Has anyone taken this tour? I'd like to book it, but before I do, I have a few questions.
First off, I will be with my mom who'll be 66 at he time of the tour. Would she be able to sit comfortably on the boat while I snorkel? Is there sufficient seating in the shade on board the ship? Is the vibe more of a party scene or is it generally more quiet/chill.? Does the boat speed, or is it a bit more of a leisurely cruise ?

I have currently booked RC's Coastal Cruise to the Pitons - SL26, which doesn't really appeal to me. I'd like to do a little more than sightsee. Mom's comfort is very important to me though, so I'd like a nice excursion for her... well for both of us! I've asked her if she'd be interested in doing a land-based tour, which she is not. She's very much beach orientated, but I thought seeing the Pitons would be spectacular, plus we'll be at the beach on our four other port stops...

Anyone, your help is appreciated.