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  1. We play White Whale on Norwegian... As in find the crew member who ISN'T wearing a vacation hero green pin. Many more have them than don't. I assume the pins come from a Vacation Hero card. If not, I'd love to hear how a Vacation Hero pin is earned.
  2. Yes. Just canceled our Encore cruise and now have no NCL cruises booked for the first time in 6 years. I'll keep my eye open for any last minute deals we'll be able to avail ourselves of, but, like many have said, prices are up across the board. Though we are Platinum +, we are not loyal to NCL. We are finding prices up, regardless of cruise line.
  3. OMG, we were in the Haven last month (Bliss) and ordered 2 plates of chicken fingers with fries. Out came 2 hard chicken fingers on each plate with like a dozen potato chips. I asked for fries twice when ordering so didn't feel bad about having the night butler make it right, but we both said had we paid for the sad display, we'd have been TICKED.
  4. Our last cruise had self-identified Haven Police. If a Haven guest sees another guest hanging out there without a Haven colored card.... Look out! You'll be watched like hawk and reported if you make yourself too comfy. I've seen it happen. 🙄😮
  5. We don't sail Encore till the Spring, but i imagine it's just like the Bliss Haven where we disembarked 12/13. The Bliss sundeck was awesome. We had great service. No trouble at all getting drinks or lunch. And we had very friendly fellow guests. We lived up there during the day. We did dub the Horizon Lounge the "Morgue," however. Pretty much a waste of beautiful space on our sailing. People only went in to get a few snacks and then promptly returned to the Haven, the lounge, or the sundeck. I imagine it gets much more use in Alaska, as intended. We did have a handfu
  6. All items in that Pic are covered by the Plus package. If you have the standard package, the prices listed are for your upcharge (+ an additional 20%). I tried the Bon Jovi Rose. Not a fan. Also tried the Whistle Pig last night. #Smooth
  7. Bottles of Vueve are alive and well as well as by the glass. Hubs has pics of wine list. Will have to wait to we can transfer pics so I can post them because he does not have an account here. The package came in handy for shot night at the Haven bar when I wanted Chambord added to mine. 😍 Bottles of water plentiful. Sparkling or still. I will try to answer questions as I can.
  8. I tortured myself over it, as we'd never been outside Haven proper. We had a colder cruise, so spent loads of time in the Haven, because it was covered. Our joke was we were packing our day bag for the trip. 😊 On our warm days, the bartenders knew we'd be spending them on our balcony so facilitated anything they could for us. Enjoy!
  9. Totally get it. We book the Haven for the ship within a ship concept. We avoid crowds and enjoy quiet time. Hubby and I work alternating shifts so vacation is time is to reconnect. I just asked him tonight if he'd do the H6 again, being as far from the Haven, and he said, yes, the balcony was totally worth it. We always get close to the Haven bartenders and $how them our appreciation. 😍 We've never had an issue getting what we need. Enjoy your trip!
  10. We were on Breakaway, Deck 9, H6. We went to the Haven Bar the most. They gave us the best drinks. We'd have a few drinks there and then tell them we'd want to sit on our balcony. They'd stock hubby with 4 Coors Lites and make me a 30 oz Bloody Mary. Or whatever else we'd want.
  11. Makes sense. I also keep in touch with Roel, and he's on Epic now till January 26. Roel just came from Dawn.
  12. It's crazy. I've had my eye on a few different dates for Alaska on the Sun. Every days I've looked at suites seem to be wide open. I had my pick. Given the inventory, you'd think they'd decrease prices. No one was buying before the 30% hike. Now I'll move on and check out something else.
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