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  1. We did the Panama Canal on the Pearl. It was perfect.
  2. Is this on NCL? I have always thought we couldn't do this especially if in Glacier Bay in case a gust of wind comes along and now Glacier Bay owns my clothes. It would be awesome to dry clothes.
  3. I fill one of those travel sized empty 3 oz. containers with a flip top with dishsoap before we leave home. It is very handy for washing any items including clothes in the cabin sink. Each cabin will have a clothes line (mine has always been in the shower). Depending on the cabin category you can also hang things on hooks or drape over the tub to dry. I agree only lightweight polyester things not denim since it doesn't dry for days. I use dishsoap because I wouldn't want to bring laundry soap and then wash my mug out with it so it is versatile. If you are driving then you can bring both but we always have to fly.
  4. Yes. One time our Pearl cruise was changed from 7 days to 9 days. We got the extra 2 days plus a price reduction. For us it worked so it was a good thing. One time our Jade cruise was the same length but all of the ports were changed. This was after final payment. It was due to a hurricane but still it would have been nice to have had the option to cancel or at least transfer the reservation to a different cruise.
  5. I don't bring towels from home because they get all sandy/mildewy if you don't wash them out and if you do wash them out they take forever to dry. What I do bring is some paper towels. They are great to fold in squares and keep handy in a tote bag to use if needed and then thrown out. I just take a ship towel onshore.
  6. I had a problem getting someone to talk to in the US so I made sure it was a weekday and made sure it was a minute or two after they opened. Only had to wait 2-3 minutes.
  7. I have been on beach excursions with NCL and those we arranged on our own. Most of the time with NCL what you describe was pretty typical unfortunately. The attitude most of the time was that we were a nuisance just because of the sheer number of people arriving.. Those we arranged on our own where we bought day passes to resorts that the cruise ships don't frequent we blended in with the others and it was fine. Except for one miserable time in Curacao( but that resort is now out of business so nobody else will have to suffer the attitudes, subpar food and gross bathrooms.)
  8. We have always felt the fridge was not cold enough to store food in.
  9. We tend to ignore bullies so we stared straight ahead and didn't give him the satisfaction of a reply.
  10. I was in line for a restaurant a few years ago. I am 5 foot 6 and at the time weighed 145 pounds. I remarked to my husband that I hoped we would be seated soon because I was starving. A man in front of me said "that's funny you don't look like you are starving"....Yes I know I technically was not starving but I thought that was extremely rude of him to insult me.
  11. Pizza on the Jewell class ships in the buffet has been universally tasteless (even if they just put it out) Worse than frozen pizza! As for burgers Cagney's has really good ones. Between the buffet and by the pool the pool ones are better.
  12. The Encore will be our first NCL ship where you need to make reservations for shows. Most say book once onboard. Where would I go to do that? Thanks. I know it isn't in service yet but perhaps the same place you would go on the Bliss?
  13. Call back and ask for a supervisor. If she won't help you is it possible for you to just forget about the free air and book flights with your son and DIL yourself? I know it is an expensive alternative and I wouldn't be too happy doing it but if forced to I would.
  14. The list is hard to find but there is a list of ports and if they tender or dock on the NCL site. Some say tender or port. Sorry I do not have a link.
  15. I had my foot partially run over by one. Hope you weren't hurt.
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