hELP--Dolphin Swim ??in Freeport

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Help please - I just booked the dolphin swim in Freeport for myself and DDs 15 & 20. Now I'm having second thoughts. Should have asked first, but i kind of assumed I'd be wearing life jacket or in water where you could stand. How deep is the water where you swim and exactly how good a swimmer do you need to be???
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Hello Jante!
If you are doing the SWIM and not the "encounter", you will be in an open lagoon, and you cannot stand. No one in our group wore anything more than a very light bouyant vest, and flippers, which do an excellent job of keeping you afloat. I was worried about the amount of time I could spend treading water, but it turned out to be not a problem. Have fun, it is really good and exciting, much better than the one in Nassau.
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