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  1. Just out of interest and nothing to do with CDs does anyone know where Vision is moored right now? I went to Jersey UK last week and from the ferry I saw 2 ships anchored just off of Southampton. It made my heart pound and feel very sad. Stay safe everyone.
  2. E Richard Spacey was a one off. There will never be another CD like him. I do believe that a CD can enhance your cruise. However, I also can take or leave them.
  3. Hi Joe, thank you, hope you are well too. I've certainly missed everyone. #StaySafe
  4. Hi Joe thanks for replying. Haven’t checked in on here for a while. Hope you are well? We’ve just returned from Asia had great fun. Sailing on Jewel on 5 September. Mary.
  5. Hi guys. Does anyone know how long Chris Brown's contract on Jewel will be. Mary
  6. Does anyone know where Clo O’Connor is going after 20 February? Please. I’m stuck in Bangkok waiting to hear if my cruise out of Singapore is getting cancelled because of the Coronavirus. I’d like to sail with her again as she’s such fun and need to feed my cruise addiction lol TIA Mary
  7. Very interesting. That would be great because I can feel a cheeky cruise out of Southampton coming on. Also, I can't think of anyone better than Clo. Thanks Slainte!
  8. Oh bless. Maybe give him a chance to settle in. Eh Joe? Mary x
  9. Any ship with Jamie as HD is extremely lucky. He enhances the entire atmosphere and feel of any ship. Terrific guy.
  10. Does anyone know who the CD is on Constellation or any crew for that matter please. We're travelling on 2nd April doing a b2b. Thank you Mary x
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