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  1. I hope your hubby has a happy birthday dinner and you have a great cruise! Just watching to see if any other restaurant recommendations come in. We are sailing in Feb and I thought instead of starting a new thread, I would bump this one. Thanks!
  2. Hi There, I am wondering what the rules are for the waterslides on Navigator OTS, "The Blaster" and "Riptide". Examples from our last cruise on a different ship are: no glasses, no metal buckles or rivets on your swimsuit (no metal at all). I want to try the slides, but I don't want to buy a new swimsuit due to the adjustable straps (with metal adjuster) on my current one. I would also prefer to wear my glasses vs contacts. I can't see without correction, so it will have to be one or the other if I want to enjoy the clear panel over the water. Thank you, Julie
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