Questions about Singles Cruises to Alaska

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Singles Cruises
Which cruise line offers the most for single cruisers? Solo cruisers?

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My girlfriend and I want to take a singles cruise to Alaska this summer and are considering the one offered by Cruising for Love in August. Has anyone cruised with this company before? What was your experience like? Even though it's not limited to a 40+ age group, do you think there will still be a fair number of cruisers that are over 40 on this cruise? This will be our first singles cruise, so thanks for any advice you can give!
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Hi - I have never taken a cruise with Cruising For Love, either, but I went ahead and booked the Alaska Cruise with this group. I am 40 something professional female, not looking to "hook up" - and a male friend of mine is joining me as my roommate.

The price was reasonable for Alaska, I think, and the time in August worked well with my business schedule. This is my first Alaska cruise - I have done 2 other cruises out of Miami.

Ann has promply answered all my questions, and she fixed the first "glitch" (NCL spelled my name incorrectly, so when I tried to complete the on-line forms on the NCL web site, I got messages that my reservation did not exist).

Ann will match roommates if that is requested to avoid single supplement.

Washington State
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Thank you!

I am down here in Vancouver (not BC), Washington (not DC).

There is nothing I would encourage a person to do more than take a cruise. You should definitely go!

In fact, one of the reasons I am looking at this particular sailing is that I have a friend whom I would love to introduce to cruising. She has mentioned a singles cruise more than once, and I thought it would be a good way to get her off the fence .

Have you been to Alaska before? We actually took this ship and itinerary last summer for a family reunion-type group. It was a lot of fun.
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Hi Julie,
Glad to be of help. It looks like it might be a fun cruise, plus they find a roomate for you, which is the real draw for me. I've been procrastinating going on a cruise because I can't seem to find anyone who has the time, money, or whatever. As for money... hey, that's what credit cards are for!
No, I haven't been to Alaska, even though I was born and raised here and it's so close. Just never got around to it, even though I've always wanted to. Hmmm... sounds like I'm talking myself into this
North Carolina
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I'm heading to Alaska for 5th time from North Carolina and would not hesitate to do this solo.. living in Washington I'm surprised there are not some early and late season cruises that you guys get ads for in the local paper at reduced rates.. there are always a lot from Florida in our papers here bec. the cruise lines know people don't have to worry about airfare... brings the rate down.. so much to do and see in Alaska and it's so easy to meet others because everyone is out on deck etc.
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hey i am booked on that one..seems like its a good one. Dont know much about CJL but one person I sorta know was on one and it seemed pretty good. the Pat Hagen article in the magazine seems good too. so I am going to give it try. John from NM usa [email protected].