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Please remember that here at Cruise Critic we have guidelines about recommending tour providers, because we are committed to our boards a) containing useful information from travelers who have "been there, done that" and are willing to share their experiences to help fellow members, and b) being free of advertising type posts.

A number of our policies are reprinted below. In addition, we do not permit posts recommending tours which have not yet been taken. It is that issue which prompted me to post today -- we have had several posts here on this board lately recommending tour guides before the tour has been taken.

If you encounter a post here at CC which you think violates any of our guidelines, please use the red triangle on the post to report it to us for review. We do not do individual replies to those members who have reported posts, but we do review all reported posts, in addition to performing our regular reviews of the boards.

The following guidelines are reposted from this link, should you require additional information -- http://boards.cruisecritic.com/annou...php?f=169&a=64

Ports of Call Posting Guidelines
Reviews/Recommendations of Tour Operators/Guides

Legitimate third-party recommendations/reviews for tour operators/guides/businesses *must* be posted in response to a request for the information. All others will be removed from the boards. Additionally, repeatedly posting the same “review” over and over in response to many threads is considered “spamming” and will be removed from the boards. Legitimacy of third-party recommendations to be determined at the sole discretion of Cruise Critic.

Post Shore Excursion Shares In ROLL CALLS

Posts looking for members to "share" your excursion, or posts mentioning that a few more spaces in a van are available and you should contact so and so, are not allowed on the Ports of Call forums. Please use the ROLL CALL thread for your ship’s sailing to find others willing to share your shore excursion tour costs.

Participation of Tour Operators/Guides/Businesses/Drivers/Locals in Ports of Call

Our Ports of Call forums are meant to be a place for cruisers to exchange information with other cruisers. Therefore, the participation of Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Drivers, Business Owners, Transportation and Taxi drivers is not allowed.

“One Post Wonders” – will be removed from the boards without notification to the author. This phenomenon essentially amounts to single or multiple posts created by a brand-new member touting tour operators/businesses/guides/drivers in ports of call.
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