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  1. I was told that they discontinued the lobster tail in the buffet because people were taking something like 8 at a time and it was unsustainable for the cruise line. Maybe they should have issued a voucher one per person to redeem. I think they were caught unprepared.
  2. That is a very long walk! Thanks for posting these.
  3. I am so sorry to hear this. Very sorry for your loss.
  4. You will need to look at the excursions but in case you don't know Great Stirrup Cay is a tender port and sometimes the conditions are such they skip it. You are flying a long way to perhaps miss something you are looking forward to.
  5. As much as I would like to get back to cruising I think that as long as there are restrictions like masks we won't be going. We do always wear our masks and social distance. However we have started going out to eat and let's face it...it's just not the same. I don't mind going to a high end restaurant and have a somewhat lesser experience in the $100-$200 range but to spend the thousands we usually do on cruising it won't be worth it to us. Some people might feel differently.
  6. After I received my refund for the May cruise that was cancelled (thank you NCL!) I have not been on the boards much at all. So here is my question which has been probably been speculated on and answered many times when I was not here. What is the consensus about cruising resuming? I am thinking of putting down a deposit but the furthest out I can...2023!
  7. We are not planing any trips. Our May 11 cruise refund left us with a nice cushion which we are using to financially help relatives and also to treat ourselves to the fanciest restaurants in town (because they take your temperature when you get there and they offer food I don't normally cook at home like blackened snapper. We have reservations to visit NYC area around Thanksgiving but it is looking iffy since our state is on the quarantine list.
  8. My refund for the deposit was posted separately from the cruise refund. Perhaps it is still coming.
  9. Thank you. That's what I was thinking. It's a lot of money to risk.
  10. So I was thrilled to get my refund this week. It was a 12 night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Pearl all in with insurance, fees, gratuities for free at sea, pre paid service charge aprox $11,000 for 2 in an owner's suite. Today I went to try to book something similar for 2022. Without the insurance, etc. it was $9200 pp!!! And that was for an 11 night cruise. Needless to say I am not reserving. Let's see if I had a FCC for 125% and a 20% discount it might be with a couple of thousand dollars. But I lost out LOL
  11. Thank you to all who answered. Your answers were really helpful.
  12. I am interested in sailing on the Viking Mississippi in April of 2023. When I called they said final payment was Dec.31, 2020. When I asked if this could be changed to one year before sailing they said they might be able to to Feb. 2021. Is this normal? It seems much different from other cruiselines I have been on where it was anywhere from 90-120 days. They gave me 72 hours to think about it.Thank you.
  13. Received the refund on my credit card this morning and it included the NCL insurance. So relieved. It was for a May 11 cruise which I applied for a refund for on April 20.
  14. Day 67 today for me. Refund showed up on my credit card!! It was all there including my insurance. Thanks Norwegian.
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