Twomikea - would like to ask snorkel/scuba questions-anyone else please help as well

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Read what you said about your ports and your experiences on the islands.

We are planning a trip on the Noordam Jan3 to Grenada, Martinique, Dominica, St. Maarten, St. Thomas for our 25th Anniversary with our college daughter. We want to just go to beaches and since we have never tried even snorkeling, we would like to perhaps try it.

Unfortunately, my husband has very bad vision and can usually only wear glasses. He might be able to try contacts but it's not best for him. Rather than renting, can I buy some reasonably priced equipment for us? I would like some "snorkeling for dummies " equipment and advice.

Husband needs some kind of mask which will work for him and his glasses or how expensive is it to get Rx goggles - is that possible without a ton of money for a 1-2 time thing?

We need masks that won't leak and I thought I read somewhere that one can get a snorkel sothat the water can't go down - a one way valve??? Daughter and I are terrified that if you are on the water surface and a wave comes it goes in that tube and you're so distracted you don't remember to blow the water out. Yikes!! We live in an area where we can't take any lessons so any advice on where to buy stuff that we may only use once every few years because we can't vacation every year. I know you are an avid scuba diver, but I think we just want to start with baby steps, like snorkeling.

Do you have any good places for beaches on our islands where we could swim and snorkel?

Have you ever been to any of these places in early January - what to expect for weather?

Would you feel comfortable if we emailed you? I need an email address, please or if you can respond on this thread, that's fine too.

Anyone else, please also respond with your suggestions.

Thank you so much in advance....
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i am not twomikea but i am an avid snorkler. taught myself in a hot tub-you can even practice in a bath tub-nothing worse than first trying it on site with the movement of the water and struggle to make it all work together. relax-if you can breathe you can snorkel. beware-after my first time i changed my whole life so i could do it again! it is magical. i tried contacts-not for me. you can buy a decent mask/snorkel set online at diver's den or other such place and have them convert the lenses. they come 1-6 so you do not get a true rx. if you are 20/100 get a 1,if you are 20/175 go to a 2,etc. they have a phone contact so they could better explain it. really very simple. you just need to get a copy of your rx and they will match it for you. i have had several masks done this way. the one that is the most common shape fits most faces. the lenses were $25'll only get water down your snorkle once-you won't forget again. i just spit the snorkel out and let it drain instead of blowing the water out. i don't even use fins. my husband sometimes rents them and recently bought a short pair that fits in carryon and loves them but they aren't necessary. buy your own stuff and get used to it before you go. don't miss the magic.regards,searose