We stayed at the Marriott Convention Center and it was a beautiful hotel with great concierge lounge and also close to everything. The problem? When we arrived our reservation was all messed up. Despite reserving a room on the Marriott site and with written confirmation they only had us down for one night not two and had downgraded us from a suite (I reserved that because it is the only category that has a sofa) to a regular room. So we took the downgraded room and requested to be there for two nights at the desk. They made a note. So in the middle of the night I saw a checkout paper under the door. Since there was a convention in town I had visions of the next night being sold out so immediately called the front desk. They made a note of it. Then it said on the website I was there for 3 nights!!! It made us anxious and nervous. Talking to others on the cruise we were on it turns out similar versions of what happened to us happened at other hotels too. So....make sure that you check, re-check and check again so that you know you have a room. It is a shame because otherwise the hotel was perfect.