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While Cruise Critic believes it is extremely important for you, as cruisers and travelers of the world to educate yourselves and realize you have some responsibility for your own safety; and for all of you to garner enough knowledge about what is going on in specific ports of call so that you understand you shouldn't just be trusting the cruiseline, local tour guides, or anyone for that matter with your travel decisions-- we invite you to share with others issues the would impact you the cruiser.

However, this is not a political discussion board. There are far and away many more sites on the Internet where you can deeply discuss issues such as these. We have to insist that all discussion remain TRAVEL RELATED ONLY, and we are anticipating everyone's cooperation.

Please feel free to post links to news information, travel advisories, AP stories, or other information that would be helpful to other cruisers. If the discussion turns political in nature, or members get into arguments with each other, we will remove those posts and quite possibly suspend the posting privileges of any member who has decided to ignore this directive.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,
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