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  1. Hi kej, The Pearl is a great ship and you are going to have an awesome time in that suite!
  2. Hi Hikini and Brunolvr, I have followed and enjoyed your posts over the years and wanted to mention that I am going to be in Seattle for an upcoming cruise departure. I have attended some land-based cruise critic get togethers and always have fun meeting other cruise enthusiasts. I wanted to see if you would be interested in a meetup that might be taking place in your area-a lunch on Sunday the 24th of June. Thanks!
  3. A for sure. Did you win the bet, or lose?:) I would choose Norwegian over Carnival. Although I had a good time on my Carnival cruise, I prefer Norwegian. One thing that comes to mind is that I consider it rude to interrupt someone during a meal. I am easygoing with most things, but I really didn't like it when my dinner was interrupted every night so the waiters could sing and dance and do the fun program. I would have loved the merriment if it didn't interrupt my nice meal.
  4. Thank you for that!!! I laughed so hard I cried. I'm a true cruise ship geek, I know, but that was hilarious.
  5. I also bring two sets of acceptable proof of identity and proof of citizenship, but don't have the passport card. I carry my passport in my purse. I carry my driver's license and certified copy of birth certificate in my carry-on bag. I have imagined myself in the OP's position and will always have a backup plan or two or three to keep my ship from sailing without me! I'm pretty laidback about most things, but missing a ship is not one of them!
  6. I like "Escape". It fits their parameters and goes well with "Epic". I thought Ardor was another cool-beginning-with-a-vowel-sound name. I think "Haven" and "Sanctuary" must have featured prominently in some science fiction movies from my formative years, because they ring a bell in that way.
  7. On every cruise I do something that I have never done before. Sometimes I plan it ahead of time, sometimes it just happens. Examples: Watching the full moon set into the Pacific Sailing on a tall ship replica, teeming with nice pirates (Puerto Vallarta) Taking a Tango lesson Snorkeling with Stingrays Pub Crawl (Tricky balance to participate fully while still being able to remember how much fun you had) Sitting in the aft hot tub in the rain, watching whales break the surface of the water and watching lightening storms in the distance Bridge tour/Ship tour Watching meteor showers at midnight in the North Atlantic
  8. Hi, I think you did a great job describing your situation so that we could be of the most help. It is easy to see why you are having some difficulty deciding. I have been on the Pearl and Sun and have been to all of the ports on your options list. I voted for the Epic, mostly in consideration of the worry of your mom. I agree that it would be good to not underestimate the stress of tendering for someone that worries. Also, although I liked Jamaica and I can see its wonderful aspects, many people are shocked and cowed by the more in-your-face aggressive elements and drug references. I have heard many people say they would never go back to Jamaica. I consider St. Thomas and St. Martin to be less intimidating and I think they have a greater appeal to a greater percentage of tourists. St. Martin is actually a personal favorite of mine, and as for St. Thomas, if I get away from all the STORES, STORES, STORES, STORES it is beautiful and relaxing, but to each his own. I think she may be suitably distracted for the early 2 sea days with all the Epic has to offer. I would choose a few places that you like to hang out for meeting on the Epic, though. I do usually prefer a smaller ship for family cruises, as you have a better chance of just running into each other without a lot of restrictive planning. Good luck and have a wonderful time!
  9. Thanks cbp, do you remember what deck? I am wondering if deck 8 aft, immediately below deck 9 Lido deck, aft pool area might have more pesky light, or actually be more shaded from it than the lower deck aft balconies.
  10. hawaiidan, Thanks a lot for the info! I am not hoping for a real astronomical experience, because of all of the things you mention. I hope to just even be able to see some stars with the naked eye without being drowned in light and perhaps find that line where the sea meets the sky. Watching meteor showers from the deck of the QM2 crossing the North Atlantic at midnight made me seek whatever best night sky experience possible on each cruise.
  11. Hi fellow Cruise Critics, I am considering the Oosterdam and wonder if you would lend your expertise. I love being able to look out at the stars and the ocean at night. The ships must be so lit up, that it is difficult to get night vision and see out across the ocean. Sometimes forward suites near the bridge are spared this light pollution for the reason that those on the bridge need to see out over the ocean;). I am wondering if you have a recommendation for me for the best stateroom aboard the Oosterdam in this regard. Thank you, Julie
  12. Funny, I always check to see if there will be a full moon. I am usually restricted to school holidays for my cruise dates so I can't choose my sailing based on it, but there is almost always a full moon during my cruises. Also, it never rains on embarkation day. Just lucky I guess. I'll never forget watching the full moon set into the Pacific....an absolutely indescribable and humbling experience.
  13. I would book now, just pay the deposit, and plan to pay the balance a week before it is due. There aren't really any advantages to paying in full in advance, unless there is a chance that you might be tempted to spend the money on something else in the meantime:D. Planning to pay the final payment a week in advance gives you time to handle any unforeseen glitches. Have a great time!
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