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  1. We always wait until final payment to check in but then I do it as soon as possible. We always pick the exact room we want and I feel better having the papers in hand especially if for some reason they are not accurate I have time to correct them. (this has never happened).
  2. I just checked the itinerary for the Encore over it's Christmas sailing. Christmas Eve they are in San Juan starting at 5:30 pm and the next day is Christmas day in St. Thomas. Any thoughts? I am thinking that there will be at least some restaurants and shops closed.
  3. We sailed on the Pearl to Alaska. The ship turns around in the scenic cruising areas so everyone gets a chance to see everything. That said we had a cabin with a forward balcony and in my opinion the views couldn't be beat. I loved the Pearl but I don't think it goes to Alaska anymore.
  4. If you read the recent Jade reviews it should give you lots of information on what people liked or disliked. As always people's likes and dislikes probably are unique to them. If you like coffee there are two coffee machines in the buffet that grind the beans for your coffee and it is free. A money saver over buying specialty coffee in the atrium.
  5. I have been on the Pearl three times.Are you interested in the ship or the itinerary of things not to miss?
  6. Thank you! I am having trouble finding suitable air since I live in an out of the way place in the US and use a regional airport. This will give me options. Thanks again.
  7. We paid aprox. $375 for a small cabana. That included $50 food credit (basic food is included but this is for things like shrimp cocktail). Also included were floating mats, bottles of water and a few other things I can't remember. If you have the $50 shore ex perk that can be applied. We felt it was worth it.
  8. I have been on the Jade twice both in forward cabins. The front deck does get windy so we only use it in port or under very calm conditions. I have never been in an aft cabin. The buffet is aft so if you plan on eating there a lot an aft cabin is better for you. We dreaded the very long trek upstairs each morning from our forward cabin. The Stardust theatre is forward but the bliss lounge is mid-ship. Have a great cruise.
  9. Thank you so much! We are traveling in 2020 so hopefully pre-clearance in Quebec will be up and running.
  10. Thank you to all who took the time to post. I truly appreciate it.
  11. How far is the airport from the cruise port? Also I am confused as to when we would go through customs. I would be traveling northbound from NY to Quebec. Thanks.
  12. After we disembark the ship and take a taxi to the airport... then what? If we have gone through customs getting off the ship when do we go through customs again? First entry point in the US? If I fly from Quebec to Chicago do I need to collect my bags and then go through customs to get on my flight back to my home? How much time do I need to allow for this? Thank you.
  13. Sunday is a good day to arrive if nothing special is going on (ny marathon, fleet week,a bicycle race, etc.) Do an online search for your arrival day to check. If nothing shows up and you are able to self disembark on time 11:20 flight is doable. I believe we were at the airport by 9 (it was a weekend). During the week or special event it's a solid "not possible" but a quiet Sunday is fine.
  14. Put that way yes it is simple to follow and thank you for your explanation. Even simpler is if they would just do it in one transaction. Sell the certificates at 50% off and be done with it. When I buy discounted restaurant gift cards from Costco or Sam's club that are 20-25% off they don't charge me the full amount and then give me a store credit to offset part of the cost. Thanks again.
  15. I am one of the easily confused and I only read about half of these posts. To me it would be easier understood if I bought $500 of cruise next and they handed me a $250 gift card that I can carry off the ship and use in the future or use at guests services a the end of the cruise to pay part of my bill.
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