand that the cruise port is right next to the town so it's possible to just walk there. Does anyone think it would be better to have an excursion or would a few hours alone in Kotor be enough? I like to find out about places while I'm there but assume I could visit the Tourist Information.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, and the sadness of losing his dad too and having to do all the clearance. I can sympathise - my husband and I separated after 15 years of marriage, and a few months later he was found dead at his new house, having suffered an accident at home. Most of his family are in South Africa, and under the terms of his Will, my father, our best friend and another friend who is a solicitor were the executors. Dad, Mum and I spent ages clearing his house and disposing of things in the best way we could. He had been a hoarder in the last couple of years - the garage was crammed full, and all the rooms and cupboards in the house were stuffed with brand new clothes, gadgets etc, many still in packets. Our daughter was 13 at the time and it was hard trying to work two jobs, look after her, handle the house clearance, close down our family company he had run, and deal with a lot of legalities. Anyway, time moves on and my daughter is now 19 and in her second year of university, and things are much calmer now. She and I have taken a few cruises together but this year will be my first as a solo traveller - she will be in Australia for several months, studying. It's exciting and I'm looking forward to it, although I know I'll miss her company a lot. I don't want to be with people the whole time but hope I'm not lonely either! I've booked a cruise with NCL as they give a good discount on their staterooms for solo travellers, and I enjoyed the cruise we took with them last year. I hope very much that you book a cruise soon - as you know, it's so exciting planning and counting the days! I'll let you know how I get on, in August, on mine! That light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter for you every day.
  9. Thanks for this. I'm going for an outside room now but will look at joining in with the solo gatherings. It's good to know I can still do this.
  10. You’re very welcome. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it - we loved the RCI cruises and were reluctant to switch cruise lines but definitely didn’t regret it; there are pros and cons about both.
  11. Hi, I’ve sailed with RCI three times and NCL once, August 2018. Loved all four cruises but agree that RCI have got much pricier recently and I can’t see what they offer over and above NCL, although having said that, I slightly prefer the RCI ships (Navigator and Liberty) as I found their Atriums a bit brighter/airier, and definitely their theatres are smarter than the one on the NCL Breakaway. However, the refurbished theatre on the NCL Star looks great. There were also things we preferred about NCL eg the Garden Cafe is far superior to the Windjammer. Formal nights on RCI are dressier - on the 9 day NCL cruise last year, my daughter and I wore our usual maxi dress/cocktail dress that we always felt slightly underdressed in, on RCI, and found that we were definitely overdressed by others’ standards! But it didn’t matter at all. NCL has a more relaxed fun feel and the staff were all excellent, as they have been on our RCI cruises. And the mini suite with balcony on the NCL Breakaway was lovely, just as good as the RCI balcony rooms. Enjoyed all four cruise experiences and have booked NCL again this year, mainly because of the cost and also because this will be my first on my own (because my daughter is going to Australia to study for 6 months so I’ve lost my usual travelling companion!), and NCL are much better/cheaper for solo travellers.
  12. Hi, I'm planning my first solo cruise later this year - probably NCL as I've been with them before (with my daughter) and they have a good pricing policy for solos. But the ship I'm looking at, NCL Star, doesn't have solo studios or a lounge for solo travellers. This is because (I understand) it's one of the smaller ships. Does anyone know whether there will still be organised opportunities to meet up with other solos eg meet and greet, a solo co-ordinator etc?
  13. That's good to know, thank you for posting. I completely agree - nice to have conversation but also nice to spend time alone. I certainly enjoy both. I am feeling more confident now about travelling solo. Thank you.
  14. Thank you so much for your reply - that's really helpful. I'm certainly going to look into the different options - and go for it! I've seen so many positive reports of solo cruising - it's just a case of trying it for myself. Thank you for your advice on safety and also the late night events - I am single as well as solo, but not interested in the "singles" scene! My daughter is already feeling a bit miffed that she won't be joining me on a cruise this year - but she can't do 6 months in Australia as well as a cruise! I'm sure she'll have a great time in Melbourne. She'll be studying at Monash, but hoping to catch up with her half sister and family, who live just outside the city. Thank you again for your help.
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