Anyone on Nutrisystem?

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Are you having any success? Just received my second shipment. Only lost six last month 😦. I know I have to step up my exercise...
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Six pounds in one month is actually a perfectly respectable amount of weight loss! Maximum healthy weight loss is 2lbs per week (unless you are just starting out and/or obese) so you are doing just fine.

I don't use Nutrisystem myself, but I know a couple people who it has helped. Just make sure you don't rely too much on it—it works just fine, but if you use it as a crutch and don't learn how to eat within a certain calorie limit on your own, you are in danger of gaining the weight back once you are done and go off the system. I'd recommend making an account on MyFitnessPal and using their food diary feature as a supplement to Nutrisystem. Weigh and measure out the Nutrisystem portions just like you would normal food, so once you've lost all the weight you will have all the skills you need to keep it off.
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Thank you. Yes, it certainly is easy to just pop something out of a package and eat. I do "flex" at the correct times. And of course I know at the end of this road is a cruise! Gee, does anyone eat on a cruise? Actually, after I posted that I dropped three pounds overnight and they've stayed off. So I'm at about a ten pound loss now. I just lost it all the first week and this week, the rest was the dreaded plateau. Honestly I've lost far more on Atkins but I don't have the stamina any more to pull that off.
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Originally posted by Seago2
Are you having any success? Just received my second shipment. Only lost six last month ��. I know I have to step up my exercise...
Hello, Can you please share your meal plans. I am thinking of going for the basic plans since its cheaper than the uniquely yours and core plans I don't want to spend a lot of money and end up gaining more wait. The Price for the Nutrisystem learn 13 basic plan is a $9.86/per day after the 40% Discount, was it same for you? Thank you

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I've been on it for about a month and have lost about 15. I've noticed a plateau but I am exercising almost daily and am hoping that is partially because of gained muscle. Unexpected side effect is I feel like I have steady energy with out the afternoon crash I used to get. Good luck everyone! What ever you are doing to improve your health, stick with it!
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I used Nutrisystem two years ago and lost 15 pounds in about 16 weeks.(200 lbs to 185 lbs.) I was 60 years old at the time. I exercised moderately three days a week. (Exercise: walking in a pool for about 45 minutes.) I was satisfied with the results at the time. I guess I'm more picky than I thought, however. I didn't care for many of the foods, so I went on the personalized menu where I could pick out the items shipped each month. I think the most important thing I learned on Nutrisystem was the importance of drinking AT LEAST 32 oz of water EVERY DAY. It was fine for the time I was on it, then I became tired of the same items so I quit ordering. I regained the weight during the next holiday season - but I'd also quit drinking the volume of water I had been when I was on Nutrisystem. I'm back to 185 lbs again- but I decided to do it without the expense of ordering a food delivery plan. I joke and say I'm on the "If-it-tastes-good-spit-it-out Diet." I.m back to drinking 32 oz of water daily (not really so much - just 4 16 oz. bottles). I limit snacking and desserts, eat smaller meals, eat slower. The weight is coming off - MUCH slower than when on Nutrisystem, but I'm steadily doing it. I plan to not go "overboard" with the desserts and large meals on the ship. I've worked too hard to get where I am. However, I still think Nutrisystem is a good plan. It made me realize that I COULD do this. Keep at it. No matter what - keep drinking the WATER. I really, honestly am convinced that it's key. And find someone who notices your small steps and encourages you. I wish you well.