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  1. Anyone know: If you upgrade onboard, do they print you a new card or do you get a sticker or something to indicate the Plus package? And has anyone had issues recently using N/R OBC to upgrade? We have 600$ OBC, so thinking of a splurge since we're staying right outside the Haven bar. If we can't use OBC, may upgrade in advance so the Plus package will already be indicated when we get our card at check in.
  2. Stayed in 17700 twice. Loved it. The balcony is great. We spent tons of time out there, and I can't say wind was an issue. Maybe if you're standing at the edge? While seated and lounging, we didn't have issues. It's just the 2 of us, and we preferred the spacious extra half bath. The shower in the 2nd BR is fairly small and we only ever used the large shower anyway. The bath in the OS will not face the ocean, like the 2BR. Plus we loved the unlimited bottles of water, mixers, and 3 bottles in the room. In addition to your 3 bottles, you will also get a bottle of Moet. Given a choice, always OS v. 2 BR for us. Disappointed everything after Escape dropped this category.
  3. I have extensive experience calling ahead to book shorex. My only point is that you're charged onboard, and I've never, since the Latitudes change in 2017 and multiple cruises, been charged the discounted Latitudes rate, ever. Because you're charged onboard, they act like you've booked onboard. If it was a glitch, I think it'd have fixed it by now, 2.5+ years later. After all, there is zero benefit to them to fix this "glitch" because they're ahead of the game if one person forgets to ask for their discount. I am also in a group just for Platinum Plus and Ambassador members and asked after this situation there. No one reported automatically receiving their 15-20% discount there either. It seems to be policy. I think it relevant because the discounts are combinable. Your best bet is to book online to get your Latitudes discount up front and then have the shorex credit auto apply onboard, once you've taken the excursion, to maximize your discounts without hassle. Of course, if you want to use OBC, you must call or book onboard, both of which you'll need to ask for your discount to be applied.
  4. Want to point out that if you book your shorex by calling, your Latitudes discount will not automatically be applied onboard. It's actually in the Latitudes T&Cs that they make you ask for it. For the record, I think this is ridiculous. I've never had discounts apply automatically when I've called to book because I had OBC to use, even after waiting several days. I've always had to ask the concierge to take care of it, and then a discount is never refunded via OBC. The full charge of the shorex is refunded, and then I'm recharged the discounted rate.
  5. If you have a hold time when calling to book the shorex, the announcement specifically states you can book online and the credit will automatically go to your onboard account. At least this was the case last month. What is *not* automatic is your Latitudes discount if you call to book, and you're charged onboard. You'll be fully charged and they actually make you ask for your discount. Seriously. It's in the Latitudes perks T&Cs which I finally figured out after having to ask for the discount 3x.
  6. Took me 2 full weeks to get the credit applied for a cruise that was a month away.
  7. If it's not on the list, but in the same price point (you can look at any recent drink menu posted here or elsewhere on the interweb), you can ask for anything they have available on the ship. We've gotten flavored Vodka, flavored rums, bourbon, etc. Use the above list as price guideline and ask your butler for whatever you want.
  8. Do you have a link to the 2019 YT video you reference? We were on the BA in Haven for 2 weeks in October 2018, which was after the refurb, and it was still completely distinct from the Escape Haven, e.g., only overflow dining around the courtyard pool, no loungers, etc.
  9. Escape is nicer, IMHO. Hot tubs upstairs on the sun deck, loungers around the small pool in the courtyard (last 2 times we went on BA, there were only tables for eating), restaurant was upstairs with outside eating. Escape Haven has rooms on Deck 17/18, with the courtyard being on 17, Restaurant on 18, so it seemed larger. BA has Haven proper staterooms on 15/16, but no Haven amenities on Deck 15 really. No one goes on Deck 15, except the folks staying there. As a result, Escape Haven seems more spacious.
  10. The rate shown on the TV will say 0$ when you select the movie, so yes, you are charged the rate on the TV. 😊
  11. Yup, as most others have said, you will in fact get current perks. We upgraded ourselves from H5 to H3 once. We got an extra 400$ OBC and an extra point per night when our cruise became a Latitude insider offer. We were well within final payment, perhaps 6 weeks from the cruise date when we did this.
  12. It's really hard to top Royal Star Class. While you'll probably enjoy the Haven Courtyard and restaurant/bar (though you didn't specify which NCL ship), Star Class is much more personalized and all inclusive. The only thing so much better in Haven is their bathrooms, bathrobes, towels, dressing areas. Royal was weak in this regard, IMHO. Royal Star Class v NCL Haven(4).docx
  13. To me, the streaming option isn't worth it, especially on older ships. On newer ships its better, but still choppy. Either way, if you are upgrading a package (e.g., 250 min promo), wait till the 2nd day for a discount.
  14. No, and it's still available to book for our December cruise. You'd think they'd remove it if it's gone and they'll only refund the $$ anyway.
  15. Snorkel Beach? You don't need an excursion through the cruise line. You can go on your own at your leisure or decide if the 50$ shorex credit makes it worth your while. It's a 5$ admission each for 3 of you (15 month old free). And here are the current rental rates: Beach Rentals Beach Chairs $10 Chaise Lounge $15 Umbrella $10 Day bed $35 Cabanas starting at $250 Water Toys Noodle or Small Inflatable Toys $5 Large Inflatable Floats & Boogie Boards $10 Jumbo Inflatable Floats $20 Kayaks (2 persons) $25 per hour or $15 for 1/2 hour Single Kayak (1 person) $25 per hour or $15 for 1/2 hour Pedal Boats (2/4 persons) $25/$35 per hour or $20/$30 for 1/2 hour Stand Up Paddle Boards $25/hr or $15 for 1/2 hour
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