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  1. Alaska is beautiful and safe. There are things at each spot that interests children. We rented a car in Juneau and drove to the Mendenhall Glacier. From there we drove over to Douglas Island and had pizza at the local pizza shop. Then the tramway. In Ketchikan the lumberjack show would be fun for kids. If they are up to it, in Skagway there is an awesome zip line. I wouldn't hesitate to take my grade school grandkids.
  2. I met the same two women on two visits who were servers in the pool cabana area both of whom told us the same thing. They were both single Moms and their salaries supported their children and other family members. What a shame.
  3. Hello, I was looking on the Viking website and it is probably there but I can't find it. If I call and reserve a cabin on the Viking Mississippi for April 2023 (3 years away!) how much will they ask for a deposit and when will final payment be? I am used to NCL where you give them a deposit (amount depending on the cabin category) and you can get your deposit back before final payment (which before covid 19 was 120 days.) So I have picked the sailing and cabin category and if I call today what should I expect in terms of a financial commitment? Thanks.PS I am asking because I am waiting on a refund on a cancelled cruise before I feel comfortable putting any more money down unless it is a small amount. Thanks again.
  4. I applied for a refund On April 20. They confirmed they have received my request and that it will take up to 90 days. They said that the refund WILL include the amount we paid for the insurance. I was very happy to hear that as I thought in the beginning they were only going to give you the insurance back if you applied for a credit for the cruise. That said, they also noted the the number of payments I made and said that is how it will appear on my credit card. For example if someone paid a deposit then paid in full two credits will be issued for each of their amounts. For someone who paid several payments each will be credited separately. For now I will wait. If it gets past 90 days I will have to resort to calling my credit card company. I have not been following the boards too closely so if this has been mentioned before sorry for the duplicate.
  5. We have taken numerous ocean cruises but have never taken a river cruise. I see that the Viking Mississippi is being built and one of their 2023 itineraries is round trip out of New Orleans. I am very interested in this as it would mean not having to travel overseas and since I am from the US there would be no language barrier, etc. Is there anything I would need to know before booking this? Has anyone looked into this river cruise? Thanks.
  6. When I filled out my form for a refund it said it had to be for everyone on the reservation. Things change so best to check with NCL.
  7. 32 days today for me and nothing. Interestingly I had a problem with an order with an online meat company. Today only 2 days after I notified them a refund appeared on my credit card.
  8. That must be hard for everyone. Looks like it helped keep the virus in check.Glad they are loosening up a bit now.
  9. I like the city of Dayton, we visited family there for many years. You make a good point.
  10. We were supposed to be on a 12 night cruise on the Pearl with today being our Barbados stop. I looked it up and Barbados has 88 cases, 68 recovered and 7 deaths according to today's numbers. Very sad for the deaths...I do think that with these numbers if they are accurate they have handled their situation well. Hope they can continue their good numbers and wish them all the best.
  11. We sailed on her in December. I can give you my impressions and there are also over 100 reviews in the review section.We did the Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Tortola itinerary. What I liked: Beautiful ship with upscale furnishings and tasteful artwork. Very very clean and new with that "new ship smell". Very hardworking and helpful crew. Food was excellent both in the free venues and in the specialty ones.The observation lounge was extremely comfortable and a great place to start happy hour and grab a snack from their mini buffet. The entertainment was Broadway quality. What I didn't like: This ship really shakes and rattles!! We were on the 17th deck forward and found it hard to sleep the majority of the nights and during the day I felt slightly queasy. We did not have rough seas at all. I heard that lower down and aft was better. Since this sailing was close to Christmas and the fact there were all the added bells and whistles like race cars, virtual reality and laser tag there were many many children. We were in the Haven and unable to use the pool as it was completely taken over by children and resembled a summer camp atmosphere. The screaming could be heard in the Horizon lounge and there was jumping over couches etc. If not sailing with children I would try to sail when school is in session. I can answer any questions. Hope you can find a ship and cruise that is right for you.
  12. I have met Indykitten and she is a kind person. I will say that as I go through life I look at behavior that people do and describe that behavior as being wrong vs. labeling a person. As in" so and so is a jerk" vs "so and so is acting like a jerk." I have no doubt that Indykitten ran across some very unpleasant people as I did too on my last cruise. Perhaps she could have described the behavior rather than labeling people. I am hoping that this cruise ban will be over soon so I can cruise again....even if it means having to dodge all the various unpleasant people I usually encounter. LOL And I would choose NOLA to answer the original poster.
  13. LOL Hi Indykitten! Yes this cruise was going to be a really special one. I did something similar. Today we had terriyaki pork spare ribs for cocktail hour (3:00 every day at my house LOL). I hope the Pearl does this itinerary at another time. Well maybe not ending in NY during fleet week. That was going to be a challenge. Hope to cruise with you again.
  14. We did a cruise similar to this on the Pearl. We loved NOLA. We stayed at the Marriott Convention Center and just walked to the cruise terminal through the shopping mall. It took just a few minutes. We ate at Antoine's which was the best meal of our entire lives and that is saying something having lived in the NY area most of our lives which has some of the best restaurants. We went to the WW2 museum, the Mardi Gras and Hurricane Katrina museums and toured St. Mark's church. I will have to disagree slightly as to the safety aspect. We were approached rather aggressively with people trying to do things like getting us to give them money by engaging us in guessing games. Like will you give me $10 if I can tell you where you got those shoes? Answer you got them on your feet. Just keep walking. Also avoid side streets with little traffic as we were approached with a story about not having any food to eat and can we give them some. I did give the guessing game person money that I keep in my pocket for such occasions as he wouldn't let us pass. Sort of my version of a mugger's wallet. LOL
  15. Haha The advantage to social distancing and making your own shrimp cocktail is that we had six jumbo colossal shrimp each. But I didn't have any of that green thingy stuff they roll it in so it wasn't as fancy.
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