Mariner Cabins 9690 and 9692

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Does anyone have information on these cabins? We have booked them for the July 10, 2005 sailing to the
Eastern Caribbean. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much.
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We had cabin 9690 March 14-21-2004
we enjoyed it very much. small sofa. Clean. what can we help you with?jj

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We will let you know after we return. We have cabin #9690 booked for September 19. We have had it booked since last November.

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We had 9390 booked for AOS September 12th but just switched it to 7388 which is still a corner aft but with a huge balcony and a huge open porthole on the side of the balcony. I hope I didn't make a mistake but I've seen pictures and the balcony is huge. We have 9392 the following week as we are going on a back to back.

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